I decided to put on my phone after leaving it off for 3days, I knew Dele had tried to call a million times.. I wasn’t wrong I saw over 30 messages from him, begging me to put on my phone so we could talk about that night.. The thought of that night literally tears me apart, the worst part was I couldn’t place exactly how I felt … It was like I missed Dele and I couldn’t understand why I’ll miss someone that made me feel so hurt …   Babe, you should talk to Dele ooo, May told me when she came to see me, talk to him and tell him what? I asked her…. Anything, if you don’t want again at least just tell him now, I don’t know what I want May I told her hoping she’ll somehow understand how I feel ..Dodeye please find a way to reach Dele, I’ve known Dele for a while, I’ve seen him with a lot of girls, none of them ever had this effect on him, Dele loves you and there’s no doubt about that. He was gay so what? They’re a lot of straight guys but would they love you as much? Would they adore you as much as Dele does? That boy practically worships the ground that you walk on Dodeye, you need to be careful with your actions so you don’t regret May told me… He was gay? Is Tony dead? I asked her… Oh I didn’t tell you? Tony called me the day after the whole incident to say Dele told him never to call him again, he was crying and acting all emotional I was almost irritated… May answered….. May I’m just so confused right now, I love Dele but this whole thing.. Would it ever be the same? Would I ever look at him the same way? What if he asks for a rimjob innocently and I just think something else?…… Just think about everything deeply, you’re a big girl, you’re smart too. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision she answered.. I smiled and hugged her.. 

   Just when I decided to think about everything deeply, Dele’s call came in and I didn’t know what to do, I just looked at the phone till it rang and stopped then started ringing again, I picked it and brought the phone close to my ears ” Baby, I miss you so much,he said immediately I picked, hello, hello…..he kept on saying when I didn’t say anything… Then I ended the call.. A text came in almost immediately ” baby please say something, I miss your voice so bad” I just realized I missed yours too I whispered and switched off the phone…..

   It was one week after the incident , I just realized I hadn’t stepped out of the house, I kept calling work the whole week saying I’m sick, I was so lucky Awu travelled for a show the company she works for was organizing, May came to see me twice and both times all we talked about was Dele and just saying something to him, I decided I needed to step out, go somewhere, chill, just relax basically..I couldn’t kill myself cos my boyfriend is Bi or was Bi so I started getting pretty, when I was done I thought about calling May cos if I’m alone I’ll just keep thinking about the whole thing and my aim of having fun will be defeated so I called her and luckily for me she was happy to come… 

   I decided we meet at Rhapsody restaurant Ikeja cos it’s really serene, May met me there after I’d waited for a bit, I needed a little bit of alcohol so I ordered for tequila and lime , May decided to get chapman, she thought it was wise for one person to be sober… While we were gisting, drinking and laughing , she said happy 6months anniversary, then it hit me Dele and I are six months today…it was an amazing six months with him until that incident I was telling May then I noticed she was staring at the door, since I was backing the door I stopped too and looked back…… My heart stopped for a fraction of a second, I saw my baby, he looked like he was sick, he started walking towards our table and I didn’t know whether to get up and run away or get up and run to him…. I missed him, I could feel those butterflies I get when I see him, they were still there… I looked at May and she said “I’m sorry, I had to”..He came to me, and knelt down before me with tears dropping from his eyes, you fixed me baby and I’ll forever……he couldn’t complete his sentence cos he was sobbing…. Shhhhhh, I said as I drew him closer ” I’m not perfect, and I don’t expect you to be perfect, but I need someone that’s not your kind of imperfect, I forgive you but I can’t be with you …………then I stood up and walked out trying to fight the tears that was almost escaping from my eyes…

                                                                                                         THE END…….

 Who was your favorite character and why? Please don’t forget to leave your feedback as a comment….. Thank you for your support…

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    I feel for dele
    *****still sobbing*****

    Dele tho.. Reminds me of Jamal and Alicia Keys in Empire season 3..

    Dele just felt bad abt how things ended but I believe he still got a 2nd chance to prove his love… May was also a very good friend who didn’t pick sides n gudge she acted maturedly

    Mehn! C’mmon dodeye! Shudda forgiven the poor guy na… feel sorry for this dele character

    It was a great one but.. come on.. it really shouldn’t have ended. There must’ve been a way to keep the series going every Saturday. Lol i literally anticipated every piece like a premier league weekend. Nice one girl.

    Thankyou so much for your comments. I really appreciate

    nice word play…

    Favourite character would be Awu cos of how real the character seemed, due to the dialogues you both had, like “Boys have started dropping you at home Dodeye?” ..”It’s a boy not boys” And her being nicer to the guy cos of the bribes. Very typical. It’s good your first series isn’t too long cos it’s practically a test run. Nice story cool ending wish I didn’t look-up Rimjob on Google though 😔 very disturbing 😧 only thing I wish wasn’t in the story lol…

    And oh can’t wait for more SHORT stories…

    I have finally come to the end! I love the twist in d whole story, but then some things should be given a second chance, so does Dele, despite the thought of it is so yuck… My fav character would be May, she’s a good friend in every sense of the word. Oh! then Awu! she’s very real, if Dodeye could fixed Dele, then that’s real love. Only love can do that, and time will definitely. these series deserves a happy ending oooo

      Thankyou so much for taking out time to read and leaving a Feedback. I appreciate.. For the happy ending, I feel bad for Dele too but we need to understand that life doesn’t happen how we want it to everytime.. That’s the point I was trying to prove. Thanks again Bella

    I think you should have given Dele another chance. I felt so bad for him and the poor guy loves you so much, you just broke his heart 😭

    It’s a nice piece. I enjoyed it…

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