Smiling to old age. Lol


It’s exactly 2 months to my birthday ( 30th September) and I decided to post my wish list. I’ve been meaning to do this for some years but I either got too busy or forget. Everything in the list is very important.

Let’s get to it

  1. An iPhoneX or Xs(preferably) – Although its size is big and I love me a small phone. The camera is all I need. Need to take video making and all that seriously but a good camera has been stalling me.
  2. A laptop- the kind don’t matter , I just use my laptop for basic stuff , It should just have a lot of space .
  3. A Tripod – preferably one for a phone, something easy to move around with.
  4. An external Mic: Can be a boom or lapel microphone. For my videos
  5. A new wig. Can be straight or curly, not black ( got a lot of black wigs)
  6. A weird color shoe : whenever I get shoes, I get safe colors that can fit with any outfit . But I need yellow, pink, lemon, white, lilac.. funny shoe colors in my closet (Size 39)
  7. A chocolate, vanilla and red velvet 3layers birthday cake from @bs_cakes on IG. Color ( red and black or all white)
  8. A whole new box of makeup with new products.. like every makeup essential. Lol
  9. A sewing Machine – Yup need to start making some of my clothes myself .
  10. Cash 💰 💰 💰 💰

I will make plans to gift myself one of these things and then the rest…. let’s see.


Let’s share wishes guys.. if you are wishing for anything drop it as a comment. Who knows? I might just want to do a giveaway on my birthday 🎉

Outfit Details – Fabrics from @dodeyesmall on IG

Sewn by @yioks on IG

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    I would like a laptop this year & a bigger work space.

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      A lot of us want a laptop.

    I want money.. Plenty money😂😂

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      Don’t we all sis?

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