So this has been an argument for a long time and I just want to put it out there again.. Let’s discuss 
Going Dutch” is a term that indicates that each person participating in a group activity pays for himself, rather than any person paying for anyone else, particularly in a restaurant bill. It is also called Dutch date, Dutchtreat (the oldest form) and “doing Dutch”.

So, in Nigeria this seems like a no no especially when a girl is out with a guy.. I’ve noticed when girls go out together, they split the bills even if only one of them orchestrated the outing.. 

Personally, I always feel the need to pay for my friends especially when I literally dragged them out..  Now, over to the boy/girl date… So let me create a scenario.. You meet this boy over the Internet or somewhere and somehow you two exchanged numbers..

You start to talk , you like him but you’re not sure you want to go on a date just yet.. He keeps asking you out on a date and then you almost reluctantly decide to oblige… You go on the date and after the date, he asks that you two split the bills. What will be your reaction? 

I do not leave my house if I don’t have enough money to pay for my meal and to transport myself back to my house.. I heard a lot of stories about boys leaving girls on dates while growing up, even if I carefully choose the kind of people I hang with, you can’t be too sure.. 

Back to the matter. I do not like drama of any sort so I’ll pay for my meal, go home and block him from my contacts.

Why will I block him? Apart from the fact that it’ll make everything awkward after that, we are not that cool, I did not want to go on the date, you begged me to.. It is good manners to pay and if a man lacks good manners, we can’t be friends.

It’s funny how men always come up with the “equality” line after this kind of behavior. Equality doesn’t only apply  to splitting bills , make women feel equal in other ways. With the way the world is now and how being romantic and a gentleman is almost outdated. The least you can do is “offer to pay for her meal”

I have male friends that I go out with and pay for their stuff.. Movie dates, food dates whatever. Most times I didn’t even want to go but because we are cool, I’ll agree to go Dutch or pay for the whole thing… 

Imagine you take the girl to a place way above her budget,that she will normally not take herself. And ask that you two split the bills? A black book is little compared to where she will write your name.Sometimes don’t do it because “WoKE” Twitter said so. I assure you they are not doing it. If it must happen, please discuss it prior to the date.. 

What are your thoughts about going Dutch? Girls do you mind? Boys do you feel cheated?