Good afternoon sir, Alice and I greeted as Mr Justin walked into the textile year3 studio. Afternoon, how are you people he asked. Fine, thankyou sir I replied. Alice was concentrating on her loom she didn’t answer. I want to see you in my office now Dodeye he said and walked out of the studio.. what is it with this man now Brado? I asked Alice. I call her Brado cos she’s always on braids, she doesn’t like to wear a wig or weave. Just go and answer him, it will be one of those his stupid talks she said and continued with her tapestry.

Mr Justin has been my lecturer since my first year, he is always on my case. If he isn’t telling me about how I am concentrating more on fashion than school, he will be telling me how my friends are a bad influence or how my sister is more respectful.  He is the kind of lecturer that knows your house, your boyfriend, your hobby, infact everything. I really don’t know how he does it.

Sir you sent for me I said as I stood infront of his table, sit down and make yourself comfortable he said raising his head from his laptop, I’m very sure he wasn’t doing anything with it. So Dodeye, how is your sister? I heard she’s working now he asked as I sat down. Yes she’s working at destiny monitor I replied. Okay the reason I called you here is really important he said as he closed the laptop and was searching for something in the pen holder. You know you are a very beautiful girl he continued. Yes I know sir, Thankyou sir I replied adjusting my shirt button. That’s a first, admitting you’re beautiful, girls never really do that. He said laughing, anyways back to the reason I called you. Have you noticed I’m really attracted to you? He said getting up and walking towards my seat. No sir I haven’t I answered already scared and shaky. Okay now you know, I want to be your man, I’ll help  you financially, academically , emotionally and otherwise. All you’ll have to do is satisfy me sexually he said and kissed my head from the back of the seat. I don’t understand you sir I said as I jumped out of the seat and leaned on the wall. No need to be scared Dodeye, ill give you time to think about it, but as you do that ,remember that your Good for nothing Boyfriend Samuel is my Graphics student and you know better than to waste my time.

Honey  please meet me at Kennys was the message i sent to Samuel immediately I got my bag and locked the studio, Alice was probably tired of waiting, or one of her bobos came to pick her up. Baby I got your message, any problem? He asked as he sat opposite me at the Kennys eatery . It’s Mr Justin oo I said munching the burger I got while waiting for him. What did he say this time? He asked as he took a sip of my fanta. He wants to sleep with me I told him. He wants to what? How? Why are you even telling me this? Are you considering it? You are not in graphics now! He can’t do anything to you, talk to me now? Why are you looking at me like that baby? Calm down Samuel I shouted, yes he can’t do anything to me but he can do something to you, he actually threatened to I told him. Omg Dodeye ( he never says my name) he’s going to fail me, he’s taking three courses, I’m finished. Samuel said with so much fear in his vioce. Calm down jor, stop acting like a bitch I said trying to cheer him up. How was practicals? Hows Henrys health now? I asked him. It was okay oo, he’s better now, ill go and see him from here he replied.

That  man wants to sleep with me oo. I told Alice the next day in the studio , we’re almost always the only people in the studio, I have 28 other studio mates but I really don’t know where they go when there’s no lecture. Are you serious? See that foolish man o, yr1 and yr2 he didn’t say ,it’s now in yr3 that you don’t have anything to do with him that’s he’s saying that one she said laughing, looking and me and expecting me to laugh too. When she noticed I wasn’t she said Dodeye what’s the problem now? Samuel !! Alice he’ll fail Samuel I said with tears almost dropping from my eyes. That man sha, she said shaking her head.

I’ve been dating Samuel since the week after our matriculation, he’s tall, dark, handsome, intelligent, amazing vioce , good cook, super man in bed, quintessential gentle man. Inshort he’s been an amazing boyfriend. He not from a rich background but he does well for himself , he has a self con close to school and I spend some weekends with him ,whenever my dad let’s me stay in the “hostel” to do my “assignment ” Ofcoures his house is my hostel and the assignments? story for another day.

Baby I think you should do it o Samuel said in the middle of our conversation on the phone at 8pm, do what? I asked him. I think you should sleep with Mr Justin he said with a very low tune. How can you even say that ? He hasn’t even done anything,I haven’t heard from him since then and you’re telling me to sleep with him? I’m done here please,Goodnight I said and was about to end the call. Baby don’t be like this now! Listen to me. He tore my report and drove me out of his class saying I should never attend any of his lectures again, we have a week before exams and you know this is really not a good time for this, Let’s just get over this and move on baby . Because he tore your report and told you never to attend his classes I should go and open my legs for him? It’s so easy for you to let me do this Sammy? I’m really disappointed I said trying to hold back my tears. Baby its not easy for me, but the earlier the better, I don’t want it to get worse than this. Samuel said sounding like a child. Go and get your ass cracked I said ,ended the call, put off my phone and bursted into tears.

Sir, but you said I have sometime to think about this I said shouting as I walked into Mr justins office. Sit down there and shut up before I send you out of my office, who gave you the right to walk into my office and shout how you like? He asked me. But sir you told me I have time to think about this, why are you taking actions already? I said calmly this time. I also told you I don’t have all the time in the world he said as he opened his drawer, brought out his card and said text me the hotel and room number before the end of this week, also have it in mind that the head of textile unit  is my very good friend. He added. But sir today is Thursday, the week is already over sir, please give me more time sir I pleaded. Get out of my office Dodeye he said and I got up,carried the card from the table and walked out of the office. “That kpomo wey that small boy dey chop, I go chop am ” I heard him say.

“Baby please let’s talk” is the text I received from Samuel immediately I left Mr justins office. I hissed and walked towards my studio .Why are you frowning like this madam? Alice asked as I walked into the studio. Everybody is just stupid Alice, see Mr Justin o, threatening Samuel up/down, telling me our head of unit is his friend and Samuel is here stupidly  telling me to go and sleep with him. What’s all this nonsense now? Why is it happening now? I said as tears were escaping from my eyes. Don’t cry now! How can Samuel even do that? Boys sha Alice said as she was patting my back.

Baby, baby, baby I heard someone screaming and running towards me as I was approaching the school gate, Samuel what is it now, I said and turned recognising his vioce. Baby don’t do this now! I’m sorry, you can’t ignore me forever, come I have an idea he said and dragged me to the corner but first what’s he saying? Samuel asked. He said I have just this week to text him the hotel and room number ,he even added that I shouldn’t forget our unit head is his friend.I told him. See that man o, Samuel said laughing. You’ll see him on saturday, I’ll make reservations in the hotel and text you the details. He added. Samuel what’s all this now? I asked confused. Don’t you trust me baby? Leave everything to me he said, kissed my cheeks and left.

” Sir please, come to Axari hotel room 410″ I text Mr  Justin at 8pm on saturday, sitting in the hotel room wearing the mini and a little clevage revealing navy blue dress fatima sewed for me while sipping a bottle of smirnoff ice with a straw.

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    Okay, just out if curiosity now. What happened next? I was already enjoying the write up and I kinda wanna know why Sammy said you should trust him and you there at the hotel room waiting for mr Justin.

    Curiosity killed the cat.

    No b only cat, this kind curiousity fit kill lion… Waiting for the continuation o

      That’s the end of the story. Thanks for your feedback

    What happens next seems obvious , but stories don’t end like that

    Cheiiiii it’s not fair 😢😢😢😢😢!! Why will you just do somebody longer throat like this 😑😑😑

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