Today has been one of those slow days, where you have the time to experience life and appreciate little moments of the day.

The night before was very hot because PHCN is always moving mad. I woke upset because I didn’t have a good sleep, I struggled to wear my running shoes, turned on one of my favorite podcasts and put on my head phones sluggishly.

I would have managed to catch the 1-hour sleep but I have an accountability partner and I knew his call will come any moment, didn’t have the energy to explain plus anytime I look at my neck in the mirror, it reminds me of why I need the run.

Stepped out of the house and I felt a rush of cold air on my skin, I didn’t realize when a smile formed on my lips, it wasn’t a strong wind or anything. It was slow and really cool.

While running, my legs were hurting and I felt a funny pain in my tummy, I wanted to stop and just brisk walk but when I looked up, I saw a man in front of me smiling and then he did a small clap cheering me to go on and I don’t know where the energy came from but I completed all 5 laps.

Also, while running, I passed by a tree I had passed a couple times and I saw some flowers, they were new. I didn’t notice them the day before , I plucked one, smelled it and it tickled me. I can’t explain it but it made me very happy. New growth is always beautiful.

I got back home and I saw “Allie “my plant. she had formed like 3 new branches and if she was human and could feel me. I would have kissed her.

It is a month since I started writing this and today, I am happy. Its Easter Monday and it’s a holiday. I stayed in bed until 2pm when my dad asked me to get bolt for him. I got served my breakfast in bed and I slept until all the sleep stored inside me finished, I cannot remember the last time I spent my day doing nothing.

So many moments have past this last month that has made me realize that money gives us the nice things but the best things are absolutely free.

I remember last week Thursday when I sang my lungs out, jumping and laughing with my friend I hadn’t seen in a while or the next day when we shared a plate of rice as we drove around Calabar, dividing the meat into two and it reminded me of when we were kids and we would save our money to buy Akara from the woman at the junction who we nicknamed “iyabasira”

Today, 2 months after I started writing this. I had fruits in the morning and was swamped with work the whole day, I totally forgot to eat or even drink water. I ordered shawarma and the first bite was bliss… I know you will say shawarma is bought with money but can I really talk about happiness without food?

Stay Happy Loves


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