“Someone delivered this for you” the receptionist said as she dropped a hamper on my table. Thank you I replied and opened the envelope that was hanging.. “Can I take you out for dinner on Thursday night Cypress” ? With love “Leonardo ” I smiled and opened the hamper to see the contents.. I laughed out my ass when I saw a bathroom floor mat, I had told Leonardo in one of our conversations that I slipped in the bathroom.. We had been talking everyday for over 2 weeks now, and trust me when I say Leonardo is a great guy.. Minus the fact that he was such a pleaser in bed, he had other amazing qualities too , I was itching to meet him.. I didn’t know how to ask…I was glad he did 

   Thursday couldn’t go slower, an hour lasted for 5 hours, the anticipation to see Leonardo once more was killing me, yes we had been communicating but looking into each other’s eyes again, holding hands maybe and probably kissing were thoughts that were bursting my brains.. It was some minutes to 5pm and I just jumped up and started leaving the office. I couldn’t wait anymore.. 8pm was close and I wanted to look like magic for dinner..

   “Madam calm down” Laura said running after me at the office car park.. ” I’m calm now, which one is calm down again”? I asked her ” it’s not even 5pm and you’re running home, this your boy with a Spanish name wants to kill you o ” she said laughing.. ” have you picked something to wear” she asked ” since 1900″ I said and we both laughed , then I got into my car and just when I was about to move , she knocked on my window, “what is it” I asked as i brought down the glass “keep your legs closed” she said with a stern look.. I just smiled and nodded, I couldn’t promise her that.. 

   Walking into the restaurant we had agreed to meet, I could feel my legs shaking, I was super nervous.. I wanted this to work, I wanted Leonardo and I to work. I felt something really deeply for him. As I was approaching the table where he was seated, I saw him get up and draw out my seat, I sat down and said Thank you. I couldn’t take my eyes off him the whole night, he looked better than the man I saw in Ghana, he looked a whole lot different.. He told me he went to Ghana for the weekend to clear his head too, his ex girlfriend died a year and a half ago and he hadn’t recovered yet.. He talked about how I was in his thoughts everyday since he saw me and how it had been impossible for him to get attracted to any woman after the incident. I told him about Marcos , we talked about our lives, dreams, aspirations and interests.. He told me he will love for me to give him a chance to heal my broken heart, to replace the sadness in my eyes with happiness, to love and cherish me, to treat me Iike a goddess. I believed every bit of what he said, I was sure we will be happy together.. 

    “So there’s no way you’re coming home with me tonight” Leonardo asked as we got into his car outside the restaurant, we agreed we won’t do anything sexual till after 3 dates I replied smiling shyly not trusting myself to wait another day to be fondled and caressed with his magic hands.. ” I know a very nice sharwama spot down lekki and we could go and have pizza somewhere too, that’s 3 dates already . Isn’t it? ” he said laughing.. “I don’t have any more space for food, we can go to your house I told him and he drove off”

  Leo had amazing taste, from his foot mat to his furnitures.. Everything was top notch.. I love a man with good taste, you can’t be scared what gift he will get for you.. We pretended to talk for a bit, when all that was in our head was to rip each other’s clothes, “can I kiss my girlfriend now” Leo asked with fire in his eyes.. ” I thought you’ll never ask” I replied and I found myself in the bedroom, how he raised me up and took me there I can’t tell…. From the bed, to the floor , to the shower, to the kitchen, to the shower again. Leo and I explored our innermost sexual desires.. He made me discover things about myself I never knew existed.. Guys!!! I squirted. 

  “Mum and dad, this is the man I told you about, the man I want to get married to” I told my parents , Leo stood up and greeted them once more, my dad started his interrogation and my mum signaled for me to follow her to the bedroom.. 

“Dodeye, are you sure you are not in a hurry? “My mum asked me.. “That’s the same thing I’ve been telling her Ma” Laura said from the side of the bed where she was charging her phone.. I looked at both of them with shock in my eyes ” Are you not the same people that told me to move on?” I asked ” or did you expect me to take years before I meet someone else?” I added ” That’s not what I mean my daughter” my mother said in a low tone drawing me closer to her as she noticed I was already getting upset ” you have just known this boy for two months and you are talking about marriage already, people don’t marry like that ” she added ” I dated Marcos for 5yrs and what happened? Someone has decided to marry me after 2 months and you have an issue with it” I said ” it’s funny that his family accepts me more than you people accept him, Thank God my father understands ” I said walking out.. ” Dee, that’s not the…..” I heard my mum say on my way out…

   “Hello, it’s Marcos” I heard from the other side of the phone.. It took me a few minutes to process what I just heard.. “Are you there” I heard him say and I was consumed with anger. ” Marcos I can hear you” I said back with anger. “Congratulations, I heard you’re getting married” he said ” Thank you ” I replied. ” you don’t have to be mean Dee, we can be friends ” he said ” No we cannot be friends” I replied , ended the call and flung the phone.. What idiocy!!!! 

  I said “I do” to Leonardo just the way I had always imagined it, if not better. I can’t say I didn’t think it was quite fast but it felt right.. I felt something strong the first day I saw him and everyday that we spent together, the feelings grew stronger.. I could see that I was glowing and everyone spoke about it.. I couldn’t wait for the beautiful honey moon.. To spend 2 weeks away from the world with my Husband. 

  ” Hey Cypress” my husband said as he walked into the bathroom and wrapped his hands around my waist while I was trying to wash the mask off my face in the sink.. ” I always wanted to ask you why you picked that name for me love” I said staring at his reflection in the mirror. “from the first day I saw you, I knew I needed to be with you, I knew I didn’t want to be hurt by anyone else. Dodeye , you are the death of me”


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    That was fast

    I honestly don’t feel you need to wait years before you know someone is right for you.. if it’s right, it’s right… Go ahead with your marriage plans please

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