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I have never thought of myself as fashionable, i like to be comfortable. Although I admire people that do the most with fashion, taking risks, getting Involved with trends etc
When I think of dressing up, what comes to mind is ” What will look good on me” and “what I’ll be comfortable with”. I love free little dresses, there’s so much joy in wearing free dresses and just have air flow into every part of your body.

Freedom with free dresses

I’m not a fan of trousers especially jean because I think it’s too much work. From wearing them to moving around with them and pulling them. I only wear them when I’m going somewhere I can’t wear a little dress to.

Jean Day

Recently, I noticed myself taking fashion risks and trying new styles. I have noticed this doesn’t only apply to my dressing but in everything I get involved with. I’m more expressive, I’m more open etc and i have this “Live life to the fullest” slogan i keep saying.

I’m a very careful person, and as much as i know it’s ok to make mistakes sometimes, I try my best to avoid mistakes completely. So if I pick clothes to wear and it doesn’t seem right or it seems like too much stress I’ll just drop it and wear the normal “shift dress” or “trouser and a top” .

I was going to work on Saturday, it wasn’t for anything too official so I thought “why not look different?” I was a bit skeptical about the red hair because i wasn’t really sure how my boss was going to react but I wore it anyways..

STRIPES ON STRIPES: So I always hear people talk about how to style “stripes on stripes” like it’s a big deal. When I thought about it that morning, I told my self ” baby girl, wear plain and stripes, you don’t want that kind of stress” Then i said to myself again ” Why not try? Why do other people think they can do it and you cannot?” I just picked the two stripes my eyes caught first and I tried it on.

Stripes on Stripes

It looked good to me and to top it up I said ” no heels today baby, you will wear kicks” it was like some inner self that had been sleeping rose up. After dressing up and looking at myself repeatedly, I stepped out of the house. I got a lot of compliments… A LOT, then I posted the picture on IG and I got more compliments. It felt really good.

Love the slit at the back of the skirt

ANKARA RIOT : So I added some fabric to my jean last year and I wore it in a way I thought was cool at the time.
When I thought of wearing it again, I wanted to make it look really cool. Remember we are taking risks now? So I decided to use multiple fabrics for my scarf and a white shirt to bring it out. I did that and OMG!!

Ankara Riot

I looked at me and I was like GIRL!!!! I got a lot of compliments , questions, strange stares

The sun tho ☀

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PALAZZO: I’ve seen people style palazzo with big shirts but that’s not me, I will wear crop top or something fitting. Big and big doesn’t sound nice to me even if it looked good on people. This day, I was going to see a friend. I’ll get picked from my house to his and dropped back home. I told myself ” Even if you turn out looking funny, it’s fine..

Peep the slippers.. I made it

not many people will see you” When I was about to wear my wig I said NO!! Use a scarf to make a turban, it’ll add flavor to your outfit. I did that and I loved it..

I can’t describe how this pose made me look. I love it

KIMONO: I’m a lover of kimonos, I designed kimonos (DeesKimono) in the past and sold almost all of it. I’m thinking of doing that again in a big way. So help me God.
I woke up really late for church and I wasn’t sure what to wear. I didn’t think I’ll go before I slept so I didn’t sort outfits. I got up from the bed and took an oversized white shirt, a jean and a scarf.. but when I was about to leave , my inner self said “you can wear that kimono”

Peep my Granny’s shoes

I DID … I got compliments, I think I looked really good..

One picture of me smiling at least

I Will take more fashion risks and try more things I normally wouldn’t.. What about you?


What kind of person are you with fashion? Risk taker or Comfortable?
Pls Drop as a comment

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    Girl you’re not here to joke 🔥. I really want to step out of my comfort zone this year, although I like to be careful.

      Avatar photo

      Thank you babe. You gotta step out of that comfort zone. I’m right here with you

    You look really lovely in all i can’t exactly pick a favorite. I think I’d go with stripes though coz it’s a risky trend. You either miss it or get it, no inbetweens.

    Depends on my mood really.. Back in university i was more of a risk taker than I am now. These days i find myself being very cautious of my environment and I really hate strange stares but my inner self is waiting for freedom especially my hair.

      Avatar photo

      Thank you b. I think the Stripes was a really big risk too. Pls let it all out, I can’t wait .

    I love the kimono look. I loved the design on it plus I’m a jean and shirt person too… So… The kimono and Jean is my favorite. Ps: I’m stealing the style already. I’ll tag you…

      Avatar photo

      Haha.. I know you’re a jean person. Thank you, pls tag me

    Wow! Nice writeup and outfits there. Keep it up 😉

      Avatar photo

      Thank you. I will

    The kimono outfit is just…… Mind blowing! That’s me best.

    I don’t know why I can never get it right with palazzo. 😪

      Avatar photo

      Haha. Thank you , I think it’s safe to wear it with a fitting crop top..

    I read this earlier but had trouble commenting via my browser and had to search for the blog via wordpress even that didn’t work.
    Now I have forgotten my comment cus it’s been weeks.😳
    …… it is definitely something about this post inspiring my new found love for scarfs and hoops.

      Avatar photo

      Haha. Thank you, I’m glad..

    I’m so confused.. Going with everything especially the Ankara riot😊

      Avatar photo

      I think the Ankara riot rocked. Thanks for your feedback

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