We got into his room and got on the bed, I felt like a force was pulling me.. Is this going to be a “one evening stand” I thought.. I had never done this before, the only person I had ever been sexual with was Marcos , the thought of having s*x with someone else was a bit frightening, I wasn’t ready..

Are you ok? Leonardo asked me.. Yes I am I replied as I drew his head closer and planted a kiss on his lips.. They say ” the way to get over a man is to be under one” and I was willing to do anything to get over Marcos.. Anything..

Leonardo pulled my clothes while kissing me and caressing me with skill, I didn’t understand what I was feeling, this wasn’t my first time of having s*x but it felt different.. When I was lying on his bed naked, he went to his fridge and brought out a box of chocolate, he took some and rubbed it on my nipples, laid on top of me and started licking out the chocolate from both nipples at intervals, while he’s sucking one nipple he will be caressing the other with his thumb and index finger gently, I wanted him to go faster, to choke me,go into me and pound me like I offended him but he took his time, he was moaning, and I could see he was enjoying what he was doing.. I could feel his waist moving and his eggplant growing below me.. I was short of words, I couldn’t scream.. Leonardo was a god. He had treated my b***s like gold and spent so much time on it , I was sure I had soaked his bed with my liquid glory, then just at the right time, he traced his tongue down to my navel and moved it in circles, by this time I had opened my legs so wide and placed it on his shoulders.. I wanted to bless his face with all the juice in me.. I felt him open my V lips with both thumbs and then he started kissing it gently, I was already vibrating, I felt worshipped, I felt like a king.. Leonardo took his time and licked every part of me , he licked me gently and passionately, concentrating on my clits just the way I like it. Then when I felt my abdomen tighten and an explosion escaping from my body.. He stretched his hands to my nipples and squeezed it.. I moaned so loudly, gyrating my hips while depositing my honey on his face.. I couldn’t understand why I started shouting “Thank you so much ” ” Thank you leo” I got up and pushed him to the bed undressing him with speed, I wanted him so bad, he laid there looking at me with this mysterious smile, I didn’t have the time to understand the smile.. I looked at his naked body lay in bed and I wasn’t sure where to start from.. He looked so damn fine with his D standing up in the air like a thick black pole.. And I knew that’s where I wanted to be, that’s what I wanted inside me at that moment so I got above him and sat on his D, he laid there with his eyes closed and his hands on his head while I rode him with all the strength in me, I wanted to please him as he did me , I wanted him to thank me too.. I then tilted backwards placing my left hand on the bed and pleasuring my clits with the other hand, going slowly in and out of him.. I could feel his legs squeeze below me and I kept doing what I was doing , he was moving faster and then he sat up and grabbed my b***s , going deeply into me, making me feel him almost in my throat.. I was sure he had destroyed all my internal organs..I kept riding him until I felt his d**k pulsate as he spilled his seed into my womanhood, I got up and put his D into my mouth, licking everything off it. He was signaling for me to stop as he was vibrating but I kept doing what I was doing until he said Thank you. I smiled and laid beside him looking at the ceiling and wondering what I had gotten my self into.. This man right here made me feel things inexplicable, this man was all I needed .. Pls tell me, what is a Marcos?

I couldn’t stop thinking about that evening, sometimes I’ll just vibrate like I was about to orgasm, I could still remember every feeling, I wanted to see that guy again, I wanted to be under him , to have his hands all around me.. To pleasure me like a goddess. It’s sad we didn’t get to exchange numbers or get to know each other, I knew just his first name, how was I to find him with his first name? The most important thing was anytime I wanted to be sad about Marcos, Leonardo comes to my head and I feel better. That travel was the best thing that happened to me.

“So you don’t want to tell me what happened in that trip abi”? Laura asked me when she came to my office. “What happened was I had fun and I got over Marcos” I replied, “isn’t that what we all wanted”? I added. “Dodeye, I cannot show you how happy I am that you feel better and you look way better with multiple smiles on your face, I just want to know what changed everything” Laura said with a soft voice that made me feel bad.. “Ok, I met someone ” I said bending my head.. “I knew it , Laura said laughing, it had to be a boy” she added “so I’ve told you, can you allow me rest now”? I asked her.. “After work you’ll have to give me this gist in details” she said walking out of my office then she turned and winked at me at the door.. ” GET OUTTTTTT” I screamed

It was going to be an uneventful day at work, until I got a message notification on Facebook messenger, normally I’ll ignore but I decided to check this one “Hello Cypress” was the message I got, I was still thinking about why someone will think calling me a flower associated with pain was the best way to start a conversation when I saw other messages come in “This is Leonardo , the man who’s soul you took along with you when you left, I have been looking everywhere for you” at that moment I froze.. I didn’t know what reply, then another message came in “Cypress, are you there”?



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