It would have been a normal Sunday if there was light or I had a boyfriend to visit..I was lying on my bed upset about nothing, I was bored to my teeth and I didn’t have reasonable money on me if not I would have gone to marina to see a movie or something . I was quarreling aloud about how bad the economy is and how our leaders are doing nothing but it wasn’t helping so I decided to force myself to sleep, as I laid down struggling to keep my eyes closed my phone started ringing, I picked it up and looked at the screen, it was a strange number ” all these people” I said, hissed and tossed the phone, it rang again, it was the same number..’YES” I screamed into the phone as I picked it… Hey, Dodeye its Rapheal the person said… Rapheal? Please I don’t know you I answered about to end the call… Rapheal your friend, I live in Enugu but I’ve been out of the country for a while….he tried explaining….oh oh oh Rapheal I said,as I remembered him it’s been forever , how have you been? I asked , I’ve been fine ok, just got into Calabar some hours ago, decided to call you….he said. Are you in Calabar he asked? Sure I said laughing, where else would I be? I asked him.. It’s been so long so I don’t know he answered. Well I’m either in Calabar or in Calabar I said and we both laughed. Can you come and see me please? he asked after we stopped laughing.. See you? Are you a movie I said jokingly. I’m serious Dodeye I really miss you, you won’t believe even if I explain. He said with a soft tone. Miss me ke, have you finished missing your wife? I asked him.. We will talk about all that when you come he said.. I’ll call you when I’m on my way I answered.. Assembly quarters yh? I asked before dropping the call yea he replied and I dropped the call.      I met Rapheal 3yrs ago on my way to port harcourt he was going for a business there and I was going to visit my boyfriend then, we kept each other company on the road, gisting, laughing and all.. I was really surprised when he told me he’s 40 and married cos he looked really young and he wasn’t even wearing a ring. Before we departed we exchanged numbers and bbm pins. We started communicating a lot but since I had a boyfriend and he was married I didn’t want anything more than a casual friendship. Rapheal wanted more , he showered me with a lot of attention, gifts , money and love which made me feel good. He will come to Calabar from time to time and anytime I go to see him he will make advances to kiss me or probably have s*x but I never let him….. 

   Hey, I’m close to the house I told Rapheal when he picked, alright can’t wait he replied sounding really excited, for some reason I was excited to see him too. After he signaled the gate man to let me in, I walked into the compound, he was standing by the front door with a blue shirt and black sweat pants, I couldn’t help but admire how good he was looking standing there looking at me with so much passion in his eyes , I started feeling a bit shy and wondering if it was wrong for me to wear the above my knee red flair dress with a V-neck that revealed a large portion of my cleavage. I just thought it’ll be nice to look good for him after all this while. You look amazing honey he said as he hugged me and led me into the house.. 

   The parlor was dark but the tv was on so it brought in a little light, I sat on the large sofa and he sat right beside me… Wow!!! Dodeye you’ve grown so big, you’re not that little girl I used to know anymore he said looking at me , it’s been a long time, you have changed yourself I told him.. How’s that your fine son that looks like you I asked him . He’s with his mother, you know my wife and I ain’t together anymore,He answered . Really? I didn’t know that I said , what happened? I asked. It’s not something I want to talk about he replied.. I totally understand I said trying to adjust the neck of my dress. I like what I’m seeing Dodeye , stop adjusting he said …. I smiled and continued.. 

    We spent over an hour watching music video, eating fried chicken and sipping vodka, I hate vodka but it was the only available drink in the house at the time.. A lot of thoughts were going through my head.. Why hasn’t he tried to kiss me yet? It never took this long, why isn’t he even looking at me? Isn’t he attracted to me anymore? Rapheal couldn’t get his hands off me normally but today he hasn’t even placed his hands on my thighs… So how’s that your boyfriend I heard him ask.. Boyfriend I answered laughing, I don’t have ooo.. Oh he replied and smiled… Less than 5minutes later he placed his hands on my thighs , a smiled formed on my lips.. I missed you so much Dodeye, I thought about you more than normal.. He said looking at me , I’m sorry I didn’t miss you I told him laughing , I’m serious he said bringing his face close to mine, before I could understand his lips were in mine and I was kissing him too, it was really intense and we kissed each other with deep passion like we were trying to suck out each other’s soul, I removed my hands from his neck and started rubbing my hands on his head, he pushed me and I laid down, he brought his head down and kissed my neck, he tried pulling my dress down from my shoulder but when it wasn’t coming down he tore it from the neck down , I tried to ask why but he placed his index finger on my lips and I kept quiet, his hands were moving round my body and his tongue was licking some parts and I was feeling a lot of things at the same time… He used his lips to pull my left b***s out of my bra n he started sucking it , it felt so good and I released a soft moan, I’m guessing he didn’t have as much access to my b***s as he wanted to cos he raised me up and unhooked my bra, my nipples were already so hard and super sensitive so when he brought his tongue close to it I shivered, he grabbed one stimulating it with his fingers and his mouth was in one, I wanted to feel his bare body on mine so I pulled his shirt, he stood up and pulled his sweat pants then put off the tv.. I was lying there waiting for him like a chicken waiting to be slaughtered. He came back n pulled my panties then lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulder, he then buried his head into my honey pot sucking every bit of honey that was there and searching for more, he did it was so much skill I felt things I never imagined possible, just when I was shaking my legs and almost getting to “that” point he pulled his boxer down n slides into me slowly and I felt every bit of him in me , he expanded my legs and started thrusting in and out of me with so much force like we had a fight and he was punishing me, I stretched my hands trying to reach for him but I couldn’t he just kept on increasing his pace, after sometime he raised me up and took me into the room , I couldn’t say a word, he kissed me lips and took his head down to my navel moving it in circles and before I could really feel what he was doing he laid behind me (spoon position) and slides into me again thrusting slowly this time, as he continued the pace increased , his hand was squeezing my b***s like a very thirsty man will squeeze a sachet of pure water, it hurt a bit but it felt good I couldn’t believe it.. His pace increased and his D hit a spot that sent tickles all over my body, he continued hitting that spot and I didn’t realize when I said “don’t stop” those words were like a fuel cos he started hitting harder, I couldn’t control the movement of my body anymore, my whole body was shaking, my legs raised up on its own , I was screaming like I saw a snake, next thing I was squirting all over the place , I couldn’t believe myself … I thought I heard Nigerian girls don’t squirt, I turned and looked at him and he was smiling from ear to ear, I’m glad you enjoyed it he said… But you didn’t cu….I will now he said not letting me finish then he carried me into the shower… Put in on, poured the liquid soap on my head and started rubbing his hands all over my body like he was bathing me, when the water had rinsed all the soap off, he moved behind me pushing me to the wall, he grabbed both my b***s stimulating my nipples, he came close to me and I could feel his D grow bigger on my ass, the water was cold but his D was so warm and it felt good, I held it and started stroking it then I turned, knelt down and inserted it into my mouth, I concentrated on the cap for the first few seconds then tried to put everything into my mouth but all of it couldn’t enter so I started moving it in and out of my mouth while my hands were on his balls squeezing them like I was struggling to burst balloons, the way he moaned made me so wet I needed him inside me again… I pushed him and he sat on the toilet then I sat on top of him and tilted backwards, he held my waist so tightly I was sure I wouldn’t fall then I started riding him , up and down I moved slowly, the position seemed uncomfortable and I’m guessing it was for him too cos he raised me up, got up and put me in the doggy position then he slides into me and began with his fast pace thrust, it didn’t take long until he started making sounds like he was being hit with a pistol and I knew he was about to cum.. Next thing I felt were spanks on my ass I started thrusting back trying to meet his pace then he held me so tight and released the loudest moan ever…….. I smiled and thought about what my friend Emem had said ” The older the sweeter”

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