It was the morning of valentine’s day and I was struggling to put myself together and head to the office. For the past 3 valentine’s I have had bad experiences and I was really looking forward to this year’s hoping it will be better.

I haven’t been in a relationship for about a year, my friends say I’m too selective but I think I should ‎be considering what I have gone through in the past.

I’ve had a lot of people on my case and I just wanted to leave my self open so I can atleast get a lot of gifts from admirers and toasters.

I went to work dressed in a ‎navy blue trouser suit that cupped my ass nicely and flattered my sumptious b***s. I wasn’t my self the whole day, I wasn’t in the mood to do any work, I just needed love, I needed affection, to be held, kissed, massaged and told sweet nothings.


” Dodeye, what’s up with your guys now” Sandra asked me

” which guys?” I asked her back

“all those guys in your dm even the ones that come to pick you up” she said ” it’s almost lunch time and I haven’t seen any gifts on your table o ‎” she added

” The day is not over yet Sandra, allow me to work pls, I don’t care about valentine’s day, love should be shown everyday ” I said almost chewing my words

” ok o, you’re one of the hottest girls in this office, even ijeoma has gotten 2 cakes and a hamper ” she said whispering

” what will cake do for me, Sandra pls work and eat your own gifts, allow me” I told her and got up moving to the toilet

As I got to the toilet, I couldn’t hold back my tears. Every body in the office had gifts except me, was I that ugly? Not lovable? Is it a generational curse? Did my grand parents offend the gods of love? I tried to clean my face and hide my tears before stepping out of the toilet.

I’m sorry Dodeye my boss said as he hit me on my way out of the door, ” it’s fine sir ” I replied ‎and looked at his face forcing a smile. Happy valentine’s day he said smiling ” thank you, wish you same sir ” I replied smilling. He was the first and only person that had wished me a happy valentine’s day.

I decided to stay at work longer than usual. It was 7.30 pm and I didn’t feel like going home. I didn’t want to go home and lay down in bed feeling worthless. The love stories on people’s social media gave me a hard time feeling good.

“Why are you still at work Dodeye? On a day like this” my boss asked me .


” I am trying to round up with the proposals so I can send them tomorrow” I answered him ‎ trying so hard not to look at his face

Tell me the truth Dee ” he said walking towards me.
I couldn’t hold back my tears, I started crying.. “stop this Dee, stop it” he pleaded patting my back. ” tell me everything” he requested.

” I was really hoping this valentine will be different” I said. I’ve never had a proper valentine’s day. My first boyfriend did a prank breakup that ended up as a real one and then I caught my second boyfriend with a girl in his house when I went to suprise him. Last year’s valentine’s day was just uneventful. I decided not to be in a relationship so at least I get love from different people but I haven’t even gotten a cake, not even One cake ” I said in between sobs .

” let’s go and get you a cake and anything else you want Dee, I’ll try my best to make this valentine your best yet” he said and got up.

I smiled and started arranging my table, ‎I adjusted my makeup and sat down on my chair waiting for him to come out of his office.

The thought of both of us spending valentine’s day together was weird to me cos since he divorced his wife three years ago, I’d never seen any lady come to check on him and anytime we had conversations, he always had something horrible to say about women.

” Shall we? ” I heard him ask and I replied ” we shall” then got up and walked towards him. When we got into his car, he asked me to play any music of my choice.. I played some cold play and the script songs.

” I love your music choice ” he said breaking the silence. “Thank you” I replied smiling, ” no one ever likes my music choice” I added. ” a lot of people don’t have great taste ” he said and that made a lot of sense to me.

He parked in front of cake haven and went inside, I was seated in the car waiting for him feeling some weird excitement inside, I can’t explain. After a while, he came out with a big cake and handed it over to me, when I opened it, I started laughing and he joined. The inscriptions were ” happy valentine’s day cry baby”.

We drove to a gift shop and he went inside, he came out with a big hamper that looked like it had everything in it then he asked me to close my eyes. I felt him bring something close to my nose and when I opened my eyes, I saw a bouquet of lilies. I screamed so loudly, I was suprised too. Lilies are my favourite. ” how did you know I love lilies?” I asked him. ” angels love white” he replied. I was so excited, I could go to bed now feeling awesome

Next stop was a restaurant, one of my fave. I started thinking maybe we liked the same things. He came out in less than 5mins and I was suprised. ” how did your order get ready immediately” I asked him ” oh I called to order when I went into my office ” he said. “Really? I asked him “but you didn’t ask me what I wanted” ‎I added

” Don’t worry, you’ll like what I got you” he said and we drove to his house ‎.

His house looked really good for a 39yr old divorcee, very well kept, clean and organized. He didn’t have a lot of domestic staff around so it meant he did most things on his own ‎. Quite strange for someone as wealthy as him.

The security guy brought in the cake and hamper and I held on to my flowers like my life depended on it. ‎He set the dinning and called me to come over, when I got there, I saw my fav meal on the table. ” how did you know I love chips and prawns, with ketchup poured allover” I asked him filled with shock ” eat your food dee” he said passing a cutlery to me “I know a lot about you” he added

I wasn’t sure how to feel, it was flattering but in a creepy way. He told me, he divorced his wife cos she kept travelling with a boy to dubai anytime she goes to buy stuff for her boutique. ‎He said he tried to forgive her a couple of times but she didn’t stop and then she told him she loved the boy.

We talked about work, music, Internet, restaurants, food, travel destinations, clothes, people, things. Everything!! We had a slice of cake, drank a bottle of wine and then he ushered me into the room to shower and freshen up. It was 11.30 pm. Too late to start going home.

His room was so cold and it looked very attractive, he gave me and big shirt and towel then showed me the bathroom. I had my bath and everything seemed sureal. I was in my bosses bathroom, I spent valentine’s day with him. I couldn’t wait to give Sandra all the details of my valentine and laugh at her .

I was so shy to step out of the bathroom, mostly because, I wasn’t wearing panties. When I stepped into the room, I could see his eyes fixated on my b***s

and it sent wild shivers down my spine. I walked to the bed and laid down while he went into the bathroom to shower

He ‎ stepped out of the bathroom wearing briefs and a white tee shirt. Omg!! His body was a killer. His legs were so toned, it looked like it was chiseled to perfection by a craftsman. I couldn’t stop staring. His work clothes just had a way of hiding all his sexiness .

I hope you had a good day” he said to me as he adjusted himself close to me inside the duvet. ” it’s my best valentine’s day yet” I told him feeling really shy and a bit uncomfortable.

” calm down” he said ” the day isn’t over yet” he added as he drew me closer to him, our eyes locked on each other.

‎He cupped my cheeks and lowered his luscious lips into mine, I tried to resist but I found myself responding to his kiss as I sucked on his lips and opened my mouth to give his tongue entrance.

The feel of his tongue tasting mine, his smell, his touch. Nothing else mattered at that moment. It graduated from a soft and romantic kiss to a passionate and erotic kiss. I felt my nipples get hard and I could feel his chocolate rod grow.

He moved his hand to my ass squeezing it passionately with one hand and the other hand touching my face. I turned and laid face up on the bed and he came on top of me.. his lips left mine, he kissed my cheeks, neck and I felt his hand raising up my shirt. For a moment I was stiff and all I wanted was to have him inside of me, my whole body responded to his touch in a way it had never done before.

My fingers tightened in his hair as I pushed against his hard D that kept piercing my thighs, looking for a wet paradise to slide into. His fingers moved from the curve of my waist down between my legs, I moaned as he inserted two fingers inside me, the moan turned to whimpers as he pumped them in and out.

His lips found its way to my breast then closed around my left nipple. I released a cry of pleasure as the feel of his wet tongue and lips on my nipples sent sweet sensations to my honey pot. ” you don’t know how long I’ve wanted this” he whispered using his other hand to fondle my right breast also moving his waist with the pace of his fingers in my V. I was panting, my fingers digging deep into his back, he increased the pace of his fingers and sucked my nipples with so much skill and passion , I felt my soul almost leaving my body.

‎” come inside me” I pleaded as I reached for his rod, it was so hard and smooth, I rubbed it up and down and I couldn’t wait to have it inside me, the veins were so thick I could feel them with my hands. He removed his fingers from inside me gently and rubbed my juices on my clits in circles still sucking my b***s, I started trembling, shaking like I had been electrocuted then I opened my legs wider to give him access, as he gently slid his D into me Moving it up and down until it was soaked with my juice.

His D filled up my V, my juices dripping as he rode me, he held my hips moving it in a rhythm t‎hat was neither slow nor fast, I was having the time of my life. He lowered his head and started licking my hard swollen nipples. I moved my waist in circles, massaging his rod and tightening my grip of it , he lowered his hand and started rubbing my clits with force, the sensation blew my head and I screamed. He increased his pace, hitting me like an angry bull.

Our voices reaching every part of the room, he pinned my hands down and kept going in a out of me with force, my b***s recklessly flying all over the place. I felt him swell even thicker inside me and then he gave one last hard trust before I felt his hot release inside me.

I held him tightly and he kept breathing hard on my chest. He shifted me to the side and we cuddled in the spoon position. His hand found its way to my b***s and he kept squeezing it, my ass on his d, I felt it pulsate and I started rubbing my ass on it.

He lifted my ass up as he slid in gently into me, his hands not leaving my b***s, he began stroking in and out of me slowly, I could feel every bit of him… we let out soft moans from time to time as we kept moving in uniform pace then he lifted my legs and went deep into me, I could feel him in my throat.. he hit me with hard trust, I felt my brain bursting out of my head, just when I was about to climax.. he lifted me and I sat on his face.

The feel of his tongue on my clits sent me to paradise.. he licked every bit of juice his lips could touch and then he reached for my nipples and squeezed it so hard, I lost control of my self as I kept shaking uncontrollably, releasing all my juices on his face and into his mouth, he held my hips down and licked everybit of it. Then he brought me down, kissed me, said good night and cuddled me to sleep. I couldn’t speak or move. My whole body was numb as I laid there and let sleep take me away.

You don’t have to come to work today” he said as he dropped me at my house the next morning ” there’s a suprise in the hamper” he added and drove off


I went into the house and jumped on the bed, I couldn’t believe myself . Then I rushed to the hamper, pushing all the goodies aside and then I found an envelope with a kiss at the back. I kissed it and opened it, removing the letter.

” I’ve wanted you for as long as I can remember, I’ve practically stalked your social media for so long and I don’t want to stalk you anymore Dee. Yesterday was the best day of my life and I want that everyday. Will you be my girlfriend Dodeye ?” tears escaped my eyes as I read it .


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    Follow your heart…it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try, you never know, he might be the bus stop. If you love how you feel with him and it’s not just the s*x then let him know “ you are giving it a try”.

      Avatar photo

      Thank you for your reply Ekanem. I will give it a try. Let’s see what comes out of it

    This is the sweetest thing ever, I feel you should do as it pleases you, no love is right or wrong, it’s just the person.
    On a lighter note, i wish i had anything close to this

      Avatar photo

      Thank you Fiona. No love is right or wrong. I hope next year will be as good as this or more for you

    Well,this is what you’ve always wanted right? A man that will blow your mind in every aspect. Here he is,so why waste time? He’s asked you out. Best option is to oblige.

      Avatar photo

      Always always. I agree with you Ash, I’ll oblige

    Follow your heart dear, height be everything you ever dreamed of. (PS is this a true life story or fiction?)

      Avatar photo

      Thank you for your feedback dear. All my stories are fiction hun

    You really should give it a try hunnie

      Avatar photo

      OK hun.

    Go for it girl!!!

      Avatar photo

      OK dear

    Well follow ur heart… Our decisions could be Ryt or wrong who knows…. Well he’s a lucky dude tho😂

      Avatar photo

      Sure thing

    One word- PULSATING

      Avatar photo

      Thank you for your comment ❤️

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