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Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I reviewed any restaurant.. I moved from Port harcourt back to calabar so I’m still trying to figure out how things work around here, I think I’m getting a hang of it all so I’ll post more.

Waiting for my food to arrive

Calabar Wakkis is an Indian- Nigerian restaurant located in calabar as the name implies, it has a branch in Abuja called ” Wakkis”. Their trade mark is the traditional clay oven which they describe as the birth place of appetizing delicacies.

LOCATION: It is located at No 5/6 Mcc road opposite Asari Eso. The restaurant is very easy to find. If you’re going from efiotte it’s at your left, its name is boldly written in front plus the building stands out cos it’s all bricks.

View of the Restaurant from outside

AESTHETICS: I’m not sure what the architect or owner was aiming to achieve, but the exterior looks like an ancient building and the arrangement of the interior looks like a secondary school dining hall. If that was the idea then they killed it. I can’t call it beautiful, it’s just creative. The way they created illusions of trees / wood with cement ( I touched it) was awesome too. The lighting is good so yes!! Good pictures . We stayed at the VIP area cos the fan is lower, I didn’t see any air conditioner so I guess old school like I thought. The regular area was hot but the sun these days isn’t smiling. Can’t blame them.

Restaurant Interior

FOOD : Before i got there, I knew I wasn’t going to have the regular Nigerian food. My friend and I got Indian dishes, she had a snack called ” Khatti roll chicken ” and I had ” Chicken Biriyani”

Khatti Roll Chicken
Chicken Biriyani

I can’t judge if the food was great or not cos i really do not know how it’s supposed to taste. My friend hated her snack, i had to give her some of My biriyani but I loved the Khatti Roll. It took a while to adapt to the taste of mine and then I start enjoying it , I’ll describe it as “Indian Jollof rice ” . Indian food is too spicy guys.

We also got cocktails, I had “pretty woman” and she had “Orange flamingo” They both tasted Amazing, I think the cocktail was the highlight of my day. Pretty Woman looked better but Flamingo tasted better .

Pretty woman – Right
Orange Flamingo – Left

PRICE: The prices of the food are fair, I have a problem with the fact that when you order a sauce for about “3500 – 4500 Naira” you have to pay for your “chips, rice or Nan” Most restaurants give you those with the sauce, like am I supposed to lick the sauce? Or just sip it ?

Prices of out meals
Chicken. Biriyani – 3000 Naira
Khatti Roll Chicken- 1800 Naira
Pretty Woman – 1500 Naira
Orange Flamingo- 1500 Naira
2 bottles of water- 600 Naira

We spent a total of 8400 Naira for our Meals, cocktail and water.

Everything we ordered in one picture

SERVICE: This was a 100 guys!!! The service was great. The waitress was very patient with us, answered all our questions happily. She even gave us groundnut to munch on while waiting for our food. She served us very well, even came back to ask how we felt about the food.

Our complimentary groundnut

Generally I’ll give them 80% cos the service, food presentation and music was a 100% . The ambiance and decor was 75% for me. The taste of food was 70% but I really can’t blame them for that.

Thank you for reading guys, let me know what you think? Ever visited Calabar Wakkis? How was your experience? Drop it as a comment.

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    Haven’t been to calabat yet…one of the states I want to visit in Nigeria..seems like you had a great time..your outfit is bomb😍😍🔥

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      I had a great time Pora. You should visit. Thank you so much b

    hello, interesting post…cooool outfit ☺. Calabar wakkis is a cool place but something is killing it, I don’t know what it is but it would be cool if u did a follow up. of coz if you are interested. bye

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      What is killing it? Pls share

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