Dodeye are you not coming out for the carnival? Derik asked me from the other side of the phone.  No o I’m not, what am I coming to do there? The crowd and all, you know I hate people. I replied. You’re very funny he said laughing, I want to see you, I want to watch the carnival with you he said with his really sexy voice. Okay, I’ll come if there will be somewhere I can rest from time to time. I don’t want stress I answered him. That’s not a problem now, I’m lodging at that hotel beside jasper, I think it’s called freeman he told me. Yay, that’s an awesome location, let me start getting ready I told him already looking at my wardrobe.
     I met Derik in the club at Enugu when I went for Blessings convocation, he walked in with his friends and they sat at the table opposite ours, they waved and the others waved back but I just pulled my phone from my bag cos I heard it beep…. hey, if you want to fiddle with your phone all night, you should stay home, don’t you think? I heard a vioce asking , looking up I saw a slim, chocolate complexion, tall , almost too handsome guy looking down at me… I don’t understand how what I choose to do is a problem to you I replied and continued with my phone.  Please can you dance with me? He said with his voice which was husky and fruity at the same time. It made me smile, I just looked up and said “sure”
    My friends were looking so astonished, I just smiled at them, Derik help my hand to the dance floor.. he had so much happiness in his eyes ,It made me happy too, when we got to a comfortable spot, he held my waist and I placed my hands on his shoulder. I’m Derik, sorry I didn’t mention since he said looking deep into my eyes. I’m Dodeye I replied looking in his eyes too. . We talked about a lot, he told me about Enugu and the girls, he told me about his colleague at work and how she thinks she’s a fashion forward lady, he told me the story behind one of his friends beard, he told me how he hates the name “calabar ” he told me how he hates guys that hit girls. I told him about how small calabar is, how calabar boys think, how my lecturer wants to hit “it”, I told him about carnival and how I prefer to watch it from the house. Just then the dj played “duro” and just like a kid he started dancing seriously and singing too like he was performing for me, it was so amazing how happy he looked while doing it, I couldn’t stop smiling. Then our driver came and we had to leave, he got my number and gave me a peck on my left cheek .
      Please what is your room number, I’m almost there I messaged Derik , ill come outside and get you, just call me when you’re there he replied. …… Omg Dodeye, you look so beautiful and you’ve put on some weight he said and hugged me. Thankyou, its the festive season, I’ve been eating plenty na I answered, you look good too I added.  Let’s go inside he said holding my hands and walking up to the room…..
     This is an amazing location o Derik I said really excited looking out of the window, come and take a look, I can see everything from here I added signaling him to come. He came,held my waist and replied ” I’m glad you like it ” ill watch you while you watch the carnival he added. No o please I don’t want that kind of deep talk this afternoon I answered laughing and he joined..
    I’m tired of watching please, let’s do something fun I said grinning, what do you have in mind he asked. nothing I replied. You? I asked, let’s have a threesome he said jokingly.” 2 boys” I said fast  as if I was expecting him to say “2 girls ” . Call your friend I added. I was just joking Dodeye he said laughing, but I’m serious I answered.
     His friend came into the room smiling like he just won a huge sum of money, Derik didn’t look  happy at all, I’m sure he didn’t like the idea . So how do we start his friend said looking at both of us. Guy calm down now Derik shouted at him. I got up from where I was sitting, put off the TV and the light, it was almost 7pm so the room was relatively dark…
    Derik and his friend pulled off their shirts and laid on the bed like I asked them to, I played  ” ill make love to you ” by Boyz II Men  with my phone and started dancing slowly while removing my 2piece skirt and croptop… the way the boys focused on me was so exciting, it made me dance more and wish a pole was in the room. I climbed the bed and helped Derik and his friend pull their trousers, Derik was wearing a grey breif, it looked so good on him and showed the shape of his D really clearly. I just wanted to dig my hand into it and feel every bit of it in my throat while his friend wore a colorful boxer…..
      Derik was kissing me and playing with my b***s while his friend was using his lips and tongue to tickle my clits, it was amazing to feel all three at once.. it felt too good,  Derik took my hand down to his D and I started stroking it gently, his friend seeing I was touching Deriks D turned to the 69 position pushing Derik to the side. Derik  got a condom from the drawer and put it on, when his friend saw him approaching he lifted up his head and let him slide in then he started hitting me so hard while his friend turned facing me and squeezing my b***s with his D still in my mouth, everything was happening at once and I was feeling in a way I can’t explain like I wanted to explode. The way Derik was hitting me in spots I’ve never been hit was just so amazing, the way his friend used his fingers and palms to work on my b***s made me forget things I normally wouldn’t, the way he was hitting his D in my mouth it so deep it was almost reaching my  gullet was an experience ill never forget . The sounds they were both making like it was a competition of the  loudest mourner made me scared the people outside would hear… just as my lower abdomen began to squeeze and a loud scream escaped from my lips, Derik held my knees so tightly while his friends waist started shaking uncontrollably … the next thing we all screamed so loudly and fell on the bed…  With Derik by my right hand side and his friend by my left we just started laughing so hard… This is the best carnival ever I said still laughing..

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