Going Dutch  

So this has been an argument for a long time and I just want to put it out there again.. Let’s discuss  Going Dutch” is a term that indicates that each person participating in a group activity pays for himself, rather than any person paying…


LSMD- Death  

My husband said the strangest things, I laid down that night thinking about what “you are the death of me” meant . Well, maybe he meant I am the only one that had the ability to hurt him and that felt good.. We went to…



 “Someone delivered this for you” the receptionist said as she dropped a hamper on my table. Thank you I replied and opened the envelope that was hanging.. “Can I take you out for dinner on Thursday night Cypress” ? With love “Leonardo ” I smiled…



We got into his room and got on the bed, I felt like a force was pulling me.. Is this going to be a “one evening stand” I thought.. I had never done this before, the only person I had ever been sexual with was…


LSDM- Love  

I couldn’t forget about what had happened, how could I? I had loved Marco with every thing in me for 5 whole years .. I had sacrificed a lot for him and all he had to say was “he wanted to marry someone way younger…