She had always heard it was beautiful somewhere, A dry place, a place where people walked, a place with huge trees and green leaves, a place where sun hit directly, a place where the sky and clouds could be viewed. She needed to see all she had heard.

Stepping out of the water, she couldn’t believe her eyes, it was different, it was beautiful. She held the first thing that caught her eyes “Leaves” and caressed it gently, rubbing it on her skin. It felt amazing being touched by something apart from water.

Her legs on the ground, feeling the heat of the sun on her skin, she was afraid, she had never felt this way before. Her body felt too heavy for her to carry, she tried to move, she needed to move. She had very little time here

Her excitement heightened when she saw beautiful buildings, she saw the way children played with sand and adults rode on a big robot. A lot was different in this part of the world.

The different colors and textures of things and people, the different ways of dressing walking and speaking . The variety of meals to choose from. She could smell freedom around here and that is one thing she had always wanted.

It was time for her to leave even if she hoped she could stay longer. She would go back and tell her friends the story. She knew she would return soon but this time, she will come as a Ruler of this Habitat.

“Good bye Earth” she said as she soaked herself into the water, see you again soon but as your Queen.

Photography: @fernafrikmedia
Story : @Dodeye
Directing : @fernafrikmedia

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