They call me with hissing sounds like a snake
I have different names for different clients, I forget my real name sometimes.
They are all interested in my body, they don’t ever want to listen to me.
My name is Ada
People say I deserve better, but what is better?
This is all I know.

When I was nine years old, I had to move in with my uncle. My parents got transferred to another state for work and I couldn’t leave my present school at the time. I’m an only child, and Love? I got it in abundance.
My uncle had a wife and 3 children (2 boys and 1 girl) so I was really excited to move in with them. I will have people to play with, eat with and talk to.
They gave me a very nice room and treated me like a princess. My cousins were amazing, we shared everything. I stayed in their rooms more than I stayed in mine.
One Thursday, they traveled to see their mum’s sister. I couldn’t go with them because I had common entrance on Saturday. I knew I would miss them but I had my uncle so I was fine.
On Friday night, I was having popcorn in my room and watching TV when I heard my uncle call my name. I opened the door for him and he came inside smiling, he kissed my forehead and I hugged him warmly. He sat beside me, asking me questions about the TV program I was watching. We were gisting and laughing when he reduced the volume and looked at me in a different way…
” You are growing Ada” he said
I smiled shyly, I had noticed my breast forming and my hips getting rounded. It was uncomfortable for me because most of my classmates didn’t have breasts or hips yet.
“Don’t be shy baby, you’re very beautiful ” he told me
Thank you, uncle, I said with a smile
” I want to teach you something”, he said. Something you should learn now he added
I looked at him with interest and he continued
“You are a woman and women please men ” he said I want to teach you how to please a man he added
I looked at him with shock in my eyes but I was silent. I didn’t want to think about anything he didn’t mean
He started touching my face in a funny way, I couldn’t move or say anything.
My uncle had been nothing but nice to me and I didn’t want to offend him.
“He can’t do anything he shouldn’t do to me” I thought
He lifted me up and laid me on the bed
“You will relax your body and open your mind, I will not hurt you he said I am just preparing you for the future he added pulling my dress”


I knew that what I was doing was wrong, I knew that what my uncle was trying to do to me was wrong, but he was my uncle and I didn’t know how to react.
He pulled my clothes and pulled his, he licked me from head to toe concentrating on my neck and thighs. He started rubbing my Pee Pee in a way that made me start feeling funny, I wanted him to do it more… it felt good… then he spread my legs really widely and tried to put his Pee Pee into me little by little. the pain I felt was out of this world, I screamed for help and was struggling to get up but he apologized and kissed my forehead, telling me to relax and open my mind. He picked up the baby oil from the Cain cupboard and rubbed it on his Pee Pee then poured it into mine. He pinned me down and went in and out of me causing me more pain than I had ever experienced in my life. I was pleading and begging him to stop, I couldn’t believe what was happening. Is this how I’m supposed to act for the rest of my life? Please men by causing myself excruciating pain? My uncle did this to me for so long I felt my spirit almost leave my body. I laid down there with tears dropping from my eyes. He made sounds of joy, spoke in languages I didn’t understand, holding me tightly and making funny faces that’ll make me laugh if I was in a normal situation. Then I felt him shaking and holding me so close to him. he shook for a while then he screamed loudly and stopped.


He laid beside me kissing my cheeks and cleaning my tears, he told me to go and bath then asked me to take the bedsheets with me. He got up and left telling me to come to his room when I’m done.
Walking to the bathroom was hard, I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen and I couldn’t move properly. When I got into the bathroom and saw blood I screamed and cried my eyes out. I couldn’t explain the blood but I felt violated, I felt used, then I had my bath, dressed up and went to my uncle’s room.
He smiled and held me very close to him, then he handed me a big bowl of chocolates, biscuits and sweets.
” When you please a man, you get your reward ” he told me
I smiled, I understood it now.
The sweet, chocolate and biscuits took all the pain away


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