A plain white shirt is unarguably the most versatile clothing item. Whether a Tshirt or a buttoned down shirt, a white shirt can be styled in uncountable ways. This post is dedicated to my white buttoned down shirt dress, I have styled it multiple times in different ways and I’m not stopping. I will post my favorite styles and then you can tell me which is your favorite on the comment section .

Style 1
I styled the white shirt alone, I was aiming for a simple but statement look so I paired it with a pair of turquoise mules, gold accessories and red love shaped purse cos it was Valentine’s Day. Do you think I achieved simple?

Style 2
I wanted a sexy school teacher look and I’m still unsure if I achieved it but I love the outcome. I styled the white shirt with a sleeveless mini tulle black dress that is meant for seduction when worn alone cos the upper part is transparent. And then I did a little color pop with red heels, I think my red hair added drama to it . How did I do?

Style 3
Last but not the least style is my personal favorite. It was inspired by one of my fav Instagram style blogger. It was a struggle Cos my white shirt is long and I had to make it look short without it looking shabby. I paired the white shirt with a purple detachable cape I used for a wedding and boy!!! Did I come out looking like a snack? I think the pair of Gold heels and the beautiful sky complimented the whole outfit. Where can you wear this to?

Ok guys, let me know which style is your favorite and if you’ll love to see more posts like this pls indicate. Love always ❤️

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