This year has been fast or maybe I’ve been too busy to visit as many restaurants as I used to. Hopefully, I’ll visit more and review more.
I decided to spice one of my Saturdays up by having lunch at the popular and somewhat new “Native Tray Restaurant ” located at No 1A Onne road, Gra phase 2 Port Harcourt. It is a bit hidden so you need to look out properly to find the place. I was expecting a lot from this place because I had seen a lot of reviews and pictures of the restaurant online before I decided to visit.

You know those houses that look funny outside but really good inside? Yea!! This is one of that kind. I was a bit disappointed till I got inside and noticed the nice African setup-decorations, the artworks, and the furniture that gave it a nice African look.
The food menu was really interesting as it had a variety of dishes from different states in Nigeria and a few intercontinental too. I settled for “fufu and “Affang soup” while my friends had “Ukwa” and “Fried yam with Prawns”. The food took 30-45 mins to arrive but I spent my time playing the “Ayo” game.

The meals were served in a native calabash except for the fried yam and prawns which was served in a flat ceramic plate. I enjoyed my food even if the fufu didn’t have any odor and that is something I love. I tasted Ukwa for the first time and I just might order it as my own meal next time. I totally loved the prawns and I must say it was my favorite thing that day.

In summary, I had a good experience but I would have preferred it if the exterior surroundings looked half as good as the interior. The drinks menu too should be looked at and improved on. Finally, the time for food preparation should be shorter so someone doesn’t die of hunger.

Will you visit Native Tray when you visit Ph? Have you been there? Pls share your experience

Video review has been posted on my Youtube channel. CLICK HERE to watch.

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    Will it visit it when I visit PH? Depend on if it costs a fortune or not.

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      I forgot to add the price range on my blog. But if you watch the video on YouTube. You’ll see that it’s fairly priced. Thank you for reading

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