So, I am having a chilled day today, I managed to finish the tasks I set out early, and what better way to while away time than write about men and how they make me laugh.

I am not talking about the kind of laughter that you let out when you listen to or watch comedy, it is not the kind you let out when your friend tells you about how her colleague walks when he has had too much to eat, neither is it the kind you let out when you watch an Instagram skit or read a funny tweet. It is the kind you let out when you are fighting another emotion, that emotion that creates a sting in your heart but not the sting you get when you are heart broken, this sting is different.

Remember when your maths teacher called you out in class to solve a problem, remember how all eyes were on you to find X? you didn’t know where X was and why you had to find it, you stood there confused and felt a sting in your heart that you wished the ground will open because why would you embarrass your family like that? Men will embarrass you.

If you are a man reading this, I know you are wondering where I am driving at. don’t worry I won’t say much but I need you to explain a few things to me

Explain what a man meant when he broke up with my friend because according to him “she doesn’t understand his jokes” also explain to me why he came back 6 months later to apologize and said his life belonged to someone at that time?

Explain to me why my friend’s ex complimented my body and asked if I would like to visit?

Explain to me why my ex thought the best person to be friends with was one of my closest friend’s roommate and why he hid it from me.

Explain to me why married men say ” I wish I had met you before my wife”

Explain to me why a married man will be expecting loyalty from a girl when he is clearly cheating on his wife with.

Explain to my why a man that confessed his feelings to a lady, swore tooth and nail that he will put in effort, decides to disappear, only to call after some months and say he meant what he said and he is still very serious then disappear for months again.

Explain to me what men mean when they say “I love you” because I don’t understand how you say this to someone the day before you break up with them.

Explain to me why men constantly say they don’t care for Valentine’s Day only to cry about not getting gifts at the end of the day.

Explain to me why a man broke up with his girlfriend because she is dark skinned after chasing her for about 3 months and dating for 8 months.

Explain to me why men think they are polygamous in nature and women are not?

Explain to me why men spend the whole of international men’s day crying about how women are not celebrating them enough.

Explain to me why men hardly cry around their friends but constantly brag about how male friendships are better.

To women reading this, you can ask for more explanations in the comment section and also leave an explanation if you have one.

Finally explain to me why men never take the blame and try to pin it all on women, remember Adam in the bible? After they had realized what they did and God asked “Adam what have you done? ” do you recall his response? If you don’t, check it out.

Thank you Always, With Love

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