Author: Dodeye


We like him 

I’m hungry. I texted Kolitem. I’m not your mother she replied. But I love you and you love caring for me. I text back. Dodeye you’re too stubborn, I can’t be your mother. You might beat me. She replied. Lol you’re just a fish, where…


Shes BI 

Dodeye are folks around? Blessing asked from the other side of the phone . No o , they traveled for the weekend as usual I replied. Okay I’m coming to sleep over o, can’t stay in this house alone, chris is going to club. No…


The Afternoon 

it was a really sunny afternoon and I had a serious headache, blame it on the raphenol Micheal put in my drink last night at sheddys party. It was a good day to just be in bed and do nothing but I had a test…