I knew I was going to meet him, it was the wedding of one of our mutual friends, his friend actually, I met her through him when we were in a relationship , she is getting married to his cousin we introduced her to . I kept lying to myself that I was going for the wedding cos of my friend not him, but my heart was feeling different.
It was 3years since the last time we met, that fateful day, the day he pulled my heart off my chest and smashed it. I didn’t understand why I wanted to see him again, to see how he’s doing, to look into his eyes and search for that thing that attracted me to him, to tell him how much I hate him for what he did.
As my driver drove into the building i took a look at my sky blue lace gown that showed my full curves and exposed some part of my cleavage. I looked into my hand mirror and adjusted my lipgloss, I opted for a light makeup and a pony tail to reveal my face structure and highlight my honey brown eyes.. the part of my body he adored. Uhhhh why am I thinking about him?

I was late for the reception, the traffic on 3rd mainland bridge didn’t help matters, I got there and everyone was seated looking at the couple, I tried to cut corners to find a seat but the empty seat I sighted was in the middle of the hall so I had to walk down the aisle.. I raised my head up smiling and walking in like I was on a runway, I felt everyone looking at me, girls whispering, boys drooling and then I noticed someone looking at me fiercely when I was almost at my seat. As I tried to get a better view of the person, our eyes met, it was him “Ediri” the guy who smashed my heart 3 years ago , and beside him was a beautiful girl helping him pull something from his beards … I could feel my heart shatter again and again . What is it about this guy? After 3 years and I still haven’t gotten over him? What did he do to me?

I saw her standing at the door looking for a place to seat, her beautiful brown eyes shining from the light that was hitting it, she pouted her lips the way she does when she isn’t satisfied, I wanted to stand up that minute, go to her and guide her to a seat. I saw her walking down the aisle.. oh Dodeye, she always liked attention.. I noticed the way the men were looking at her with so much lust as she swayed her hips confidently and I wanted to break all their heads, my cousin beside me was adjusting something on my beards when she looked at me, her eyes piercing mine. My knees melted and my heart started beating faster. I needed to speak to her, I had to explain what happened that day. I have missed her all these years and we needed to settle it today, once and for all.

I had been calling my driver for almost an hour now. I needed to go early for the private after wedding party, I hadn’t even said congratulations to the bride and groom yet. I stood up and walked outside scanning to environment for someone I know that can take me, when I felt my stomach rumble. “Oh no! Not now” I said then I perceived a familiar scent.. that beautiful masculine intoxicating scent , I looked back to check who it was and it was him. The sudden shock made me almost fall but someone held me.

I saw her tapping her feet on the ground continuously, that meant she either wanted to use the convenience, she was angry or both. I hated the fact that I knew her so much and seeing her in an uncomfortable situation was hard for me, I needed to help her.. when I got close to her and she turned then slipped , i hurried to grab her but some bastard got her before me. I stood still and let them exchange pleasantries then I walked close to her, she turned and looked at me.. her eyes piercing deep into my heart and reminding me of how much I love and miss her.

Can I help you Ediri ? I managed to say after he stood there for so long looking lost .. ” I saw you tapping your feet continuously, I just wanted to check if you’re ok” he said I was flattered, he still knew so much about me.. I stood there with my cheeks flushing red then managed to whisper ” I’m fine, thank you” As he turned to leave, my tummy rumbled and I screamed ” Ediri , where is your car”?

When she asked where my car was I felt something leave my body, I felt alive, I will drive with her after so many years.. I couldn’t stop imagining all the things we did while driving together years back , Even if I knew we were not the same people I was still very excited . As I got into the car after opening the door for her.. I couldn’t speak, I didn’t even know where we were going or what she wanted but I just kept moving.. I knew she wanted me to say something, to explain what happened that night, to beg for forgiveness. I knew I needed to but suddenly I was dumb.

I regretted getting into the car with him, he sat there driving and concentrating like he was in a competition. He was acting like he had forgotten what happened to us, what he did to me. I needed him to apologize, I needed him to say something.. I wanted closure for God sake. Where was he taking me to? Did he know what I wanted to do? I decided to sit down there and stay quiet even if the silence was so deafening. It was killing me.

As I drove into the hotel where the after party was taking place,I was feeling a bit relieved.. she will go down and into the party, I can go into my room and wallow in sadness. When did I become such a coward? Why couldn’t I say anything? I looked at her and she was rubbing her tummy.. I knew she needed to use the convenience so I managed to say. ” will you mind using the toilet in my room?” She turned and looked at me with anger written all over her face. “Where is your room”? She asked and opened the car door.

I was so angry at the fact that he knew so much about me? How did he know I had a problem with my tummy? I stared at the toilet mirror for what seemed like forever, I couldn’t believe I was alone In a room with him, it sent electrifying sensations down my spine making me remember the magic we created everytime we were in the room together. How much he knew my body and how much he pleasured me.. All that was over now and I needed to leave him, leave his room , drop all the thoughts of him and move on. 3 years is too long to be stuck in love with someone that couldn’t apologize.

She stayed in the bathroom for so long, I wanted to go in there and check if she was ok but I didn’t want to see her half naked. I sat down at the tip of the bed sweating, searching for the right words to say to her. Does she still love me? Is there any need to explain what happened to her? If she refused to listen to me 3 years ago and cut me off like I was nothing. Will she listen to me now? I kept on thinking and asking myself questions when the toilet door opened and she walked out, I stood up moving close to her , it was like a magnetic force pulling me to her until our bodies were half inches apart and we were breathing the same air. I looked up at her face, our eyes speaking to each other… I closed my eyes and leaned forward to kiss her.

I was yearning for his touch, for the feel of his hands on my skin. He leaned forward to kiss me and I pushed him, adjusted my hair and walked towards to door.

” He must think I’m stupid” I thought.

” I’m sorry Dodeye” I heard him say with a very soft tone just before I opened the door ” I really hope you forgive me” he added pleadingly

I stopped and turned leaning on the door and staring at him

” I wish you’ll come and sit down here and listen to everything that happened 3 years ago ” he said before sitting on the bed and cleaning a part beside him for me.

As i walked to the bed , I couldn’t stop thinking about that night, his birthday when I walked into his office and caught him kissing a lady passionately. I knew he was working late and I wanted to surprise him with a cake and wine. I could still remember the look on the lady’s face when I caught them like she had won. I didn’t want anything to do with him again but here I am in the same room with him after 3 years and all I wanted was to hold him , kiss him and make passionate love to him.

As she sat beside me , I couldn’t help but inhale her sweet scent of jasmine and roses, I moved my hand to her thighs but I stopped, I needed to apologize, I betrayed her, I broke her heart. This was my opportunity to tell her the truth, it was time to set myself free.

“I was expecting you to come to my office on that day, it was 7pm already and I hadn’t seen you” I narrated when she turned and looked at me… her eyes piercing deep into my soul like she wanted to read my thoughts … I adjusted and continued

” when the receptionist called saying a lady was waiting to see me, I just told her to let the person in without asking who it was, I thought it was you” she smiled and started playing with her fingers I continued

” When I saw her, my ex I told you about, the one that kept hurting herself everytime I threatened to leave, I was shocked. I asked her to leave and even threatened to call security but she was with a knife and threatened to Stab herself if I don’t kiss her, I had to and just when I was about to detangle myself from her you walked in”

“It didn’t look like you were about to detangle yourself when i walked in , from what I can remember ” she said sarcastically “you seemed to be so into the kiss, you didn’t realize I walked in ” her voice sounded hurt

” it is true I didn’t realize you walked in but I definitely wasn’t enjoying the kiss ” I said hoping it’ll make her feel better.

“So you expect me to clap my hands for you? And tell you well done from stopping your ex from stabbing her self? ” she asked”

” you could have called the security or ran out from the office, you could have done something else if you really loved me Ediri” she added

Those words hurt me so much, how could she think I didn’t love her? Granted I made a mistake but I deserve forgiveness. I won’t sit here and watch her accuse me of not loving her. Here I was seated beside her begging her for forgiveness after 3 years.. when I can be somewhere else with someone else. The way she called my name without any emotions frightened me.. what if she didn’t love me anymore? I couldn’t bear the thought of it .

I regretted my last statement, from the look on his face and the way he kept quiet, I knew it hurt him.

” I’m sorry for accusing you of not loving me enough, i know you did, but you really hurt me Ediri ” i said breaking the silence

” I couldn’t forgive myself for what I did, the look on your face that night kept flashing in my mind every time. I hope you forgive me baby ” he said rubbing my palms

” I forgave you a long time ago Ediri , you know me.. I can’t keep a grudge, what hurt me most is that you gave up on me too easily ”

” Too easily baby? I tried reaching you for over 8 months, sent you messages everywhere, called you almost everyday, called everyone you know to beg you for me but you kept ignoring me”

” it wasn’t enough, I was too angry and hurt. I was more afraid to hear what happened, I know you and I know you don’t randomly kiss women, I thought she was your side chick or someone you’ve been seeing for a while”

” I could never cheat on you, I always told you that you’re everything I want in a woman and the only person I can ever envy in this life is the one that will call you “my wife” I am willing to beg for forgiveness for years if you’ll permit me Dodeye”

I felt a tingling sensation in my heart and I could swear I felt butterflies in my tummy, 3 years of being hurt and just like Magic, it had been replaced with happiness.

” lets go for the wedding after party, I don’t want to miss it” I said to him and got up moving to the door”

” not until you kiss me so I know you’ve really forgiven me” he said and pulled me to him..

My back hard against his crotch , I could feel his hardness, he pushed my hair and I felt his lips on my neck kissing it passionately. His hands on my waist pulling my very close to him and his waist moving in circles, I could feel his hard D almost piercing through my dress. I felt my knees melt as all I wanted was for him to explore my body with his tongue making me feel unimaginable things but I knew if we started we won’t stop so I pulled myself away..

” you need to gaggle on a gallon of mouth wash before I kiss you , I can still smell her in your mouth” I said as I opened the door

” it’s been three years honey, how is that possible?” He asked

I smiled at him and walked down while he walked behind me like my body guard

Her body was still as soft as I remember, her smell was intoxicating.. I couldn’t wait to have her in my hands, kissing her, licking her and showing her how much I missed her. The whole night at the party I was holding her like my own, I couldn’t let her go again , I wanted her with me forever . We sat at a far end of the party , we talked and laughed, catching up on what we have been up to for the last 3 years , I was very impressed with how far her business had grown.. I remembered when we started it and she just sold from Instagram but now she has shops in 3 cities and distributors all over Nigeria. I told her how I had been promoted to the 2nd highest rank in the company I worked and how moving to abuja was hard for me cos I realized bumping into her will be almost impossible. She laughed and revealed that she visited abuja a lot Cos her store there was selling more than others and how she plans to move there too soon. I was ecstatic to say the least. I could marry her and she will live in my house I thought.

“Lets dance baby” I said as I got up from my seat and stretched my hands, she placed her hands in mine and got up .

I held her waist and took her to the dance floor, her hands on my shoulders and mine on her waist.. just when we were about to dance , her favorite song came on

🎼🎼When your legs don’t move like they used to before 🎼🎼 and i can’t sweep you off of your feet 🎼🎼

I could see the excitement in her beautiful eyes as she swayed her hips and my hands followed.. I pulled her so close to me and her beautiful soft rounded breast was pressed hard against my chest making me go crazy.. she licked her lips seductively from time to time, moving her hips in ways that made me want to go wild.. I spinned her round , I wanted to feel her soft ass on my crotch, she acted like she didn’t know what she was doing but she kept moving her waist in slow motion , pressing it into me. I moved one my hands to her neck , pushed her hair to the side and placed soft kisses on her neck, I could hear her release a soft moan , I know how much she loved neck kisses.. I kept doing that while helping her move her waist in the right pace with my other hand.
I could feel my D pulsate, it needed to be held and kissed , it was yearning for her touch and I couldn’t hold my self any longer . ” can we take this into the room” I whispered into her ears . She turned to me smiling, I could see the passion in her eyes, she wanted me as much as I wanted her.
“We need to take it slow Ediri, I’m not even your girlfriend yet” she said to me smiling.

” you never stopped being my girlfriend baby, all these years I never stopped loving you” I replied

” in 3 years You didn’t see any other woman ?” She asked me with seriousness in her voice

” I did see a couple of women but nothing serious, I was just trying to get over you”

” so if I was still your girlfriend then you cheated on me multiple times , you have a lot of things to apologize about Mister” she said and walked out of the dance floor heading to the door

I followed her, I couldn’t tell if she was joking or she was angry. I just walked behind her hoping she wouldn’t leave me.

I was hurt when he told me he had been with a couple of girls but I couldn’t hold it against him, I shut him out for a long time and men are totally different from women, I couldn’t be with any other man, i kept comparing them to him and it always ended before it started. I couldn’t get over the dance and I wanted to continue it in the bedroom.

” You’ve missed your way baby, this is the way to my room ” he said as hallway opposite his room

” I am not going to your room , I’m going to Sandra’s ” I told him . Sandra is his cousins sister, we became really close when he introduced us about 4yrs ago

” baby pls don’t do that to me, I have been craving to have you lay in my bed for years now, I won’t touch you if that’s what you’re afraid of, I will sleep on the couch” he said desperately

” it’s a deal then ” i said smiling like i had won. I knew it was impossible for him to keep his hands off me but I needed to torture him, give him a hard time.

It was a good but tiring day and I just wanted to shower and sleep, I took out my phone from my bag and looked at it. I saw missed calls from my driver and Mark . I texted my driver saying I’ll call him tomorrow and then I called Mark .

Ediri sat just beside me on the couch, his attention fixed on me , this was the best time to get him jealous .

” Hey sweets” I said when Mark picked up . He asked me how the wedding went and if I was still coming over to see him tomorrow. ” yes my love, I’ll see you tomorrow, I miss you so much and I can’t wait to see you” i noticed Ediri’s face drop like a sad dog.. ” i love you too sweets” i said over the phone and dropped the call then got up to undress and bath.

” you are not dating anyone else Dodeye ” are you? He asked me walking towards me as I stood staring at the mirror

” you were seeing multiple girls, why can’t I see just one guy? I asked him while packing my hair in a bun

He just stood there looking at me with so much sadness in his eyes ” it will break my heart if you are” he said and went back to his seat.

I felt so much pity for my baby, he looked the cutest when he was afraid . I just wanted to go to him , kiss him and prophesy my love to him.

” Mark is my cousin remember? The one that stays with my elder sister at VI. I’m meant to visit tomorrow.” I told him and I noticed his eyes brighten

” oh i remember Mark? He must be so big now” he said

” it’s just 3 years, he’s not that big ” i replied

I couldn’t imagine anyone else calling her his girlfriend, I was her first and I wanted to be her last. I remember when we first met, how innocent and naive she was and how she switched to the confident, sexy lady she is now. I wanted her to myself forever

My mouth dropped when she pulled her dress in front of me and all that was left was her black thong and bra, I wanted to walk up to her and lick her from head to toe. Her slender waist and protruding ass faced me squarely and I could feel my body rushing with fire.. she turned to me and said something but all I noticed was her bra falling on the ground and her beautiful breast in front of me, so rounded with big black round nipples that my tongue was hoping to devour.

” Do you have an extra shirt pls” she asked again before she bent down to pick her clothes from the floor

Oh lord!! I just wanted to grab her in that position thrusting my D into her centre of arousal until we both climax .

” yes I do ” I replied before she walked into the shower

As she walked into the shower, I couldn’t help but imagine what was going on inside there. I wanted to remove all my clothes and join her in there but I already promised not to touch her and I couldn’t risk her leaving my room . I was dying inside.

i felt so good teasing him, I could see how much he wanted me and how his eyes almost popped out when he saw my b***s, I walked out of the bathroom with a small towel wrapped around my chest, I knew it was too small to cover every part of my ass . When I walked out, I looked at the chair where he was sitting but he wasn’t there anymore, I scanned the room looking for him then I noticed he was behind the wardrobe door looking for something. I figured he was looking for the shirt I asked him for. I picked up my phone looking at it when I felt him beside me and turned . He was almost naked, my mouth dropped.

” I hope this is ok ?” He asked giving me a shirt .

I just stretched my hands to receive it still looking at him, he wore a small white briefs that didn’t hide his D print, it was still as huge as I remembered, his body so structured and muscular like he had been sleeping in the gym . He oozed of strength and s*x appeal, I wanted to rub my hands and tongue all over his body.

The smile on his face showed he knew what I was thinking, he turned and walked into the bathroom.. I put on his shirt and laid on the bed.. hoping he comes to me and not go to the couch like he promised..

When he came out of the bathroom, he had the same towel I used, wrapped on his waist.. I just wanted it to fall so I could see his nakedness.. I was craving to see him bare, without clothes on. I turned my back, laying tummy down, showing him my protruding ass without pants on.

Coming out and seeing her with my shirt made me feel she belonged to me, as she turned and positioned her ass towards me , I could see her sweet thighs waiting to be devoured. I know I promised not to touch her but her position was inviting and I needed to try my luck.. I laid on top of her with my towel and she turned and looked at me surprisingly

” kiss me baby, just one kiss ” I pleaded

” you promised not to touch me, but here you are laying on top of me naked.. do you ever keep your promises” she asked with a smirk on her face

” just one, I beg you.. I’m dying for your kiss, I promise to leave you after you kiss me” i promised again not sure I could keep it

She turned and faced me, her eyes looking intently into mine. My soul was filled with passion, I cupped her face in my hands and pressed my lips against her waiting for her to give me entrance into her mouth. As I felt her lips separate, and my tongue found its way into her mouth, my body was filled with fire, I sucked on her lips like a hungry child, her tongue teased my lower lips, kissing me with vigor. Her hands moved from my head to my chest making me feel like I’m being electrified… I looked up and saw her eyes pleading for me to continue.
I kissed her ear, putting her earlobe into my mouth and suckling on it. I felt her nails piercing my back, I knew she was enjoying it. I slid my hands into her top and cupped her b***s in my hands, i took up the top with my teeth and licked both nipples one after another making her call my name . Oh how I missed pleasuring her .
I couldn’t have enough of her b***s, they tasted so sweet like honey and milk mixed together.. as I suckled on one and caressed one with my hand, I took down my other hand to her center of arousal and felt her wetness dripping, I began rubbing her clits with it slowly with the same pace of my mouth on her nipples. I could feel her waist shaking.


How could I forget how good his hands felt on my body? He was making me go crazy … from his lips on my b***s to his fingers on my other nipples and then stimulating my clits, My eyes were moving to the back of my head and I was moving my waist uncontrollably, I knew I would orgasm any minute from now and just before I could say anything I felt my liquid escape my body… I grabbed his waist with both hands and after I had relaxed a bit , I flung the towel on his waist and held his Chocolate rod, it was so hard… I could feel it pulsating as I used his pre cum to caress it up and down, focusing on his cap… Ediri seemed to want me more as I felt him kissing my tummy, then he slowly moved down my belly button, he opened my legs widely and kissed my honey pot making me crave his rod inside me. He used both hands to open my Labia and focused on my clits, he was licking off all my liquid like a child having ice cream for the first time. I raised my legs and placed them on his shoulder as he put his two fingers into me going in and out not removing his tongue from my clits.. I was in another world

” please put it in honey” I pleaded but he acted like he couldn’t hear me and continued stimulating my clits and fingering me.

” i beg you pls, put it inside me… I’m dying to have you inside me” I said again but he looked me into my eyes and continued what he was doing .

I knew I was going crazy…

She punished me earlier undressing in front of me and now it was my turn. I wanted to be inside her more than she wanted me in her but I loved how much she wanted me, how she kept pleading.

As I ate her honey pot and fingered her, I felt inmensurable pleasure , I knew how many times in 3years I had dreamed of doing this and now I wanted to satisfy my craving to the fullest.

After a while and numerous pleas , I inserted my magic stick into her, exploring every corner of her , she was so moist and tight , I was scared I’ll orgasm immediately because of how sweet she felt but I knew I needed to enjoy her for a while. I laid on top of her, kissing her neck and going in and out of her, she kept scratching my back and I knew she loved what I was doing..

” I Love You so much Dodeye” i whispered into her ear

” I love you too Ediri, so much” she replied and just as if we planned it we orgasmed together and I released my juices into her..

As she laid on my chest sleeping peacefully, i kissed her lips and i couldn’t help but hope that this isn’t one of the numerous dreams I always had. And if it was I prayed not to wake up.


Thank you so much for reading

Will you go back to your ex after 3 years? What do you think about this story? Pls share you thoughts . I know it’s but long , Forgive me.

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    Beautiful story, Very thought provoking 😊Take any ex of three years back? Maybe my first boyfriend. Just maybe 😁

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      Haha.. seems you still feel something for him.

    Wow…Amazing and very interesting….kudos

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      Thank you Jarule. Always

    It’s also been three years since I broke up with my ex… I dunno if I can ever go back to him, coz he hurt me so muchhhhhhh

    Meanwhile this story made me remember him…
    I love this.. Keep it up

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      So sorry about your ex hurting you…sometimes it’s better to move on and forget them

    It’s a beautiful story. The reason you still took a chance on your ex was due to the circumstances of your break-up, he never had the chance to explain and when he did, his reasons were quite understandable. As for me, I don’t think I will go back to my ex.

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      True… plus the feelings never died, I guess we were meant for each other

    How good you are just makes me wanna cry!!!!! I wanna be like you when I grow up! This is too much talent 😩😩😩😩😩

      Avatar photo

      Thank you Naza.. Always

    Mehn this was intense!!

    God,i read this in the office and its was quite exhilarating

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    Hahahahah! We should get you laid soon molly . Thank you for reading and leaving a comment ❤️

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