I was looking for the perfect outfit to wear to Francis house, he told me his brother just returned from the UK and he wants us to meet. Francis is a new friend , met him at Transcorp when I went to have lunch with biwom two months ago. He’s sweet, sexy and really exciting. We’ve grown really fond of each other but he’s still a friend. Lol
  Dodeye, meet my brother George, George meet Dodeye, the girl I told you about. Francis said. As I raised up my head to look at the face of the boy who had stretched out his hand to receive a handshake , his face looked so familiar and everything just became so clear.
I had just finished writing exams and decided to spend the night with my friends in the hostel. At about 11pm when we were preparing to sleep after gisting and sharing our plans for the holidays, one  of my friends received an invitation to the club. Everybody was so excited and started dressing up , I thought about sleeping alone in the room , didnt like the idea at all so I just jumped up, wore one of my skimpy, sexy black dress and my 6inches red
 When we arrived at the club, the guy that invited us took us to his table, after the introduction, his friends picked a girl and started a conversation with. I was talking to one of the guys on the table, he was so boring I couldn’t stand it, Plus the loud music made the conversation really stressful. Just when I was thinking of what to do, my favorite music started playing  and I found myself on the dance floor.
   I felt a hand on my waist and when I turned ,I saw a tall guy. His smile was so captivating, I didn’t  realize when we started dancing.We danced like we had rehearsed,i had never felt so connected to somebody on the dance floor before. I turned and started grinding him, the way he held my waist and swung it gently made me think of things I didn’t intend to. The dj was driving me crazy with the  songs he was playing. After sometime I felt something hard pressed against my butt,  Damn! It was so hard and it felt so big I started to think of how good it’ll feel to hold it and stick it into my mouth.  His hands left my waist and started to move all over my body , I turned and faced him, put my  right  hand behind his neck and placed the other hand on his shoulder , his hands were around my waist and we just started dancing really slowly even when the song playing was so fast. We were in a different world.
     Without saying a word, he just held my hand and led me outside to the carpack. When we got to a huge black car, he  leaned on the door , dragged me close and started kissing me. The way he kissed me!!! the movement of his lips and tongue too me to somewhere I haven’t been to in a while . Then he  opened the passengers door, bent the seat and I laid on it like I was jazzed. He pulled my shoes,laid on me ,continued kissing me and squeezing my nipples roughly through my dress. I unhooked his belt and zipped his trouser down. He stretched his hand  and brought out a condom while I put my  hand into his boxers and felt something so massive I was excited and scared at the same time. It felt so good, I started stroking it. He released a loud moan and tore open the condom, I dragged his boxer down and he raised my dress up, pushed my panties to one corner and slided his massive D into me and then I let out a soft moan. The thickness of his D made it feel so full inside me and while he went in and out of me, my hands were running all over his body.
   After sometime he came out of me, laid on the chair and I got on top, I put his D inside me and  leaned backwards , then I rode him like it was a competition. I could feel the car shaking and his hands squeezing my braless b***s with so much force like he wanted to break something inside. I rode him till I lost control, my legs began to shake and I felt like I was going to explode, then I felt a  bustling feeling within me and just when I was about to let it all out, I heard him scream “I’M CUMIN”. We both let it out together. Then I remembered I came with people, dressed up properly  and hurried back into the club.
   As I shook George, I looked at his face to see if ill notice any sign that he recognizes me, but he just said “pleased to meet you” with an expression like he just saw a stranger. “She’s pretty like you said she is Francis ” he said as he walked up to the other side of the parlor. I forced a smile and followed Francis to where George was sitting. I wasn’t comfortable at all and I’m sure Francis noticed cos he asked me if I was alright a number of times. Francis went into his room to get his car keys cos I was ready to leave. Immediately Francis was out of sight, George came close to me and said ” I remember you, I remember that night ” and smiled that charming smile.
  When Francis dropped me, I thought of how he will react when his brother tells him what happened that night, I guess we’ll never know. I didn’t hear from him again.

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