This year has been a major year for me, I have taken big steps. From moving out of a city i’m used to , leaving family and friends to a new place with no family and less than 3 friends.
January was hell of hectic.. I lost weight, fell out with my dad a lot because he wasn’t in support of my decision, and then I had to cater for myself without a job. I found out that life was becoming a bit unbearable as I started to lose so much weight, rarely came on social media and I was thinking a lot.
I took a bold step to change my life’s pattern so as to feel better.
These 10 things changed my life tremendously.

PRAYING : I have always prayed to God about everything right from when I was a kid, but it became more of a routine than a conscious effort and I found myself reciting prayers like a poem. I decided to start praying consciously about the things that I need, the things i’m thankful for and the things I needed God to know. I started reading devotionals and watching various sermons on YouTube, to help grow my spiritual life. Knowing that God answers prayers and that He listens to me made me feel a lot better about everything.

ACCEPTING : I am a fixer, I’ve never been of the school of thought that “something’s can’t be fixed”. It doesn’t matter what it is, I try to fix it. Trying to fix old things prevented me from getting new ones. From things, situations to people. When I started to accept that something’s are better left broken, some situations cannot be changed and some people cannot be fixed. My life took a positive new turn .

MOVING ON: This is almost the same as accepting, but this is another very important step. After accepting that I can’t fix a thing, instead of dweeling on it, I move on from it. I have also moved on from past occurrences that kept hunting me. I have moved on from people that I felt were no good for me, I have moved on from food and lifestyles that weren’t healthy for me. I decided to live a clean and peaceful life. It has changed my life drastically.

TALKING TO PEOPLE : i’m a big loner, i’m my best friend, i’m my confidant, i’m my everything. I always used to say that I don’t need people. But I decided to start talking to people about things ranging from things that excite me to things that hurt me. Talking to people helped me so much in solving most of my problems and sharing in my joy. I am where I am right now because of some people that I talked to. I have new friends now that have imparted my life positively because i decided to start talking to people. There’s a saying ” the more friends you have, the more good friends you’ll have”.

HEALING : I’ve been called “iron heart”,” stone heart” and a lot of other names which suggest i’m heartless. I had a box where I kept every feeling of hurt and pain so I don’t feel it but this year I decided to open it, feel everything and heal little by little. Not having some negative emotions hidden somewhere has helped me improve myself and my relationship with people. I’m free of prejudice , i hate everyone equally. Sorry, i mean Love. #punintended

EATING : I’ve always been an eater, food is one of the thing I don’t joke with. This year like other years I have been eating a lot and eating well. Food is a life changer.

DREAMING: I am a very content person, I don’t want too much, the little things I want are ok but this year I have been dreaming big about the things I would love to do, acquire and establish. Dreaming has made me very hardworking, focused and calculative. It has also made me very happy knowing that I will do everything I plan to.

LOVING: i’m a lover not a fighter. I have opened my heart to love in ways I have never done before. As much as it is risky, it is also very fulfilling knowing that you can love another person as much or even a little more than you love yourself.

SMILING/LAUGHING : In every situation, after giving thanks to God I smile. My student told me I look younger everyday. Smiling and laughing do this for me. I used to be infected with the bitch resting face syndrome ” but now i’m infected with the “ever smiling syndrome”.

LIVING: It is not new that we spend most of our time in life thinking about “what to do” “how to do it” “when to do it” and we don’t live in the present. I am living my life , chasing dragons in the sun and classrooms of course because my kids stress me the hell out. Living everyday and enjoying every moment . Appreciating people , food, conversations and greetings have changed my life.

Thank you for reading, I hope that you learnt a thing or two. Pls share with me the things which makes your life feel better as I am open to try new things.
With love
Dodeye ❤

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My name is Queenette Dodeye Obongha, Founder/ Curator of Dodeye's Corner. I am an Artist, Story Teller, Food/Travel enthusiast and finally "Our Mordern Day Monalisa" .


    This is good Queenie…. Love it

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      Thank you very much. I’m glad you think so

    Amazingly so motivating. It tickles to see that you’re strong enough to reveal your strengths against its weaknesses. You are a vessel of honour and never a sea shell of shame!!!! #InverseThoughts

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      Thank you very much. I’m glad you feel that way

    I applaud your sister. These are giant strides especially moving to a new city without a job, that’s a bold one.
    I thought I was the only one going through a lot of reformation.
    One of the things I’m learning to do is to stop being hard on myself coz I’m my number one problem.
    Well, you do almost everything already that I do to make my life better. I pray that God continues to strengthen us to be the women we’re supposed to be

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      God will strengthen us sister. I’m sure

    I really do enjoy reading your post. Keep being awesome dodeye.

    From an admirer.

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      Thank you very much for reading and leaving a comment. I really appreciate

    I find myself in this exact position.i had to make up my mind,cos its either i go hard or I go home but I chose to stick to the glad i came across this would really be of help to me.May God help us all live a life we will be proud of in the end.

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      We will live a life we are proud us. God will strengthen us. Amen sister

    Alicia and queenette,comment ur cities.we could grab a drink together and catch up on old time!

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      I’m in Portharcourt, Alicia is in Abuja. We’ve missed you

    How are you so inspiring 😭

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      Haha. I’m glad i could inspire you. Thank you so much b

    Like I have said before strength in character is what I admire the most about you, I love to come this corner every once in a while cuz it can be edifying. Trust God baby girl and you’ll do just fine,for me I’m open to new and I don’t believe in regrets or mistakes just lessons learnt and things never to be repeated. Good friends will make life a much better place too. Loads of love.

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      Thank you so much D.

    Dodeye this is a lovely piece… To think I interviewed u earlier this year for a job and now getting inspired by u… Thanks is all I got to say.

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      Thank you so much. I really appreciate this.

    I’m happy about the changes! Well-done b.

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      Thanks Fifs

    I saw food sha… I get every other thing but the food got me first! So… As long as there’s food, I’m fine mehn…

    Nice one B.

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      Lol. God help you and food

    nice post. how did you parents take your moving out, cos i know parents can be “somehow” at times.

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      Very hard. Very very hard that I’m back now

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