MONDAY : Monday’s are work days but you are in Portharcourt and you want to have a little bit of fun and see the city. P.s Portharcourt people like fun so you can’t go anywhere and meet it empty ..

  PORTHARCOUT MALL: This is located at Lagos street Old Gra. I picked this as the first place to visit because it’s fun and there are a lot of things to do.. From getting groceries for the rest of your stay, to meeting people (who knows? You can get a companion for the rest of your stay) you can see a movie at the filmhouse. and then before you leave you can have dinner at ..

THE SPICE ROUTE in the same building.. It’s an Indian Restaurant , very affordable, beautiful with amazing service .

TUESDAY: Another workday but remember we are in Portharcourt? Where people don’t care what day it is to have fun.. 

BOLEKING: This is located at No 10a street Woji. So, Portharcourt is the headquarters of bole and it will be pathetic to visit and not get a taste of bole, where else but the “king”? This can be done in the afternoon as you still have to go to 

THE BOSS LOUNGE in the evening.. Located at no 86 woji road. If you want a little bit of alcohol, nice music , some fish, chicken wings, Suya etc .. Just an evening chill with friends or the companion you got from spar.. This is your “go to” place. Dj is lit, things are moderately priced.. You’re sure to meet a lot of people as they usually have a crowd . 

P.s they have a club inside but I’ve never been there , you can try that too.. It’s open everyday. 

WEDNESDAY: So today we have to satisfy your sugar and junk cravings.. If you’re like me then you’ll love today.. 

PIAZZA: Located at Tombia street Gra. You have to try that pizza before you leave portharcourt , even if it’s a bit on the high side, I assure you, you are spending your money wisely, it’s a nice and quiet place with amazing service so you can chill here for a bit. Then stop by at ..

SWEET TOOTH CONFECTIONERIES before you head home  , still on Tombia street Gra .. I haven’t had any ice cream that tastes better in Portharcourt , you can try their cakes too. Take “Malaga” flavor pls, it’s my favorite . 

THURSDAY : Your trip won’t be complete till you visit..

KODE9 : located at MummyB road. They have the best sharwama and burger in ph.. You must try it.. You can go there in the evening.. After eating you can go upstairs where they have a lounge, in there, you can drink, do shisha, play games, dance etc.. 

FRIDAY: TGIF 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻, let’s go and have some fun.. Even if you plan on going to the club pls pls pls, before you go visit 

DE OFFICE: located at 8 Tombia street Gra phase 2.. It’s a karaoke lounge, even if you can’t sing , you want to listen to other people sing.. It’s super super fun.. Then their food OMG!! You must try their food. The snails especially, with chips and coleslaw.. Thank me later . 

SATURDAY: The week is almost over and by now we have experienced Portharcourt to a certain level but you can’t go without visiting…. 

GENESIS CENTRE: This is located at 39 Tombia street Gra phase 2. They have a cinema where you can watch amazing movies, they have very nice pastries, a fast food point too. So, today I’ll advise you see a movie and then visit the.. 

GENESIS SKY BAR: which is in the same building on the last floor… The view is amazing, the food, the cocktails.. You’ll meet a lot of people here too..

SUNDAY: one week is over already? #imcrying . I had so much fun. I’m sure you did too. What better way to end the week than going for a buffet at 

12:11 RESTURANT/BAR AND GRILL: Located at 43 apara road Gra. They  have this awesome buffet on Sunday’s for just 4K per head. Their food is amazing trust me… Nicely and beautifully served too… 

Thank you so much for allowing me take you on a tour round Portharcourt . I hope you had fun? Your feedbacks will be appreciated. Thank you 

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My name is Queenette Dodeye Obongha, Founder/ Curator of Dodeye's Corner. I am an Artist, Story Teller, Food/Travel enthusiast and finally "Our Mordern Day Monalisa" .

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    Look who made portharcourt sound like fun itself. Genesis centre and sweet tooth pastries are my current favorite places in portharcourt now all thanks to your recommendation 🤓🤓🤓

      Thanks so much… I appreciate ❤️❤️

    I already feel like spending a week in port harcourt just to visit these places😃 Nicely written👌🏾

      Awwwn. Thank you for your feedback .. I appreciate

    So proud of u girl,amazing👏🏾

      Thank you so much.. I appreciate your feedback .. Thank you

    So proud of u girl,amazing👏🏾

    Wow amazing👏🏾So proud of u girl keep it up👌

    Nice trip already inside my phone.
    Great places to have fun.
    But can you also add a nice place where you can on sunday, worship and thank God for the trip?
    Yea…even God appreciates too.
    Good job all the same.

      Thank you. I’m glad it’ll help you on your next visit.. I’ll keep your suggestion in mind. Thanks

    […] Dodeye […]

    Traveling to PH next month..Thanks for this .

      You are welcome

    It’s the holidays and my friends and I definitely have our outing plan laid out thanks to dodeye😘. I heard of the blog and I said I must stop by and it’s been really inspiring. Although I’m young but I’m sure with all I found here I’ll be bossing the globe. Nice one. Finally someone who fits d yagi code 😂. Much love from your biggest crush and admirer, Zinee

      Avatar photo

      Thank you so much for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m not sure what yagi code is but Thank you still…

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