Dele was so excited during our ride home to his place, he would look at me and smile at intervals, it felt so good seeing him like that… When we got home he was acting like it was my first time in his house. Asking questions like ” do you know where to drop your bag?”, saying things like ” if you want to shower, go through that door” it was funny but I understood, he was just really excited about me spending the night, I was too…….. We laid down and gisted about a lot of things, laughed, kissed, cuddled… We were just ” loving up” when he asked me to shower so he would and we can just lay down and continue ” loving up” for the rest of the night…..

   After I showered, I wore my nightie I’d been saving for as long as I can remember then I laid on the bed fiddling with my phone and waiting for him to get done showering.. While waiting, his phone beeped, I picked it up and screamed ” honey you have a message” I doubt he heard cos he didn’t say anything… When I looked at the screen I saw ” picture received from “T” that’s how he saved Tony’s number on his phone so I was eager to see the picture Tony sent and I just opened it… My mouth was wide open when I saw a mirror picture of Tony Naked with a message saying ” All of this for you Baby, anytime you want it” I flung the phone and squeezed myself in the Duvet, I couldnt believe what I just saw, I didn’t even understand. 

  Dele stepped out of the bathroom smiling like he just won an award, I couldn’t even look at his face.. ” you said my phone rang baby, where’s it?” He asked me.. I couldn’t say a word, I felt so stiff.. Baby why is my phone on the ground? He asked and picked up the phone, why are you not saying anything? Are you trying to be cute or what? He asked laughing…I was too irritated to even pay any attention to how sexy he looked with a towel tied on his waist… He was on his phone for a while then he dropped it and tried coming to meet me on the bed when I got up and covered my self so tight with the duvet like a monster was coming to rape me… ” Baby, baby please don’t act like this I beg you, I will explain everything to you, baby I’m so sorry you had to see this, baby please look at me, I love you baby please just listen to me..” I didnt say a word I just dragged the duvet and ran out of the room to the parlour, sat behind one of the sofas and covered myself, I was so scared I can’t explain it…

   I overheard Dele making a call and shouting, he was probably talking to Tony cos I heard things like ” now what do you want me to tell her? ” , ” don’t tell me you’re sorry man”, “we already talked about this” , ” sorry won’t solve this”, ” call her for what? Don’t do that” , ” you’ve screwed me up man, I’m finished”.. After sometime I heard him hitting the wall so hard I became scared, I was torn between going to stop him, sitting here or running out of the house…before I could conclude with my thoughts I saw him approaching me then he came and sat beside me….. Baby please just say something, your silence is deafening… Please anything.. His voice sounded like he was about to cry ,I just didn’t know how to feel anymore..” You’re gay, Dele, you’re gay” I said In between sobs…” baby you’re calling me Dele already? Baby I swear since I met you I haven’t had anything to do with Tony, truth is I’m bi and I’ve been dating Tony for so long even when I was in relationships with girls.. But baby I couldn’t hurt you like that, I love you so much baby, I told Tony I couldnt anymore, I’m just so sorry I put you in this situation , I feel so ashamed now, baby please just say something to me.. Please baby… Dele kept on pleading the whole night, I didn’t say a word just kept on crying imagining how this night would have been if that text didn’t come in, if I didn’t read it… I was so confused whether to be thankful or angry it happened… Immediately I saw a little light outside like morning was coming, I got up , went into the room, changed up and left the house.. Dele was looking at me like a sad little child..  

       “Please can you come to the house, it’s important” I texted May on my way home, before I got home she was already there..Awu had left for church so she was waiting outside.. Immediately I saw her I hugged her and started crying.. “Dodeye, you’re scaring me.. What happened? She asked me.. It’s Dele, Dele is gay I said crying… Awww, love lets go inside please, so you can sit down and tell me everything she said holding me… When we got inside and sat down, I looked at her and I didn’t see any atom of suprise on her face….May, you’re not surprised ? Is it a normal thing around here? I asked her really surprised… No o, it’s not normal, it’s just I knew Dele and Tony were dating but I thought you knew too… She replied… Omg, that’s why he’s been uncomfortable with me hanging with you, he was thinking you’ll tell me… I said remembering everything… As much as I want to say you’re good person , I want to also saying you’re wicked for not mentioning it…I added… It’s not me that will put sand inside Sepele garri na, she answered you two are so amazing together she added and I managed a smile… But didn’t notice any gay traits in him? She asked me…you know him now May, would you even think that, he’s so macho and all….wait wait wait I said snapping my fingers … May do you know he always insists I give him a rimjob? I even finger his anus at times,it was weird but I thought it was one of those things… Between rimjobs are becoming the “it” now …. Omg May I feel so gross I told her cleaning my index finger on my dress… Your so gross Dodeye, May replied cleaning her nose and we both started laughing. But what am I supposed to do now? I asked her? Don’t worry dear just think about it, I feel so bad your first night together turned out like this,why wasn’t it the second? Or the third? May answered

    Immediately May left Awu came in, they probably saw themselves…ahah! Why are you back so early? And why are you lying down as if you’re sick? I couldn’t tell Awu, except I wanted to be laughed at for the rest of my life… I’m sick I answered… Hope Dele has not used your health for rituals she said undressing… It just didn’t make any sense, I turned to the other side and started crying…

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