1. I’m a second born
  2. I like my food hot
  3. I don’t know how to wink
  4. I’m supposed to be a professional dancer but my siblings discouragement killed that dream
  5. I am a very liberal person
  6. A lot of people say I’m very annoying, I don’t know why
  7. I cry for almost every situation. When I’m happy, angry, sad, watching a very happy movie, watching a sad movie, arguing. Just everything
  8. I love going to bed looking sexy
  9. I have conversations with myself a lot. I forget I’m around people sometimes and start speaking loudly to myself
  10. I love dogs, I don’t like cats
  11. My favorite kind of rice is coconut rice
  12. I’ll pick a guys voice over his looks every time. Weird thing is a lot of pretty boys have terrible voices. Do the maths lmao 😂
  13. I don’t like gap tooth or dimples. Unfortunately I have both
  14. I fantasized about living in mars at one point in my life I started applying to go there.
  15. I only speak English. I suck at Languages
  16. I love cold so much, I’ll rather freeze in a room than turn off the AC
  17. I’m afraid of being on water. My first boat ride was on the 1st of February 2019
  18. I can orgasm from listening to a black man with a British accent
  19. When I’m in love, oh darling, I’m all in, heart and soul.
  20. My full name is “Dodeye Obase” it means “As God likes it”


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My name is Queenette Dodeye Obongha, Founder/ Curator of Dodeye's Corner. I am an Artist, Story Teller, Food/Travel enthusiast and finally "Our Mordern Day Monalisa" .


    Really?!! First boat ride ever???!!! 🤦🤦🤦 I need to drag you for this… Plus I love the British Accent.. On white guys tho🤷… I love gap tooth and dimples but I have none which is still cool… I can’t eat hot food, must be stone cold (over exaggerating😂)… I can’t go to bed without looking as goofy as F**k. Like a cotton Tee and big ass pj trousers 😂…

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      You better learn to go to bed sexy o.. pls don’t drag me, I don’t like water

    I’m supposed to be writing random facts about me but I’ll start with you first:

    1.) You have shed tears with only one eye after like 100 strokes (almost 10years later and I can’t get over that shit🤣)

    2.) Your face use to tickle someone

    3.) You full name in my head is “Obo hotel”

    4.) If you laugh at someone, the person can commit sucide

    *Now I am satisfied*😎

    Some random facts about me:

    1) I dont like trying new foods

    2) I used to be a good singer until my roommates killed my dreams

    3) I was going to be a model until you people laughed at those my awesome sticker pictures with my amazing styles

    4) I can’t dance to safe my life, but I think I was a break dancer at one point (don’t argue)

    5) I am an upcoming wealthy person and will win $897,000,000 in the lottery one day.

    6) I was thinking you were a hot stepper all these years🙄

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      Lmao Rose, can’t forget that day with seyi. I still have some Cain marks.. You can’t argue those your pictures were funny and i hope you win the lottery. Can’t wait to get my share

    10 Random “Facts” about JayBandanaCabana;

    1. I’m dyslexic, I process learning differently from others. So I decided to volunteer at any special aide center to help children. & people alike. Combat this deficiency.

    2. I am terribly allergic to Fish, Sea food and velvet.

    3. I strive for very stilimulating and thought provoking conversations with people. I can be at a gathering amongst people and get bored easily.

    4. I’m a hopeless romantic, I could go to any extreme measures to woo any lady who I deem deservedly of my affections.

    5. I speak four (4) difference language, English, Turkish, Portuguese & Hausa. Unfortunately not my ethnic language. I was brought-up to have interest in what will serve & make me happy.

    6. I thrill seeker, I love to travel, crave adventures with soemotionalple whom are enthusiastic as I am to live life & not the other way around. Meet someone who shares some of my ideals and would be ready to someday leave the city life and live a secluded life hopefully at a beach-house. Where we can be free to live vicariously and make different jam spreads.

    7. I am dog lover, I have five (5) and I don’t like cats. I think they are just selfish & over demanding felines.

    8. I love swimming, I have swam countless times in the Mediterranean sea also known as the dead sea. It’s sad many people I’ve come across here in Nigeria don’t appreciate & understand what a good swim of thirty (30) minutes does for the body.

    9. I have only been in love once, had just two physical & emotional (2) relationships. Never cheated either. If I ever do get married in furure, I would want the ceremony to be on the beach, with just only close friends and family.

    10. I have had random s*x with a stranger during a funeral I attended.

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      You’re a very interesting person Jay. Thanks for sharing

      You’re an interesting person.

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    Thank you Adié. They ain’t ready

    This is sort of new to me buy hey it’s fine.
    So my name is Charles Olanrewaju Adevokhai from Edo state, born and brought up in Lagos where I also work and do my thing on the low.
    I love my job and hate to be idle at any point in time, traveling and seeing the sites is a hobby for me.
    I also love to cook and read anything knowledgeable.
    I like to party and dance, love dogs and a comfy bed to rest after a long day.

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      Thank you for sharing .a comfortable bed is essential

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