He was light skinned and short, not exactly the kind of guy I’ll stare at twice, his lips were black like he had been smoking since childhood. Yes I noticed his lips cos that’s the first thing I notice in any guy. I saw him when I walked into the airport and he stared at me . God!!! His eyes, they stared deeply into my soul and it frightened me that I wanted them to stare deeper, I was a bit late so I walked quickly to the counter to check in. While in the waiting room, I noticed someone sit beside me, I turned to check who it was and it was him. The short light skinned guy from the entrance, I turned and stared back at my phone trying to update my pm and let my friends know I’ll soon be back to Calabar after my 1 month break in Lagos, I couldn’t wait to give them all the things I got them, I was too excited to pay attention to the way Mr stranger was looking stylishly at me. Well, I noticed. 

   I was seated at the window, my favorite place to sit so I can take beautiful pictures of nature at different stages of the journey, Then came Mr Stranger once again seated beside me. Hi, we have been bumping into each other a lot today, don’t you think we are supposed to be friends? He asked . We are in the same flight, there’s no way we won’t bump into each other I replied. So I’m Clement  and you are? He asked .. I’m Dodeye I replied hoping God didn’t answer my prayers. Let me explain.. I saw a post on iG about a girl that met her husband on a plane and they looked so cute so I said silently “God, why do you always let me sit beside old women or married men? Send my husband to me in a plane too” . I pushed the thought aside and decided to take a picture of the view immediately we took off. So you love nature? He asked.. Not really, I’m not the kind that will go and sit beside the river or go to a beautiful green place because of my love for nature. I’d rather just save a picture from the Internet or take a picture. I answered. So you love pictures of nature he asked. Yes, I love pictures of nature . I replied . Just then I noticed his voice, so smooth and sweet, with the kind of soft tone that will bring you out of a bad mood and make you sleep peacefully, I noticed the way his lips moved with the rhythm of his voice like a professional dancer to the rhythm of a beautiful music, I noticed the dimples on his cheeks that were very visible because of his chubby cheeks that looked so attractive like the kind you will aim to bite during an argument.. I noticed the way he turned his face shyly when I stare into his eyes.. When we landed I realized we talked the whole time and I didn’t take as much pictures as I wanted to, we had a really good conversation and laughed more than half of the time and in that 1hr 15 mins flight I noticed a lot of beautiful things about Clement. We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet again sometime, The way he walked to his friend waiting to pick him up, I couldn’t stop staring.     We talked at length about everything and nothing, We looked into each other’s eyes and stared for some seconds that seemed like hours, then he stretched his hands , held my neck and pulled me close to him, I felt hypnotized, his hands on me felt too good, felt like I had been touched my an angel. His lips on mine, intertwined, he tasted salty but I loved it, his lips rough like it needed a lot of exfoliation but it felt too good. Our first kiss, a memory I will always cherish, I remember it so vividly as I write. We hugged each other for what seemed like forever, I looked at him and I saw a Respectful, Humble, Honest, supportive and loving man with a positive Energy. We spent our first night together eating strawberries dipped in chocolate and talking about the future……

    I woke up feeling too good and then I noticed Clement was having me for breakfast, when he got done and I had screamed and moaned in all languages cos Boy!!!! He was good, I kissed his lips and stared at him.. He had become my first thought each morning and last thought each day, the reason for the many smiles on my face, the happiness in my eyes, the warmth in my heart, my friend, my love, my shoulder to lean on, the one that holds me when I need to be held, the voice that makes me weak, the ever constant tingle in my soul.. He was all that I ever wanted, all that I had ever dreamed of. And as I laid there beside him after one year of our amazing relationship, I tried to remember the days before we met and it seemed all blurry.. All that was in my head were Memories of us. Memories of Clement and Dodeye….. 



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My name is Queenette Dodeye Obongha, Founder/ Curator of Dodeye's Corner. I am an Artist, Story Teller, Food/Travel enthusiast and finally "Our Mordern Day Monalisa" .

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    This is wonderful… I love it .

      Thankyou. I’m glad you love it.

    Less s*x information for a change… Great either ways…

      Thankyou for your feedback.

    Nice piece tho

    Spell error. Par.2 line 46…touched by my (an) angel. Paragraph your work more for easy reading. Apart from these, your piece is perfect. I liked it.

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