Episode 2


I am to do as a man pleases
I dare not argue with him or even disagree
I am a woman
A man’s reward is all I’m worthy of
My name is Ada
My uncle taught me this

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My parents decided to put me in a boarding school when I was in jss2. My uncle warned me about boys when he dropped me in school, he told me they would lie and deceive me.
“I will miss you so much Ada” he said to me as he was about to drive off
I smiled and looked at him, I felt free but I couldn’t say. I was tired of having him in my bed every time we were home alone together. The chocolates were no more taking the pain away and when I told him, he started including money. I liked my rewards but I didn’t like the pain, at least not from him, but I am a woman and my job is to please a man. My uncle always reminded me.
I looked way bigger than my peers, it used to make me uncomfortable until I got into boarding school and started receiving favours from male senior students. I didn’t understand why they gave me things without requesting something from me, my uncle used to only grant my request after sleeping with me.
One day I got to the dinning hall late , I knew I would be punished or flogged by those huge prefects but I went anyways.
Hey, why are you late? The dining hall prefect asked me
I… I…. I was…. I kept stammering
“That’s my school daughter, leave her” a nice looking senior student said as I was still trying to explain myself
“You’re lucky ” the dining prefect told me and ordered me to go in.
I went in thinking about why the senior called me his school daughter. I didn’t know him, I had never seen him before but I was thankful. I escaped Cain and punishment.
On my way for night prep the same day, I saw the senior that saved me. I turned my face and started walking quickly so that he won’t see me and I won’t have to talk to him..
“Ada, Ada” I heard him call me
I was surprised he knew my name. I stopped and waited for him as he was walked up to me.
“Thank you senior for what you did earlier” I told him immediately we got close enough to hear each other without screaming
“You deserve more Ada” he told me
My eyes widened, I managed a smile
“Thank you senior” I said smiling
“Follow me to my cubicle, come and do prep with me” he offered
It was an exciting offer, junior students took pride in doing prep with seniors in their cubicle. All prefects in my school had a cubicle in a big building where they stayed for afternoon and night prep. According to what I heard, it is a really nice place with a bed, Air conditioning, etc .I used to hear my mates brag about doing prep with their school mothers and fathers.
“Thank you senior but I’ll read in my class” I told him
” I will appreciate if you do this one thing for me pls” He begged
I remembered my uncle and all he taught me. “He said a gift from a man is payment for a service you rendered or will render in future” if paying the senior was to do prep with him, then it wasn’t so bad I thought as I nodded my head and followed him to his cubicle.
” I have been watching you for quite sometime now” he told me
I smiled and looked at him, not sure how to feel about the information.
” You are one of the prettiest girls in this school and I’ve been craving to have you close to me like this” he said
“Thank you senior ” I replied
“Call me Roland” he told me
I continued with my assignment but I noticed him staring at me the whole time, it was uncomfortable but I was a bit flattered…
“Come to the bed Ada, I want us to talk ” Roland said to me
I got up from the chair and went to the bed sitting at the edge. He knelt down behind me massaging my neck, then I felt his hand move down to my breast. I got up and walked to the door.
“Where are you going ” he asked me
“Pls can you not do this ?” I begged him
I like you Ada and I don’t want to force you but you have to cooperate with me.
“Come back here” he ordered with a voice that shook the cubicle
I walked close to him, tears rolling down my eyes. I thought coming to school meant escaping my uncle but now I’m here in front of someone else trying to do the same thing to me
He pushed me to the bed, took off my clothes and his then he laid on top of me. He didn’t give me soft kisses like my uncle, he didn’t touch me in sensitive places like my uncle did to make me feel a bit of pleasure. He just opened my legs wide and put his D into me squeezing my breasts and telling me how sweet i am.
I was in pains but he was enjoying it. I laid there crying till he finished..
” I will protect you and provide for you as long as I’m in this school, and as long as you keep coming here” he said and kissed my forehead as we stepped out of the cubicle to go back to the hostel.

To be continued


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    This is such an interesting read.

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      Thank you so much for your feedback Dennessa. I’m glad you think so

    Nice one there!

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      Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate

    I am so angry right now and both Roland and that her useless uncle!!! So sad to think that things like this actually happen on a reg!!!
    Just see how this “uncle” has taken away the innocence of Ada and instilled this useless idea that a woman is born to please a man.. smh

    As always, nice one Dodeye ❤️

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      A lot of girls grow up thinking like that.Thank You for your feedback, I appreciate as usual


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      Thank you for your feedback

    Sadly this happens to a lot of girls. Waiting for the continuation w

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    Poor Kid. Life Dealt Her A Bad Hand.

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