Merry Christmas guys This Xmas doesn’t seem as Christmassy as the past years. Or maybe it’s just me.. 

To the business of today 

So, something happened this morning and it made me think about my relationship with my siblings… I can’t think of anyone I love more than them and anyone that annoys me more… 

 Since I got back for the Christmas holiday, I’ve been learning to twerk, watching videos and practicing.. I’m a girl, I should know how to twerk right? So, every kind of music has become A twerking music… ( rock, blues, reggae , soul) because consistency is key yea?

  In my head, I’ve learnt some moves and I’m now comfortable doing it around people, so my siblings were watching a music channel and I walked to the parlor like a queen and bent in the middle, setting my twerk hands and I started moving my waist and looking at both their faces to see their reaction.. 

  Just when I was vibing into it and even twerking down to the ground to try some skills I learnt.. My brother spoke

 ” Queenette, it’s your back that is shaking ooo” I’m truly hurt and I hate that he’s not supportive,or maybe he’s just brutally honest, maybe he didn’t know I’ve been practicing in my room.. Now I think I’ve given up.. 

do I love him any less? No.. Do I hate him any less ? No.. 

Siblings relationship is a love hate relationship.. 

Do you agree? 

What is your relationship with your siblings like? 

Pls drop as a comment