It was one of those really sunny days and all I felt like doing was staying naked in the bathtub, but I was interrupted by my father. Dodeye please dressup and help me send this money to your sister he screamed…. This man won’t let me be great I grumbled as I was getting ready , my only consolation was that I’d fix my atm issue when I get there.

I was really excited the bank was almost empty, I didn’t feel like standing at all, after the two people in front of me, I paid in the money and walked over to the customer service corner…. Hey, how can I help you? a light skinned, handsome or rather beautiful boy asked me… I was just staring at him and wondering what happened to the bank.. They never ever have handsome boys… hi, are you alright miss? he asked again. I’m sorry I want to renew my atm I replied still trying to believe what was going on… fill this form please, your atm will be ready in two weeks he said handing the form over to me , I love your hair colour he added. Thankyou I replied with a smile.

I got an email notification , I expected it to be from Facebook or one of those random sites, I opened it anyway and it read… ” Hi, I’m Joseph from the bank. Sorry I stole your email from the form, I just really liked how you looked and I want us to get to know each other, I just got transferred to calabar, I could use a friend ” . I’m not sure how to describe how I felt when I got the email but it was a good feeling. ” I’m sure you got my number from the form too, you can call me ” I replied.

Joseph and I agreed to go see a movie together at marina, he picked me up really early so we had to stroll around till it was time for the movie. Did I tell you, you look really really stunning ? He asked me. This is the 5th time actually I replied with a smile. So tell me, do you have a boyfriend? I doubt you don’t tho.. Yes, I have a boyfriend . I replied giggling, I’m sure you have a girlfriend too I added. “I had” he replied with a kinda sad tone. I’m sorry, was the breakup that bad ? I asked. Yea, she left me for my bestfriend….im sorry about that I said while trying to show him something in the water. We talked about the way the water moved, the way the trees swung, the boys and girls that walked to and fro, my boyfriend, his ex girlfriend. we talked about everything, we didn’t realize we missed the movie but I had an amazing time, We had an amazing time.

Baby, I missed you. My boyfriend said from the other side of the phone. I missed you too I replied. You missed me too? No love, no baby? No nothing? Is that how you reply your boyfriend after not hearing from him for a whole day? I had a stressful day Gaby, please can we talk tomorrow? I replied . Wow! Baby, what’s going on? Did I do something wrong ? He asked really surprised. No, you didn’t, I’m just tired. I answered. This isn’t how my girlfriend acts when she’s stressed or tired, please bring back my girlfriend tomorrow when I call he said and hung up.

I woke feeling guilty about how I acted when Gaby called yesterday and also excited about helping Joseph decorate his house today. Gaby has been an amazing boyfriend, he loves me so much I’m scared sometimes and there’s no doubt I love him too with everything in me. There’s just been a lot going on, distance, less communication, arguments and my emotional tank was almost empty, I just needed love, affection and all those other things to help fill up the tank. Don’t judge me!!!

So you haven’t started anything? I asked Joseph seeing how empty the house looked. We can’t finish this in one day I added. Who said there’s any rush Dee? We can take as long as we want, at least I’ll see you often. He replied.. that statement sent some shivers down my spine.. we did a lot of fixing, arranging, arguing, laughing, playing, eating, dancing… Although he was light skinned which isn’t my favorite complexion, he was cute, sexy and fun. Totally irresistible . Dee, can we rest a little please? He asked.. Rest? I’m done for today please I answered. Lazy girl, you are tired already? He said laughing and making funny faces.. I ran towards him threatening to hit him, he ran too and so I pursued him until he fell down and then I fell on top of him.. I hit him and was about to get up but he pulled me back, You know I can’t do this I whispered, You can Dee he replied, turned me down and he was up looking deep into my eyes like he could see my soul. I didn’t understand what was going on inside of me. I was confused, it felt so wrong yet so right. I didn’t want to hurt Gaby but I wanted Joseph so bad. All of this was going on in my head that I didn’t realize when we started kissing, his lips tasted better than the strawberry flavored icecream I had a week back, his touch so subtle , I felt like an angel , the movement of his hands all over my body felt like I was being tickled with feathers, the way he undressed me, grabbed my b***s and massaged my nipples, the way he moved his tongue from my navel down to my lower region. The way he kissed my thighs down to my feet, back up to my clit . The way he sucked my p***y like he was searching for gold inside. Everything seemed so surreal. I just laid down there like a virgin being touched for the first time. The way he pulled his shorts ,inserted his D and went in and out of me was done with so much ease and skill I was amazed. The way we climaxed together and screamed like we saw a ghost was the most amazing.

I laid on my bed thinking about the whole experience over and over again. I didn’t understand myself , I had just met Joseph, I don’t really know who he is and I’ve already put my relationship on the line for him. I felt so stupid but I wanted more of him, his touch, his kisses, his D inside of me. I wanted the experience again and again. Just then Gaby’s call came in. ” My baby, I hope you feel better today? He asked immediately I picked up. I wish I did I replied, hope you’re alright? I added trying to be nice… I really don’t get you baby, you didn’t reply my messages the whole day and now you’re….. .. please please please, I’m too tired to argue Gaby I replied not letting him finish . Talk tomorrow I added and hung up..

It was two days since I heard from Joseph, Gaby was really upset and he sent me a message which said ” Call me when you need me baby, I love you ” I started feeling stupid already, why hasn’t Joseph called? It was unlike him. I called him twice and he didn’t pick so I decided to go to his house and check if he’s alright. His car was packed outside so I was sure he was in the house. I started feeling excited already, I came prepared incase.. Yunno!! . I knocked for a while but he didn’t answer so I decided to let myself in, walking towards the room I heard funny sounds but I wasn’t sure so I walked into the room and behold Josephs face was buried into a girls P***y like it was buried in mine 2days back. I quietly closed the door and ran out of the house…

I felt so stupid , I called myself all the names you’ll think of calling someone that did what I did . I thought of calling Joseph or texting him to tell him what I saw and ask for an explanation but it’ll make me more stupid so I just laid on my bed thinking about Gaby and how I hurt myself by hurting him, I just wanted to talk to him and tell him how sorry I am and how much I love him, so I sent him a message….. ” Baby, I miss you “

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    Damn! This made me think of how we seek temporary gratification of our selfish desires..
    Beautiful read darling!

      Thank you sweetheart. I’m glad you liked it….

    Well done girl. Such a good write up, I love it. Keep up the good work 🙂

      Thankyou, I’m glad you like it

    Nutty girl😜

    “… thinking of how i hurt myself by hurting him” … thats so deep

    Soso deaf

    A good story with deep undertones.
    You never seize to amaze me Queen

      Thank you. I’m really glad you like it

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