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I had already prepared to take some days off from the authorities, telling them I won’t be able to attend the cultural day. It was the same day as my dad’s programme. Good for me or bad for me, the cultural day was moved a week ahead, it was impromptu and I hadn’t even planned on what to sew, wear or anything. I told the girls in my group to make Bantu knots and sew oyonyon so I figured.. well, I have to do same.

I ran to my tailor, God bless her soul and told her I do not have time, a style or fabric for oyonyon. Cos people usually use pretty laces. I gave her my Ankara fabric and told her to use that, gave her a little description of what I want and pleaded with her to get it ready on Friday.. this was Tuesday.

She called me saying she wants to add another fabric and just use my whole 3yards for the gathers so that I can loosen it and sew something else when I’m done. And YASSSS! I was excited cos where am I wearing oyonyon to again?
Ladies and gentlemen I went to size my gown and I fell in love. Just look at me, I never “expererit”

Then my Bantu knots and makeup by @pritiesarah on ig just made me look perfect.
I’m not even joking when I say I got a lot of people asking for selfies, now I know how celebrities feel. I didn’t carry my permanent maker to sign autographs.

Thank you for reading
Will you ever try this look? What do you think? Is it traditional enough?

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    My mom always says fashion is inborn and Yes. You look so struggleless 😂, extremely gorgeous. You ROCK

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      Thank you so much for your feedback. I appreciate it

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