I sent Uncle Stephen a Dm, I wanted to find out something I saw on his timeline. He was really nice to me, after telling me what I needed to know, we started chatting. I found out we stayed in different cities, he lives in Lagos while I live in Port Harcourt. I read his threads and the way he described himself sexually intrigued me.
I was going to visit Lagos soon, so I kept the conversation going. I was a bit scared cos he’s a twitter celeb and our business might come out in the open but there’s no harm in trying yea?
We talked every day and the conversations were really smooth, his sense of humour and ability to hold a good conversation made me crave him more; I couldn’t wait to see him and get to experience the amazing things he did to the girls in the stories. He didn’t stop telling me how pretty I looked in my pictures and how he couldn’t wait to meet me in person. I couldn’t wait to meet him too.
Immediately I got to Lagos airport, I grinned from ear to ear. I had a meeting till 5pm so I told Stephen to meet me up at my hotel by 8pm, he insisted I come over to his house, talking about masculinity and all but I made him understand that hotel spices things up, I also had complimentary food, wine etc. so it’ll be fun. He agreed.
I wore a pink silky short and singlet, watching big brother and waiting for my man. When I heard a knock on the door, I flew out of the bed, adjusted my singlet to reveal a little cleavage. As I opened the door, it was room service; I was disappointed, got what they brought and went back inside. I already dropped his name at the reception, I didn’t want them to call me and tell me he’s around.
Another knock on the door and I was sure it was him, this time I straightened the bed, got up slowly, walked to the door and opened it with a large smile. His eyes like diamond, piercing deep into my soul. I asked him to come in and we went in together.

“You look way better in person, pictures don’t do you justice” He said to me
“I think you look better in person too” I replied feeling a bit shy
He came close to me and started rubbing my thighs slowly, telling me what happened on his way to me and how he really wanted me to stay over at his house for the weekend.
“I will come another time and I’ll stay at yours” I told him, “you know I’m here for business” I added.
I offered him wine and we both sipped slowly, talking about the different characters on big brother, laughing and falling on each other.
Do you need the light? I asked him in between laughter
No, you can turn it off. He replied
As I got up to turn off the light, I flung my waist from side to side, making sure he saw every bit of my curve. I winked at him before I turned off the light.
I walked back to the bed and sat beside him, I noticed him coming closer to me, so I collected his glass and kept it by the side, looking into his eyes and asking him questions I had asked before.
I could feel the tension in the air; our legs brushing each other inside the duvet, his left hand was on my skin rubbing me slowly.
“I heard milk does the body good, how much have you been drinking?” He asked me
“I’m about to drink some now” I said and placed my lips on his.
His lips held mine and we started kissing so deeply, his lips tasted so good and I was already imagining how good his D in mine would feel.
We kissed for what seemed like hours.
“How can a man’s lips taste so good?” I kept asking myself
He took off my top and encompassed my b***s in his hands, fondling it with so much care. His hands so smooth, I started seeing stars.

I couldn’t wait and so I pulled his shirt and started nibbling on his nipples, blowing some air on it at intervals. I could feel him vibrating; it showed he loved what I was doing.
As I was about to pull his trousers, he held my hand and pushed me to the bed, removed my shorts and hung my legs over his shoulder. He started eating me out like I was his favorite meal, it felt too good to be real, his hands didn’t leave my nipples, I wanted him inside of me. I was screaming and calling him all sorts of names.
“My Lion King” “Simba” “ Mbaku” “Eater and Finisher” “my Zaddy “ “Champion lover “ “Kill me today and take me to your kingdom” the more I called him names , the better I felt cos he put more effort, he sucked on my clit like he was struggling to take the last drop of juice in it. The hair on my skin and body were standing at attention, saluting him for the wonders he was doing. He pulled his shorts and my honey pot was warm, waiting to envelop him in me, to feel his manhood, his strength, his power.
He tilted up, brought his lips close to mine and started kissing me, I was gone. He moved down and put my breast into his mouth, sucking on it and fondling the other one with his hand, and then I felt his finger go into my V, I wasn’t understanding. Does my nigga have 3 hands? How can he be holding my neck with one, fondling my nipple with one and fingering me with one? That was when it hit me? Could that be his magic stick? I shook my head, no it can’t be. He was going in and out, moving his body, calling m names I’ve never heard before, telling me how he can die right now because it’s impossible for anything to heighten what he was feeling. As I looked down and realized it was his D, disappointment, pain and anger hit me then I heard his scream “Dodeye, you’re making me cum, I’m cumin , I’m cuminnnnnnnnnnn” I laid down there dumbfounded as I felt something like a rain drop fall inside me. “Even sperm, this one doesn’t have too” I asked myself.

He fell on the bed and was breathing hard like he just finished pushing a trailer. I got up and went into the bathroom, laid in the bath tub disappointed with teary eyes. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.
“Uncle Stephen, I have a meeting now and I’ll like for you to go” I said immediately I walked into the room
“Meeting? But I thought you said we were going to spend the night together?” He asked me
“I said that before but right now I am saying I have a meeting and you should leave” I told him
“I can’t wait till you come back so we can have another round of all that magic” he said still very comfortable on the bed
Uncle Stephen jumped up from the bed and started wearing his clothes; all I was feeling at that point was disgust. I couldn’t sleep in that condition. I picked up my phone and sent someone a message.
“Hi Tunde, I am in Lagos, can you come to my hotel tonight?”
“yes I can and I will Dodeye” he replied
Uncle Stephen has been calling me but I’m not sure what to tell him. I hope he reads this story.


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    Omg!!! Amazing….

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      Thank you so much J

    Lmfaoooooooooo *eater and finisher of the p***y*
    You have killed me Dodeye 😂😂😂😂

    This is the best I’ve read so far!!!!!! Oh my days!! I’m actually crying with laughter right now 😩😩😩😩 you are goooood!!

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      Lol… I’m glad you like it Naz❤️


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      Thank you

    Uncle stephen little finger😂😂😂😂

    Lol. Is this for real?

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      As real as it can get

    You ehn, will never stop to amaze me, big ups to your work, I’ve always been your fan from day one on twitter, my fav spanish teacher.
    Franny loves you.

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      Thank you so much… I appreciate

    Is this a real life story

    Brilliant piece🖒🏾🖒🏾

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