It was a cold night and I slept the whole day so sleep was very far from me. No light to watch movies, no pings on my bbm or energy to start a conversation with anyone so I went on twitter. As usual, funny tweets, pictures, insults and all the other stuff that happens on twitter.
I was just laughing n scrolling down when I got a notification. Checked it, it was a follow back request. I entered the page, checked the avi, it was a picture of a guy that showed just his face , not exactly my kind of face  but he had the kind of lips ill love to kiss forever, you know? The Majid Michael type lips, so I followed back.

Hey pretty one ,was the message I got from him immediately I followed back.
Hi, I replied.
I’m Michael but you can call me Micky. He sent.
Okay, Micky. I’m Dodeye and please call me Dodeye I replied.  I just graduated from Babcock university, waiting to serve, I live in Lagos but my family is based in Canada. I love pretty girls and ill love to be your friend. he sent.
I’m a student at Crutech, 3rd year , I live with my family here in calabar. Friends? We’ll see how it goes. I replied.
I’ve never been to calabar, I intend to visit  before I leave the country ,I heard the girls there are super. He sent. Hahahaha, yup we are super and oh! You should visit calabar its a really cool place. I replied.
Why are you up this late tho? Pretty girls sleep early he sent.  It’s 10pm, not so late,but I’m up cos I slept all day I replied.

Truth or dare? He sent as I was getting bored n just wanted to drop my phone n try to sleep. Okay, this might be fun I thought and replied Cooool. After we argued about who to start he decided to.
Ever kissed a girl? Yes I have, but it was a dare I replied.
Ever kissed a boy? I asked, no I haven’t and stop repeating my questions.
Hahahaha, ill try I replied. Still truth? He asked. Yup I replied. Ever had anal s*x? He asked, Nope I haven’t, I replied. Ever said I love you to a girl just for s*x? I asked.  
No, love is a really powerful word and money gives me all the s*x I want. We asked a lot of truth questions n I got to know a lot of things about him and grew an atom of like or whatever it was for him. That’s if he was telling  the truth.

Dare me he sent, Dare you? To do what? You’re not here, I replies. To do anything, I don’t have to be there, think. He sent.
OKAYYY!!! I dare you to send a picture of your d**k, I sent not expecting him to do it tho.
So cliché but ill send the picture on your bbm so ill need your pin he replied. I’m not one to give my pin to just anybody but the conversation was getting really interesting so I gave him the pin.

Guess who you got here, he sent with a grin, Micky I replied with a smile. Before I could send the message a picture came in. Oh wow! , I opened it, it was a picture of a hand holding a d**k and a fine boxer pulled down, the boxer actually caught my eye first probably cos I was too shy to look at the D.  Then I took a look, it was beautiful, I can’t explain if it was the colour or size or length but it was perfect. I started to imagine the wonderful things ill do to it if I hold it. Then another picture, it was a mirror picture with him wearing the same boxer and a message ” just incase you had any doubts ”  I didn’t think you were going to send it , it’s your turn. I replied. We are playing a game I asked us to, I won’t just backout, send a picture of your b***s with your fore finger covering your nipples he replied. I know I’m really specific he added. For a moment I just wanted to say no I can’t , stop everything that was going on and just go to bed. I can’t be one of those girls on twitter that will just send her b***s to a guy she doesn’t even know. I’m better than this, he’s not even so fine, he just has perfect lips and a perfect D,    oh! his D. I pulled my top n struggled for a perfect picture, the 5th time I got one I was okay with and sent it to him. “Wow, Dodeye you are endowed, a beautiful face and these Beautiful babies ” he sent. for a moment I thought u wouldn’t send. Micky added .I’m not one to backdown just like that, I replied.

I dare you to Make me cum Dodeye, Michael sent , but it’s my turn I replied really confused . Well I dare myself to make you cum too he sent with a wink. Okayy, I really don’t know how to go about this o, I sent to him with my mind almost made up to stop here. Calabar girls are super remember? He replied. That made me think of how to go about that, should I send him erotic pictures? Or I should just tell him to wank? And then an idea came, ill tell him a story.

Dodeye and Micky had been chatting for a while and they grew a lot of affection for each other, they started to plan on how they’ll meet and because Dodeye couldnt travel, Micky decided to come. The anticipation was killing them both, would he be cool like on phone, will she be pretty like in pictures were the questions they kept on asking themselves.The big day came, Micky arrived calabar and got a room at peteville, Dodeye couldn’t wait to get there.

She got into his room dressed in a pretty white flair dress.
“you look adorable” he said as he locked the  door for her to come in, he was wearing a short and a white tee, she turned around and laid on the other side of the bed, the room was so cold so they were both in the duvet watching BBA. While in the duvet dodeye shifted her leg and it touched Micky, they looked at themselves and adjusted, but after sometime Dodeye felt Mickys hand close to hers, she shifted her hand and he’s followed, they looked at  themselves and jumped on each other, they started kissing so deeply. Micky put off the TV and got on top of Dodeye , he kissed her like gold was in her tongue, then she got on top of him, still kissing him, came down to his neck, kissed it so softly while her hands were running all over his body, she removed his shirt, played with his nipples using her tongue, came down to his navel and ran her tongue in circles while staring at him at intervals, the big mould in his shorts showed he loved what she was doing, he dragged her up, pulled her dress/bra and started fondling with her nipples, her hands didn’t stop moving all over his body, she came down , dragged his shorts down and started rubbing his D that was almost tearing the boxer off, she kept on rubbing it with one hand, using the other hand to rub his thighs and tease him occasionally like she wanted to put her hand into the boxer, he was almost loosing it, squeezing his toes and moving his waist in circles, then she brought down the boxer, what she saw there, no man can explain, she started rubbing it with her hands then moved her tongue up n down round the D then she concentrated on the cap, used  it as a lipstick, a lolipop, a toothpick and then she put it fully into her mouth and started sucking it, she sucked it with so much dedication, like it was a job. She started to go up/down without hands, when she noticed Micky was already shaking almost uncontrollably she got up, pulled her pants and sat on it, she rode him like a horse going for war, he  was moaning really loudly while his hands were on her b***s, she started to go slowly and then  she Increased the pace a bit, started going fast,  faster…… Micky started speaking in different  languages, started shaking like there was an  earthquake, his face looked like he was in another  world, his legs were up in the sky and pow!!! he  released all the juice into Dodeye. I sent to Micky.

He replied me with a picture of his hand on his D,some white juicy stuff dripping and attached a  message. ” This is a first, interesting story, we  should totally do that ”
I wasn’t just surprised he had cum, I was actually really excited I did that. I’m glad  you enjoyed the story and other things I replied with a smile. Okay my turn he sent. It’s already 1am Micky, we should sleep now. Okay,thankyou for your time, we’ll chat tomorrow I owe you one. he replied. Sleep good he added. Thankyou and Sweetdreams I replied and immediately removed him from my bbm  and blocked him from my twitter. Please don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

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My name is Queenette Dodeye Obongha, Founder/ Curator of Dodeye's Corner. I am an Artist, Story Teller, Food/Travel enthusiast and finally "Our Mordern Day Monalisa" .

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    Dodeye Hope u did not Kill mickey before his time.becuz dat sudden blocking is realy alarming.

    I really wanna ask why but now I can’t 🤔

    A one night stand indeed…

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