About Dodeye

Hello , My name is Dodeye

I am a story-teller , visual artist , textilist, food/travel enthusiast and most importantly “Our Modern day Monalisa”
I am from Cross River state in Nigeria ( The Nations Paradise) where I studied visual art and specialized in Textile . I have great love for food, the magic of achieving great and distinct taste in different meals from different cultures thrills me . I want to travel the world, see different people, things, places, learn bits of different languages.. literally laugh in Spanish and finally I love story telling , maybe this passion was birthed from childhood, when my mum would sit my siblings and I down and tell us both true and fictional stories. The laughter, how our faces would light up and finally it always brought us together as a family.
I’m so glad you could stop by and I can’t wait to share these parts of me with you. Hope to see you again .


  1. Kuda

    I like your short stories. Just hoping you post them more frequently.
    It would be also good to do a yearly compilation of the short stories and publish that book

    1. Dodeye

      Thank you Kuda. I will try posting more often

  2. Pretty

    You are just the best Dodeye

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