I promised you guys consistently in my last post. Look at me keeping my promise.

Calabar Harbor Resort and Spa is a 3 star hotel with multiple amenities that include
Free breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Swimming pool , Fitness centre, Restaurant, Laundry service, Spa, Bar onsite etc

LOCATION: it is located at No 32, Asari Eso Layout, Calabar. Coming from Efiotte, it’s at the right. The street opposite wakkis. You won’t need to go deep into the street, it’s at the left of the street with its name written bold enough. You can’t miss it .

AESTHETICS: It has a very small and cute looking exterior when you step into the building but it’s actually big when you move behind to the pool area and the bar outside. Beautiful flowers planted everywhere that gives it that natural feel.


Inside, it’s feels very cozy, nothing too much just a few cute paintings. The Restaurant isn’t so big so they arranged it in a way it won’t look too tight. Love the arrangement

The Restaurant

FOOD : i wasn’t going to order something I don’t know cos I was hungry and needed to eat, so I had “Chicken Wings and chips with coleslaw and ketchup”.

My friends got “Chicken Basket ( chicken sautéed in chopped onions, garlic, green pepper, white sauce seasoned with black pepper powder and cheese)

and the other got “Grilled chicken( slowly cooked chicken breast in tangy mustard sauce )

My food was so much , the chips were a little too salty , my wings were peppery and well spiced.. I enjoyed it. The chicken basket was my favorite meal if you ask me. Was too good and so much too while the grilled chicken sauce was not eatable at all. Looked and tasted like S**rm. she has to order fried plantain and hnmnnn it was lovely. We got chivita juice cos that’s what they had apart from wine. The food took almost 45 mins but the waiter said only one chef was available that’s why it took that long.

Where we sat

PRICE: The prices of the food were very affordable, i was really impressed

Chicken Basket : 2,500 Naira comes with the rice at no cost .
Chicken Wings : 2000 Naira comes with the chips, coleslaw and ketchup at no cost .
Grilled chicken: 2,500 Naira comes with the rice at no cost .
Fried plantain: 700 Naira
1 chivita : 600 Naira
3 bottles of water : 600 Naira

We spent a total of Eight thousand Nine hundred Naira . Very fair I’ll say

SERVICE: Our waiter looked confused most of the time, we asked him a lot of questions about the meal but he kept saying “I don’t know ” or ” I haven’t had it” I might be wrong but I think waiters should try these meals or get aquatinted with them so they can help customers make a choice. Apart from that, he was nice.

I’ll give them 92%, the delay of food and confused waiter took the other 8.

Let me know if you’ll visit them? What do you think about the review? Should I include anything else?

With love from my friends and I i

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