Beautiful Queen. lol
  1. Attention seekers: Hi, we don’t need to notice you pls … can you just get away from my face?
  2. Rude people: Uhhhhh, I can’t stand these ones. Why do you have to be rude? It takes more energy to be rude than to be nice.
  3. Invasion of personal space: Pls can you shift? Oh no don’t touch me… stop asking me so many personal questions, I feel choked .
  4. Lack of respect for my opinion: I understand you don’t like or agree with me but pls don’t call my opinion stupid. I’ll hate you for that
  5. Not covering mouth when coughing/sneezing: Take your germs with you piggy. Bye
  6. Ads popping out of nowhere: Omg! This is so annoying, go awayyyyyy
  7. Complainers: why do you always complain about everything? It’s so annoying especially when its something that can be fixed
  8. Proud/boastful people: If you had all you claim to have, why not go and live in the moon? If you can’t then shut up pls
  9. People addicted to arguing on internet comment section: why didn’t you study law? So you can argue in court
  10. Calling me and talking to someone else: Why didn’t you end your conversation before calling? I don’t like it
  11. People who use the word literally unnecessarily : ” I literally want to drink water” , ” I just woke up from sleep literally ”
  12. Whatsapp waist beads status updaters : just start a live show on dstv please dear
  13. Being ignored : don’t do this, just answer me please
  14. Talking during a movie: Can you just keep quiet? If I wanted a narrator, I would have hired one
  15. People who scuff their feet while walking: raise your legs you pregnant man.

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