Random Selfie

I have never thought of myself as fashionable, i like to be comfortable. Although I admire people that do the most with fashion, taking risks, getting Involved with trends etc
When I think of dressing up, what comes to mind is ” What will look good on me” and “what I’ll be comfortable with”. I love free little dresses, there’s so much joy in wearing free dresses and just have air flow into every part of your body.

Freedom with free dresses

I’m not a fan of trousers especially jean because I think it’s too much work. From wearing them to moving around with them and pulling them. I only wear them when I’m going somewhere I can’t wear a little dress to.

Jean Day

Recently, I noticed myself taking fashion risks and trying new styles. I have noticed this doesn’t only apply to my dressing but in everything I get involved with. I’m more expressive, I’m more open etc and i have this “Live life to the fullest” slogan i keep saying.

I’m a very careful person, and as much as i know it’s ok to make mistakes sometimes, I try my best to avoid mistakes completely. So if I pick clothes to wear and it doesn’t seem right or it seems like too much stress I’ll just drop it and wear the normal “shift dress” or “trouser and a top” .

I was going to work on Saturday, it wasn’t for anything too official so I thought “why not look different?” I was a bit skeptical about the red hair because i wasn’t really sure how my boss was going to react but I wore it anyways..

STRIPES ON STRIPES: So I always hear people talk about how to style “stripes on stripes” like it’s a big deal. When I thought about it that morning, I told my self ” baby girl, wear plain and stripes, you don’t want that kind of stress” Then i said to myself again ” Why not try? Why do other people think they can do it and you cannot?” I just picked the two stripes my eyes caught first and I tried it on.

Stripes on Stripes

It looked good to me and to top it up I said ” no heels today baby, you will wear kicks” it was like some inner self that had been sleeping rose up. After dressing up and looking at myself repeatedly, I stepped out of the house. I got a lot of compliments… A LOT, then I posted the picture on IG and I got more compliments. It felt really good.

Love the slit at the back of the skirt

ANKARA RIOT : So I added some fabric to my jean last year and I wore it in a way I thought was cool at the time.
When I thought of wearing it again, I wanted to make it look really cool. Remember we are taking risks now? So I decided to use multiple fabrics for my scarf and a white shirt to bring it out. I did that and OMG!!

Ankara Riot

I looked at me and I was like GIRL!!!! I got a lot of compliments , questions, strange stares

The sun tho ☀

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PALAZZO: I’ve seen people style palazzo with big shirts but that’s not me, I will wear crop top or something fitting. Big and big doesn’t sound nice to me even if it looked good on people. This day, I was going to see a friend. I’ll get picked from my house to his and dropped back home. I told myself ” Even if you turn out looking funny, it’s fine..

Peep the slippers.. I made it

not many people will see you” When I was about to wear my wig I said NO!! Use a scarf to make a turban, it’ll add flavor to your outfit. I did that and I loved it..

I can’t describe how this pose made me look. I love it

KIMONO: I’m a lover of kimonos, I designed kimonos (DeesKimono) in the past and sold almost all of it. I’m thinking of doing that again in a big way. So help me God.
I woke up really late for church and I wasn’t sure what to wear. I didn’t think I’ll go before I slept so I didn’t sort outfits. I got up from the bed and took an oversized white shirt, a jean and a scarf.. but when I was about to leave , my inner self said “you can wear that kimono”

Peep my Granny’s shoes

I DID … I got compliments, I think I looked really good..

One picture of me smiling at least

I Will take more fashion risks and try more things I normally wouldn’t.. What about you?


What kind of person are you with fashion? Risk taker or Comfortable?
Pls Drop as a comment