Dodeye are folks around? Blessing asked from the other side of the phone . No o , they traveled for the weekend as usual I replied. Okay I’m coming to sleep over o, can’t stay in this house alone, chris is going to club. No wahala, come now I said and tossed the phone to the other side of the bed.

Blessing is a childhood friend, a very close one, her house is a stone throw from mine. Her parents just like mine travel to the village almost every weekend so we are free to do what we want but the highest we’ve done is stay out till 9pm, and now she’s coming to sleep over so this will be the new highest. Lol.

Who opened the gate for you? I asked her as she entered inside the room and was trying to shut the door. Change this your door please, its so hard to lock and yea James opened the gate,she replied.  Please leave my door biko, why are you looking this fine? All this baffup is to come and sleep?  I said laughing. I’m looking fine for you now, don’t you like she said spinning, please I’m not frank, drop your bag there I said pionting to the stool beside the wardrobe.

Let me shower, check my bag you’ll see burger, jumped on her bag and brought out the burger. This girl, who took you to apples? So I can’t just take myself out? She answered from the shower.

I love sleeping sexy so I wore one of my favorite nightie, its  red and reveals a lot of b***s it came with  a red g-string so I always wear the g-string whenever I wear the nightie. This nightie holds a lot of fond memories but that’s story for another day.

This girl and burger so you couldn’t leave some for me? Blessing said as she laid on the bed. she’s not one for sleeping clothes so she just laid down with her panties and covered the duvet . We should do something wild she said as she sat on the bed and was staring at me. What? Please stop looking at me like that I said as I turned and faced the other side. She laid down too and I was replying my messages on bbm.

God! Dodeye your body is so soft she said as she was touching my waist, is it today you noticed? I replied still on my phone. If I was a guy ill do you over and over again.I know I said smiling then we both started laughing. Well I’m a girl and ill still do you, I ignored her.its her normal joke I thought. She collected my phone, dropped it at the head of the bed, this girl your energy is too much today o ,I told her and was stretching to get my phone when she brought her lips close to mine, I was too shocked I didn’t realize we had started kissing.

I saw myself lying on the bed, blessing was on top of me and we were kissing deeply, oh wow! How can someone’s lips be so soft and taste like sugar and honey and chocolate combined together, Omg what am I doing? Am I a lesbian? Were the thoughts running in my head. Blessing looked at me smiled, took her lips to my ear, licked it like one of those huge lollipops, I didn’t realize when a soft moan escaped from my mouth. Oh you like it she said with a chuckle. Something in me wanted to push her and just leave the room, but my body was already too weak, it felt so good, I wanted to continue. She kissed my cheeks, down to my neck brought down the straps of my nightie and said B***s!! She kissed my clevage then took her tongue down to my nipples, sucked it, took her hand to the other nipples and was fondling with it gently , I was in another world, it felt too Damn good I grabbed her b***s and started squeezing it, she spent some time on my b***s, I could feel I was super wet almost dripping, she brought down my nightie then removed my pant , parted my legs, I looked down n our eyes met I was too shy or scared couldn’t place the feeling but I looked up immediately and closed my eyes, both her hands were on my b***s squeezing it and then I felt her tongue on my clits she was moving it in circles, the feeling was too good I can’t place a word to describe it, she did a lot of things with her tongue, her hands didn’t leave my b***s, she will concentrate on the nipples sometimes and just around the b***s sometimes. She started moving her tongue really fast in circles and her fingers on my nipples fondling it gently, I felt like I was going to explode, my legs were shaking, I wanted to scream but I couldn’t, my waist started jerking, my tummy felt like it was compressing and then I jumped from the bed and realized the ringtone from my phone woke me up. I picked the call.

Dodeye are folks traveling this Weekend? Omg blessing I said as I dropped the phone on the bed, hello.. hello.. hello.. I could hear from the other side of the phone.

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    Again. Nice!


    Nicely done, love the ending…

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