I Visited Landmark beach with my friend on the 13th of February 2021 and before I went there I tried to get details online on what to expect, cost of certain things and if food is allowed inside but I didn’t find. So this is me helping someone else that might need information before visiting.

The beach is quite lovely, the water is the cleanest I have seen in Lagos, you can enjoy yourself privately as opposed to some other beaches that people tend to be in your space. A lot of white people to look at if you like foreigners. Lol

There is a gate fee of 2000 Naira if you pay online and 3000 Naira if you pay offline on weekdays , 3500 Naira if you pay online and 4000 Naira if you pay offline on weekends. You can’t take food in, there are a lot of vendors there and I advise you get your seat first , vendors will come to you, weigh your options and make a choice. The food there is a little bit more pricey that they’ll be outside the beach but i’m sure you already know.

There are different seats you can get , the one I got was for two and I paid N6,000 for it, you can use it for as long as you’re in the beach. You can leave your items there, go to the water, play, take pictures , do whatever you want and come back. The place is quite safe too cos I was out of my chair for a while, I got scared at a point but when I got back ,my items were intact.

There are some fun activities there like volleyball, swings, water park with obstacles etc some of them are free but you have to pay for some like the water park with obstacles which is 5,000 Naira for an hour and 10,000 for the whole day. I didn’t try it but it looked like fun. I had a lot of fun at the beach and it was very relaxing for me, so i’m hoping you enjoy your time there too.

Let me know if this was helpful, leave a comment. Thank you

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