Hey guys, before I get into it , I want to say I appreciate the love I get for my blog posts.. I am glad that most of my restaurant reviews have been helpful.

LOCATION: Golden Dragon is a Chinese Restaurant located at Spar ( Calabar Mall) . Coming from the main entrance it is at the right just before you turn into the mall itself but coming from the back , it is at the first left turn beside Royaline . I’m not a fan of the location as I would rather a cozy and more private place. but I guess most people don’t mind, cos I saw lots of people there.

AMBIANCE: Well, like I said earlier, I prefer a cozy and more private location. The aesthetics is not exactly bad but it isn’t awesome too. They really tried to make do with the limited space.

FOOD : I visited the restaurant cos I heard tales of how good their food especially prawns is , so I went there with prawns in mind and got very disappointed when they told me prawns wasn’t available. I settled for “Vegetable fried Rice and Fish in chili sauce( medium)

” while my friend had ” Special Dragon fried rice and Beef in mixed vegetables sauce ( medium) ”

I loved how the special dragon fried rice tasted , you can actually eat it without the sauce. In summary , their food tastes really good. I especially loved the way all the spices came together to bless the taste buds, It was magical, I preferred my friends meal tho.

I had a problem with the quantity of the food. I have been to a couple Chinese restaurants and Medium should be enough for 2 people but my Medium wouldn’t have satisfied me if I was feeling strong. ( I wasn’t feeling so well so had low appetite) .

PRICES : The prices are quite affordable and will be better if two people agree to have a common meal and get one large portion instead of two Medium portions. The prices of our meals

Beef in mixed vegetable sauce – 1800 Naira
Fish in chili sauce – 2000 Naira
Vegetable fried rice – 1300 Naira
Special dragon fried rice – 1700 Naira
A pack of Chivita – 600 Naira

We spent Seven thousand, four hundred Naira in total. Quite fair for Chinese I’d say.

SERVICE: The service was good and the food serve so in less than 30mins , but because of the rowdiness of the environment, it was hard to catch the attention of a waiter so you have to stand up or do a lot of hand gestures. Apart from that, we got all smiles and effectiveness.

I will give them 80% . Took 10% cos that didn’t have prawns and the other 10% cos I’m not a fan of the location.

Have you visited them? Let me know how your experience was .. please drop as a comment

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    Hahaha you were not feeling strong if not good for no bellefull you? 😂😂
    Nice review, I fee like going there already

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      Haha!!! You should check them out

    Your reviews are amazing, always!

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      Thank you so much 😊 I’m glad you like them

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