I was more than excited to move in to my own place, the thought of being independent , cooking when I feel like and sleeping as much as I want to, felt too good.. I had lived with my parents for as long as I have existed and I couldn’t wait to say “bye bitches” and pack my bags.. Not that they restricted my movements a lot but I’m sure you understand the difference…   So I got someone to paint, clean and arrange my house before I cat walked into it like a boss.. I was so happy, it was better than the picture I had in mind…oh dreams do come true I said as I looked at the walls that had both framed photos, drawings and paintings of my face.. Yes!! I’m obsessed with me… I couldn’t wait for my friends to start visiting..

We had like 4 different buildings in the compound , each building had two tenants, I was hoping the person sharing my building is a boy, preferably not married. I wasn’t up for any girl drama or married man drama..

I moved in on Friday, today is Tuesday and i had not seen my neighbor yet..The people in the other buildings didn’t seem friendly plus most of them were married and then a ton of girls lived in one of the flats… I didn’t expect them to be friendly already anyways.. I had just moved in..

It was Wednesday evening, I was so tired, this work I just started is stressing me already I thought as I opened the door to my building… Just then I saw a figure move towards me with a leopard like grace, to the door , to leave the building.. I was in awe, I just froze and stared at him.. He looked like a male model, about 6ft6 tall , concrete jaw, Titan type shoulders, brown almond shaped eyes that sparkled like the stars, he radiated energy and dynamism, i was still wowed by what I was seeing till I heard “sorry you’re blocking the door” with a voice that was deep and soft at the same time.. “Sorry” I managed to say as I shifted and turned to see him leave while trying to perceive more of his spicy aroma as he walked out..

I couldn’t function properly, every sound made me run to my window, I didn’t think I had looked at him enough, I wanted to see more.. I wanted to get close enough to study every thing about him.. From his hair to his toes.. I wanted to appreciate him like an artwork cos he was an artwork.. I wanted him in ways I didn’t understand…

I heard my new favorite voice, the voice that had been ringing in my head for days, the voice I wanted to hear every second of the day.. People tell me about how they crush on people, people even tell me about how they crush on me and I didn’t understand.. Now I know it’s worse than being in a relationship with someone you really love.. Like!!! How can you think of someone so much? Someone whose name you don’t know.. Someone who probably never thinks of you? I started feeling like a mad person..so I heard his voice at the corridor and just when I ran to have a glance , I heard a female voice too. I felt a sharp pain in my heart.. I struggled to see the face of the girl, I didn’t want to seem creepy and open the door just to stare so I decided I’ll go and introduce myself when I’m sure he’s the only one at home..

I was literally shaking while waiting for him to open the door after I knocked a couple of times… He opened the door and when I looked at him, I saw myself walk into his house, push him on the sofa, and just when I was about to kiss him in my head , he tapped me .. “Oh, hi.. My name is Dodeye, I just moved in and I wanted to do a proper introduction..”

That’s really nice of you he said,” My name is Diego and you’re welcome to ask for anything anytime… My girlfriend and I are really nice people, she doesn’t live here but she’s here mostimes he replied”.

“Ok , thanks” I said trying very hard to look away from his pants that had his d**k print showing .. Damn he’s huge I said as I smiled and turned to leave.. So he had to rub it on my face he has a girlfriend?

I had struggled with every fiber in me to move on, who is this boy really? I noticed anytime I’m out of the house, he doesn’t cloud my thoughts but when I step in the house.. He’s all I think of.. The fact he had a girlfriend wasn’t helping matters.. This girl is literally always in his house, I’m wondering why she hadn’t moved in already.. Like!!! I can’t even be just neighbors with him.. She was all over the place… Truth is I was jealous of her, I wanted her boyfriend so bad, I just wanted to be close to him, to talk and laugh with him.. To eat together, watch a movie or two.. To drive round the city and laugh at people and things together.. I wanted Diego and it was sad he didn’t want me back..Everybody wants Dodeye.. Now let me describe myself in the most modest way possible…

I am a 5ft8 lady with a sculpted figure that includes my round shaped protruding ass , well formed round breasts with a flat tummy that flatters it and curvilinear waist, shiny tint-skin that brings out the beauty of my ebony black hair. Naturally arched eyebrows that makes every female that comes across me jealous..Seraph’s ear and pixie nose with eyes that can melt the heart of a beast.. And this is me being modest , so now you can understand why I’m shocked at myself for wanting Deigo so bad and Deigo not showing any interest..

“Dodeye” I heard Diego call me from outside my door, I was shocked and excited at the same time.. Diego!!! At my door? What did he want? I was putting on a lace crop top and short leather skirts with nothing underneath.. Yes I like to look sexy for myself in my house. I contemplated on throwing a maxi gown so as not to send the wrong message but I pushed the thought and went to answer the door..

Hi Diego, I said leaning at the side of the door, I noticed his eyes fixed on my b***s , he was wearing a short that was a bit tight and I could see he had nothing underneath, his singlets didn’t cover his nipples and I could already see myself touching it.. ” you won’t invite me into your house Dodeye” he said waking me up from my naughty fantasies..

“Oh come inside, I’m sorry” I said not understanding why he wanted to come in, my heart leaped for joy..

We were both uncomfortable sitting next to each other, I could see in Diego’s eyes he wanted me as much as I wanted him.. Since he wanted to be childish , I decided to help him… I placed my hands on his thighs and when he turned to look at me, I kissed him like he was Ribena factory and I was sucking out all its contents.. Then I pushed him on the sofa and started undressing him , I took his d**k in my hand and placed wet kisses on it before circling it with my tongue and putting it into my mouth.. I rotated between deep throating him and going halfway,one hand was fondling with his testicles while the other slipped up and down his shaft, causing him to roll his eyes to the back of his head and make sounds with that sweet voice that made me drip uncontrollably.. When he was about to cum, I told him to hold on, raising up my skirt and going on top of him.. As I slid his chocolate stick into me, he reached for my breast and squeezed it, oh !! Painful pleasure…. I moved slowly up and down of him as he pushed my nipples together and blessed them with his tongue.. I bounced harder and faster, he brought his hands down my waist and pressed me deep into him , then I felt him explode inside me… He tilted me backwards using his juice to fondle my nipples and clits at the same time and in a few seconds.. I was screaming DEIGO! DEIGO!DEIGO! In the loudest voice I’ve ever used.. Then I heard him banging on my door asking what the problem is, with his girlfriend.. F**K!! It was a dream..

After I had managed to lie that I thought I saw a snake and needed help and looking stupid Infront of them, I decided to leave the house for a couple of days.. I decided to go to my colleagues house until I can get a hold of myself.. This thing was getting out of hand, it was getting toxic.. I needed to breathe another air..

I had been in my colleagues house for 5 days, she didn’t stop laughing at me and asking me if I was 12yrs old.. She said only teenagers act like that.. I had begged her to not say his name as I needed to clear my head completely.. But as usual.. She didn’t.. Either ways, not hearing his voice or bumping into each other or perceiving his spicy aroma helped a great deal.. I had decided that anytime I think of him, I will call a family member.. That seemed like a healthier obsession to me.. 16 more days and I’ll be over Diego cos I learnt 21days is enough to get over an obsession..

I had managed to do 10days and I was ecstatic.. 11 more days and I’ll be done.. I already felt I was over him, the thought of him did nothing to me anymore .. I was walking outside the gate to get eggs when I saw two familiar figures.. “Dodeye, what are you doing here “? Diego asked with that voice and I could feel something drop in my panties .. “I should be asking you that ” I replied.. “My girlfriend lives here” he answered.. “OMG, I’m doomed, where do I run to” I said and I could see the surprise on their faces…

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