I couldn’t forget about what had happened, how could I? I had loved Marco with every thing in me for 5 whole years .. I had sacrificed a lot for him and all he had to say was “he wanted to marry someone way younger than him” then I saw wedding cards 2 weeks after.. He didn’t know we were the same age 5 yrs ago when he was all up in my face talking about how he loved me and how he wanted me so bad?.. In all the early years we spent together ,He didn’t know we were the same age? No!! He had to wait till now when my life revolved around him and everything I did was for him.. I was broken, I was devastated, I was like a dead man walking … 

   I had become a complete shadow of myself, I was heart broken.. It was like a physical pain, like someone was hitting my chest with a mortar every minute of the day.. Sleep became a luxury, I forgot how my face looked with a smile on my lips.. Work wasn’t even going smoothly. To be honest, I didn’t think there was anything more for me in this world. Marcos had gone with all my happiness.. Marcos had left me for dead.. 

    ” Dodeye, you are one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met and I don’t even mean your physical beauty.. If I start talking about that we will probably not finish today.. You have such a beautiful soul that touches every one that comes around you.. You walk into a room and captivate the heart of both the men and women.. You can’t even be hated on .. Marcos left you!! So what? It’s his loss baby girl.. Put a smile on those beautiful lips and stop frowning, it makes you look like a rat” I managed a smile and looked at my friend Laura, she had become the only one I talk to and she was doing everything possible to make me feel better.. A lot of other people just told me to move on, they say ” move on with your life” like it was easy.. They didn’t understand I had been cut and deeply..

   “I’ll be gone for just the weekend, I think being out of Lagos for a bit, seeing new people and places, will help me heal a little” I told Laura as I was about to go into the departure hall.. I hugged her and we said bye to each other. She had convinced me to leave the country and just breathe new air.. We decided I’ll go to Ghana for the weekend.. To be honest, I didn’t think I’ll have fun, I just planned to get to my hotel , cry, eat and sleep.. What was there in the world for me anyways?

  My room was so beautiful.. It was Thursday evening so everywhere was quiet.. I ordered Banku and tilapia fish , I had been craving it since the last time I visited Ghana with Marcos.. Oh!! Marcos, the love of my life, we started dating when I was 22yrs old, we served together in Lagos, we were the envy of other corpers, even after service, we were the envy of our friends.. Then all of a sudden he comes and says I’m old for him.. He hit a big contract and I was happy cos we worked so hard together for it. We agreed that when the money comes, we will get married.. After all we were comfortable.. The money came and Marcos changed.. My Marcos stopped picking my calls , stopped checking up as usual with the excuse of being busy.. Next thing he asks that we have dinner. I thought that was going to be it. The engagement.. Marcos told me that evening that we can’t get married.. Marcos said he needed a younger wife.. I can not remember how I got home, I can’t even remember driving.. My eyes were filled with tears.. I couldn’t see nothing.. I couldn’t believe my ears.. I just wanted to wake up from this dream that seemed real.. 

 “Will you get up from that bed and go out Dodeye” Laura screamed as she saw me lying on the bed.. I was bored so I called her on FaceTime .. ” but I just want to rest” I replied. “Go to the bar, do something, have a little bit of fun before you get back.. Don’t call me again, I won’t pick” she said ” but I just want” she ended the call before I could complete my sentence.. Ok I said as I jumped into the shower.. Let me go and sprinkle little pepper into these Ghanaian eyes I said while bathing.. 

  I got into my turquoise body con gown that showed my voluptuous figure that poured into an hour glass, I put on my nude heels looking at my swift long legs that can walk you out of your relationship..I blessed my Cupid bow lips with a classic Ruby woo lipstick and practiced my seducing smile before I walked out of my room to the hotel bar.. 

  Walking into the bar, I saw a lot of people, it looked like a club.. I walked up to the counter and sat down, ordered a margarita cocktail and I just sat up there sipping it and feeding my eyes.. I noticed a guy sitting on his own at one end of the bar, mostly on his phone with a bottle of Hennessy and 2 plastic Coke on his table.. Of course he was with someone I thought.. I couldn’t see him clearly but there was something striking about his appearance.. I’m not sure if it was his curly hair , his rounded face or how his features looked so subtle.. Our eyes caught each other staring a couple of times… I decided to behave myself and concentrate on feeling better instead of looking at other men, even if something in my head told me Mr Stranger will make me feel better.. 

  “Can I get my bill pls” I heard a voice that sounded just like John legend’s in his song “all of me” and when I looked up , it was Mr stranger talking to the waiter.. I adjusted and took a good look at him with the side of my eye.. He had a manly physique, curly brown hair, beautiful aquiline nose that complimented his prominent cheekbones, handsome in a subtle way.. Watching him walk out, he walked with purpose and authority.. Swinging his big hands that spoke of strength…. I was tired of the ton of men that came up to me asking for one thing or the other, trying to flirt with me.. Although I loved the attention, I loved that even in this state, I could arrest the eyes and hearts of men.. 

  So they say “how can you be surrounded by water and say you’re thirsty” I say ” how can you be surrounded by water and not take bomb pictures” ? I put on my yellow two piece beach wear and threw on a black fringe Kimono. I needed Laura to believe I had fun so I decided to take pictures of everything and smile in all my selfies like life was how I wanted it to be.. 

  I was tired of walking around the beach so I sat down at one corner and was sipping my coconut juice when I noticed a male figure sit beside me.. When I turned it was the guy from last night and I shook.. Hey, I’m Leonardo he said smiling like a 15 year old that just spoke to his crush for the first time. He looked so innocent, so pure but in that purity I could see passion and my head started spinning in different ways.. Hi, I’m Dodeye I replied.. So I saw you looking at me the whole time last night and I decided to make your day by introducing myself to you.. He said laughing . ” but if you weren’t staring too, how would you know I was staring”? I replied with a smile.. “Then I’m making my day and yours” he said.. Trying to sit comfortably beside me.. His skin brushed mine as he was trying to sit and it sent shivers down my spine, I felt my clits vibrate but I tried to control myself.. We were both quiet and it was so awkward when I looked down and saw a bulge in his pants.. As I tried to adjust, he held my waist and drew me close to him.. Our eyes were locked and I could see he was feeling the same way I was, if not more.. Do you mind coming to my room? He asked stretching his hands toward me.. I held his hands and followed without making a sound.. 


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