It would have been a normal day until I decided to walk down to my junction to get corn and pear and quench the craving I’ve had for almost 3days.
 I got up from my bed and struggled to fit into my jean cos the strike had made me add so much weight, with my hair net and big tee I just got my walet and walked out of the house.
 After getting the corn and pear, I was strolling back home and regretting why I didn’t leave the house with my phone cos the walk home seemed really boring , just then a car stopped beside me. Geeeeez!! the car was fioneeee , I couldn’t stop admiring it and wishing it wasn’t just directions the person needed , then a very handsome man put out his head, he looked quite old ,and I couldn’t understand how someone that old can be so fine. “Hello, good evening, please where is lawrence Ene close? ” The man asked,  ” its the first left turn from here, the tarred street” I replied . ” Thankyou very
much, you look beautiful he said as he wound up his glass.  I was a little disappointed that it was just directions he needed but before I could walk a few more steps, I heard ” hey, I didn’t even ask for your name, by the way I’m Brad, Mr Brad”. The man said.  I’m Dodeye I replied. Miss Dodeye I added and we both laughed.  ” please can I have your number so I can call you later? ” he asked. Erm okay 080 ******69 I read out to him, the way he was smiling when I was reading the number out, I didn’t get. After getting it, he thanked me and drove off.
    Mr Brad and I agreed to meet at the Chinese restaurant at state housing for lunch at 2pm. I got there at 3pm and when I spoted him,  I walked up to him and sat down, After telling me how beautiful I looked, he told me how he has been waiting for me for over an hour, I apologized, we placed our orders and started talking. So Dodeye, where do you school? He asked me. Crutech I replied, but we are on strike now I added. You don’t have anything you want to know about me? He asked   Erm! Just tell me everything I replied smiling shyly. Okay, I’m Mr Brad, 55yrs old, married with 3kids, 2 girls and a boy but my family is in the UK, I’m a venture capitalist and ill be here for 2months cos  I want to set up something in my state.  Nice I replied. So you’re from crossriver? What part? I asked. I’m from Yala he replied but my wife is Kedei, she’s from Yakurr like you he added. Oh I see I said trying to adjust so I can start eating. You’re such a beautiful girl Dodeye I can’t even explain he said looking into my eyes so intently. Thankyou very much Mr Brad I said. So who did you come to look for in federal housing ? I asked him. You!!  he replied. Ahah! Me? How? I asked surprised. You want to laugh at an old man err? He said laughing. Nope I won’t laugh I promise. okay, maybe a little I added. The day we spoke  is the 3rd time I’ve come to look for you, I came to see my friend once and I saw you but before I could get to you, you entered inside your house, I felt really bad but I thought ill get over it. 2days later I couldn’t get why you were still so much in my head, I decided to come there, drove round and round, couldn’t knock on your gate so I went back home, I still couldn’t stop thinking about you, I still don’t get why so I went to look for you again but to no avail, and that lucky day when I saw you, you don’t understand how happy I was when you gave me your number. I felt like I won something, a trophy maybe and now you having lunch with me. I’m so excited, I can’t explain.  Oh! Wow was the only thing that escaped my lips. Yea he replied, hope you’re enjoying your food Darling? He asked me. Yes I am. Thankyou I replied.
    After I got a Sweetdreams message from Mr Brad, I decided to understand how I felt about the whole situation. I know I was feeling really amazing but I didn’t understand why! He’s a married man for crying out loud and there’s only one thing they all want but him! There was something different about him and I felt like he wasn’t like the rest of them I’ve had encounters with. How do you know? I asked myself  before I slept.
    I boarded a cab to Ekorinim at 3pm and dropped at the gate Mr Brad described to me. The gateman called him and let me inside to see him, The smile on his face was so genuine I could see the happiness in his eyes, he led me upstairs to his room and then he asked me to sit down. The room was really beautiful, it was decorated with red and grey. He called someone to bring snacks and a drink upstairs and then we started talking about everything, we talked about politics, music, fashion, religion, we laughed, we argued, we ate, we drank, we talked more. I didn’t realize it was already 8pm until my phone beeped and then I saw the time.  I’ll leave now I told him zipping my bag n looking at the mirror,I had an amazing time with you Dodeye, he said and handed an envelope to me. Thanks much I replied and then he called his driver to drop me home.
   The first thing I did when I got home was open the envelope, the sum of money inside was so much I couldn’t believe and then a piece of paper  saying ” Would you make love to me if I asked? ” I didn’t get it. I was already about to praise him for the fact that I stayed with him for 6hrs in the same room and he didn’t try to do anything sexual and now this note?  With all this money? Is the money supposed to lure me? Were all the thoughts running in my head.  I just dropped everything in my drawer and went to shower, I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing my time with him was and how we just really vibed, a lot of thoughts were running through my mind and I was really confused. At about 11pm just before I slept I got my phone and sent ” No I won’t ” to Mr Brad.

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    You just have a nice way of keeping me glued.. Then you break my heart in the end with the suspense.. Nice one luv..

    Lovely piece darling.. Always look forward to your stories..

    Nice! A budding talent u got.

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