it was a really sunny afternoon and I had a serious headache, blame it on the raphenol Micheal put in my drink last night at sheddys party.
It was a good day to just be in bed and do nothing but I had a test by 1pm so I needed to get up get ready and go to school. Got a cab after a long wait, when i got to school and everyone was asking me if I was sick,” no I just woke up from sleep”was my reply.

We were all waiting in the lecture room for the lecturer, it was 10 minutes to 1pm when the classrep announced that the test had been postponed to 4pm. The whole class scattered, people grumbled, some insulted, some cussed out and Ofcoure some were excited that they had more time to read , I was too tired to pick a category, I just knew sitting in that class till 4pm wasn’t what I needed, I thought of going home but my house is 40 minutes from school, it’ll be a waste of time and money.

My phone was ringing so I put my hand inside my bag trying to reach for it, it stopped ringing before I got it.before I could check my missed call,the call came in again.

“Hey Dodeye,come out I’m packed outside your department” the caller said
I took my bag and walked outside, the sun was surreal, i got into the car.
“Why didn’t you call? What if I wasn’t in school? I asked him
“I came to see my aunty,so just thought to see my little cutie” he answered. ” why are you looking like this? Are you sick? He asked. “Nope I just woke up from sleep” I answered him. Ahah you were sleeping in class? he said looking suprised
“Remy please leave me I’m not sick, I’m just really tired and stressed” i said.
“I’m going home, come to the house and chill na then ill take you home” he offered
“I have a test by four o so I have to come back to school”i said
” No wahala, ill bring you back, I don’t like how you’re looking, come and eat and rest please. There’s coconut rice at home. He said moving the car.
Then I thought, oh food!! I hadn’t eaten anything since the previous day morning, that’s probably another reason why I was feeling so weak.

Remy is a guy I met on my way to school two months back, lightskinned, chubby, really cute with an amazing voice (I have a thing for voices) , he offered me a ride to school, we talked and exchanged numbers, he brought lunch to school twice, brought me to school a few times. Did I mention he’s 30 and I’m 18 so yeah he’s quite old that’s why he calls me his little cutie.

We got to the house, a pretty descent place for a bachelor.
“let’s go to the room,its more comfortable there and you can rest” he said
Oh cool I stood up from the sofa and followed him. He brought the coconut rice and fish,we ate it. You watch cartoons or there’s nothing else to watch? i asked him, when I got tired of seeing unreal things talking.
I love cartoons he replied.
” Oh! Okay, I’ll just lie down and try to sleep then ,I can’t be a part of that”.i told him
“So you’ll just leave me and sleep?” He said sounding a bit upset.
“Ahah but that’s why I came here now!To sleep” I replied shifting up to lie down comfortably

I Found a comfortable position on the bed and was trying to sleep. When I started dozing off a little , I felt someone’s hand on my tummy then i turned.

“your body is so perfect Angel”
” Thank you very much Remy”it was then I realized he was on just boxers, I shifted.
” Where are you going baby? Don’t be scared, I love you.I can’t do anything to hurt you. he said
“your b***s look so beautiful, can I take a look at them please?he asked me
It was then every iota of sleep disappeared.
“I should open my b***s so you can see?”I asked.
” I’d love that my cutie” he replied me
“Please I can’t do that” I told him.
” Baby I love you so much, I will do anything you want me to do for you, please don’t hurt me baby, my body wants you” he kept saying then I looked down and noticed the mould in his boxers, it sent shivers down my spine.
” Remy please take me back to school” I pleaded.
“Angel you cant leave me like this, you have to quench the fire you lit” he said this with a very serious look, then I knew this has become real. I started to plead.
“please I’m sorry if I did anything wrong to you, I’m sorry I lit the fire, please forgive me, let me just go back to school” I said this trying to stand up.  Baby sit down there, he pushed me to the bed. You didn’t do anything wrong, inshort I love that you lit the fire, just lie down and let’s have some fun. He dragged my legs and I was lying flat on the bed, still struggling to get up, he laid on top of me, his hands on my b***s squeezing it through the top and he was humping me. I pushed his hands from my b***s, he held my two hands together with one hand, sitting on my legs and trying to put his hands through my top to my b***s,when he did, he started fondling with my nipples.
I was trying to release my hands from his and also struggling with my legs.
“Relax my angel let’s enjoy this together, you are so sweet”
I didn’t say a word just kept on struggling, he removed his hands from my b***s and unbuckled my trouser, tried to bring it down but he needed his second hand , he left my hands and was trying to pull my trouser down,I was pulling it up, he pushed me, I pushed him, we struggled till we were so tired then he laid down.

I got up, turned to get my bag and leave, he stood up and pushed me to the bed.
“Please I have a test, can I just go and write my test I beg you” I said almost crying.
“You will go when I cum, give me a blowjob? Play with my d**k or allow me to play with you so I can cum” he said looking at me sternly
” I won’t do anything of that sort with you “I replied.
” you are still being stubborn, go back to the bed you little angel he said and pushed me to the bed. He removed his boxer and what I saw was frightening, his d**k was so big and long, it looked like it was coming to eat me.
” Angel, daddy loves you he said as he held his d**k n started shaking it. I stood on the bed looking around the room for something to hit him with.
“What are you looking for? This is my house and I can do anything I want with you but I don’t want to use any weapons, I want you to willingly make me cum, whichever way you can. I love you baby he said.
I was so frightened.I started pleading n pleading and pleading, knelt on the bed, told him we will find a better day.

After the second round of struggling and pleading, he said “this girl, you are strong o, its almost 5,do you still want to go to school or I should take you home?
Home is fine I replied.
He wore his clothes, we got into the car, on our way he tried to start conversations but I didn’t say a word till I got home, got out of the car and into my house, fell on the bed and just dozed off.

A call woke me up, it was sandra my course mate.
” Dodeye, why didn’t you come for the test? She asked me
“My dear its a long story,ill gist you tomorrow I replied.
Amba wrote for you sha! They almost caught her o! She said. Are you serious? Omg I love her. Thankyou I said with a big grin. Turned and continued my sleep.