It was love at first sight, it was love at second sight, it was love at no sight at all. It was love Everytime.
 It was one of those boring days  at home and I needed some outside feel, checked for the movies showing on my phone and there was one for 4.02pm, got up, dressed up, did little makeup and drove to marina, its been a while.
 The movie was over and as I walked to the car park, there was a beautiful car parked beside mine. I’m not one to notice cars or anything like that but this one caught my eye, I just said wow and turned to my car trying to open the door, it was so hard and refused to open, I didn’t even understand what was going on. Just when I was almost loosing it I heard one soft masculine vioce at my back “hey! Do you need help with that? Yes please, my door has refused to open I replied. Alright let me check that he said n walked to the door while I shifted to give him way. His hair was 2 shades lighter than black,he looked worn out and clearly needed a shave but there was no doubt about it. He was gorgeous, the kind of boy you get infatuated with at first sight. You should take the car to the mechanic so it doesn’t repeat itself its just a minor issue he said as the door swung open. Thankyou very much, I wonder what I would have done. Thankyou I said again and yea ill see the mechanic I added and got into the car. Hey! can I atleast know your name? And maybe get your number? I might need you to return the favor you know? He said as I was about to shut the door. I’m Dodeye, this is my card I said as I handed it over to him. Thankyou I’m Martins he said as he opened the door of the car I admired. Oh wow I said gently and drove off .
   Hello, this is Martins, the guy that helped you with your car. He said from the other side of the phone. I remember you I replied, don’t tell me you need me to return the favor already I added. Erm, not immediately but my company is having a dinner tomorrow, I want you to be my date he said. Don’t you have a girlfriend that can fulfill that purpose I said laughing . Well I don’t he replied. Oh I see, and you dont think maybe I have a boyfriend that won’t let me? I asked . You know I really didn’t think about that. Do you? No I don’t I answered . Alright then ill pick you up by 8pm tomorrow, it’s a date he said with a chuckle.
   It wasn’t like  the usual kind of company dinners I’ve attended, this one was really classy like some kind of red carpet award winning show. Everybody was looking superb. ThankGod for fatima and her magic fingers, she sewed a beautiful silver sequin gown that sat really nicely on my almost perfect body which I accessorized with my statement earings and louboutin shoes I had been saving for a special day. Martins was looking like a lord dressed in  Navy Blue two button suit with a crisp white shirt ,no tie with monk strap brown leather prada shoes that matched his belt & Dolce & Gabbana leather strap watch smelling like Isey Miyake’s Intense. We looked perfect, I could see everyone was looking at us, I could perceive the envy that was flying round the room, the pain in the vioces of the ladies present and the wishes in the statements of the men. He held me so close throughout the dinner, I felt so loved. Thankyou, It was a beautiful night I said as he dropped me at my gate. You made it beautiful darl he said and gave me a peck on my left cheeks.
    It’s been three months since we started dating and I was in his house, it was one of those lazy Saturdays that we just  stayed in bed, talking, laughing and not getting enough of each other. Honey I  think I’ll leave this evening, you didn’t even let me sort my next week work clothes, you just flew from work and picked me up yesterday I said while we were lying down all cuddled saying nothing. You’re leaving tomorrow baby, tomorrow evening, what do you expect me to do with myself while you’re gone? You should even start thinking of how to spend the week days here he said stroking my hair. Honey ill leave tomorrow okay? Let’s not bring the weekdays topic anymore.i said.   What are we going to eat ? I asked. Just fix anything baby, I don’t feel like anything in particular he answered. Aii love I said as I got up and was heading to the kitchen when I felt a hand round my waist and a soft masculine vioce whispering in my ear.   ” but ill have you first baby “.
   Baby girl, you and Martins are perfect, I envy you guys o, so after 8months he still does all these sweet things to you?Rita my colleague in the office said as the delivery guy brought in a bunch of flowers from martins for me. My dear o! He’s really sweet, this is just one of the beautiful things he does to me o. That guy is heaven sent I told her as I was admiring the beautiful roses he sent. Babe Abeg if he get brother, introduce me now. Rita said with a really serious tune. Ahah what of Charly now?  I asked her. Charly is her 3yrs old boyfriend. Babe Abeg leave that one, I need love like this oooo , not fake love. Rita said.  leave me Abeg with all this your funny talks   I answered her and continued with my work.
   Honey I’ve been waiting for you, it’s almost 8pm, aren’t you picking me up for the weekend? I asked martins on the phone. Baby I’m sorry, I would have told you, we’re having a guys night at my place. James and the others, ill pick you up tomorrow okay? Then you’ll go to work from here on Monday.martins replied.  So if I didn’t call you would have kept me waiting all night? I asked really pissed. I’m sorry baby I would have called you. Goodnight I said and ended the call.
 Baby please meet me at axari after work, we need to talk about something very important . Was the message I received from martins at about 2pm on a Wednesday. Wednesdays are his busy days so it’s strange he wants us to meet, it must be really important then. Hey honey , I’m sorry I delayed. I said and hugged him when I got to axari, I’m sure he was there at exactly 2pm, his punctuality is impeccable . It’s alright baby he replied very coldly, he’s been acting really cold for almost a month now.  Baby, you’re a very wonderful person both inside and outside, I’m very honored to have been a part of your life he was saying and I cut him . have been? You aren’t a part anymore ?I asked with a lot of suprise. Baby please listen to me he begged.  You are the example of a perfect woman and the only man ill ever envy is the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with. At this moment I was almost crying but I just maintained  my composure. he continued . It has been what? A year plus and believe me it has been beautiful, I called you here to tell you I want us to part ways, I respect you too much to continue lying to you Dodeye. Oh! It’s Dodeye now? You just called me out on a Wednesday and tell me we should have a breakup? I said almost shouting. Baby please I’m sure you have noticed and with your questions for the past one month, I know you haven’t been comfortable with my attitude. Our relationship got too boring for me, it was like a routine, we did the same things every week, it was beautiful at first but it became boring and I met a girl. The words pierced my heart like a knife. If it got boring for you, couldn’t you say something so we work it out honey? Isn’t it our duty to ignite the fire anytime it tries to dim? But no! You just decided to get another girl. I said this time with tears escaping from my eyes. Baby please don’t, I’m very sorry for the pain this will cause you and that’s why I want us to end it like matured people he was saying and I cut again. Matured people will fix their relationships Martins, not run away from it when it gets boring, who says it wouldn’t get boring with this new girl? I asked. She’s really adventurous baby, I doubt it will but I just want you to know that it’s not you baby, its me.. he answered.  I forgive you Martins for lying to me and developing feelings for some other girl, please let’s work it out, we can’t just throw what we have to the dust just like that, let’s fix this I said  with plea in my vioce. Baby stop it please, I’ve made my decision, he said.  forgive me please would you like to drink anything? He added. Don’t call me baby and shove the drink in your ass I said and walked out, got into my car and cried out everything in me.
     It was 2wks and I was still hoping for a call from him, I felt like I was hit every day with a pestle, it was like a physical pain, I was shattered, it felt like a dream, I didn’t want to believe it, it went on and on, I didn’t have any lingering male to distract me, I had cut all such interactions, but just like everyother pain this one too faded gradually…
   I loved him, he loved me too, she came to the picture. She broke our love, I lived happily ever after, he lived happily until after. ..

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    Wow this piece is just beautiful but the ending of it made me wonder.

      Thankyou, sometimes we have to wonder

    This peice should have a sound track Lying king by Jhene Aiko…

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