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Hi guys, noticed I’m trying my best to give you content this year? I’ll continue in this pace I promise. Before we get to the business of the day. I want to thank you so much for clicking on the link. I really Appreciate.

I visited south 66 ph on a Sunday Cos google said it was their peak day and I’ve noticed restaurants always act their best on their peak days. It was a good experience but I’ll give then 40% . Continue reading to know why …

This dress gave me life

LOCATION: No 66 Evo road Gra phase 2 Port harcourt. It’s very easy to locate.

DECORATION/AMBIANCE: I think they were aiming for a bistro setting but got confused in between and ended up with a restaurant setup. The decorations are simple, nothing too catchy. it’s really not a picturesque environment, i had to step outside to take photos, the light inside is too dim. I had a problem with the fact that the tiolet is so close to where people eat, very unhealthy.

Inside the Restaurant. Had to edit the picture so it’ll look bright.

FOOD: The best and only thing I enjoyed is the taste of their food. I had plantain and Banging prawns with chapman while my date had South special fried rice and Turkey with infused water. I’m not sure what spices they used but I’ll believe if they said it was sent from heaven. I ate my food and my dates food “as usual” and I have no complain about how it tasted BUT the quantity of the food was so annoying. Guys!!! I almost cried , everything was so small, the most annoying part is I asked the girl that served me if one portion will satisfy an adult and she affirmed before taking my order . If you happen to visit , get 2 portions of everything.

Food was so small

PRICE: The food is moderately priced but quantity is too small. I’ve had better quantity of food in better restaurants. The prices are below
Infused water- 700 Naira
Champán -1000 Naira
Banging prawns 2500 Naira
plantain -400 Naira
South special fried rice – 800 Naira
Turkey- 1500 Naira

Banging Prawns and plantain
South special fried rice and Turkey
infuse water and champán

SERVICE: The service was fair, most of the people serving looked confused and they were moving from place to place trying to fix things so the restaurant was rowdy. They had their music cable crossed by the door and a customer almost fell.

Have you ever visited south 66 port harcourt. Are you a quality or quantity person? Pls drop your feedbacks as a comment. Thank you

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    I’ve been here… They wasted do much time to get me my burger and the second order wasn’t ready.. I just took my burger and left. Didn’t wait for the other stuff I ordered. The place is a bit dark inside do cameras can’t capture their best in there… It’s not so spacious and I don’t know what to rate them sef… But I won’t go back anytime soon…

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      They need to change a lot of things and step up

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      They need a revamp

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