Episode 5 

“ Baby girl, it’s just your second day and you’re already coming back by 9pm? That office needs to give you a little welcome chill ooo” I heard Kim scream from the kitchen immediately I stepped into the house. Office what? Work what? I screamed back laughing. “You went out?” She ran out dancing with onions and knife in her hands. Lol, chill I told her, it’s the Baby boy from yesterday , he called me up in the morning and we agreed to meet, if you see where he took me to have dinner, you won’t believe it oo. I narrated while undressing. The wine, the ambiance, the waiters, the food , God!!! Everything was so surreal. Forget le Meriden that’s so hyped, Uyo had better places o I told her. “You didn’t get the name of the place?” She asked. Who had time to be looking at names when I was busy admiring the environment, but I’ll ask him of the name when he calls later if you want…I answered. “Ah! He’s even calling later tonight. Wonderful!” she said and walked into the kitchen. Yes, wonderful I replied and walked into the bathroom. 

   “Why do you sound like you’re eating something?” Alian asked while we were talking. That’s because I’m eating something I replied. “Really? After all we had?” He asked. “Me, I can’t even drink water, I’m so full” he added. My friend made coconut rice and I couldn’t say no, it’s my favorite, I replied struggling to swallow what was in my mouth. “What can I say? I heard the pretty girls eat the most, I guess they were right.” Thank you for the compliment I replied. “Well, I wasn’t complimenting you, I was just telling you what I heard but thank you for thanking me” he said and we both laughed. I’ll send you a message on whatsapp when I’m done. I told him and dropped the call. 

   Kim, you won’t believe what went down at work today I said immediately I dropped the call. “Tell me,” she said dropped her spoon and looked straight into my eyes. You remember sunflower from yesterday? We had a mini quarrel again today because of her seat in the canteen. “Why did you still sit there?” She interrupted me. Because that’s where I wanted to sit, besides I stood up and left the seat for her when she came for it. I told her. “When you go to a new office like that, you don’t start making enemies, if she says it’s her seat, leave it for her. Get your own seat”. But nobody is supposed to have a permanent seat, it’s an office I argued. “The other people in the office have left the seat for her, you don’t know the reason why, be careful so you don’t step on the wrong toes” she warned. Wow, I didn’t even think about it like that, Thank you. I replied. Can you remember the fine boy from yesterday? I asked her. She nodded. Well, we talked today and I guess we are cool. “That’s nice, you’ve started making friends” she replied. “Be careful still” she added. Okay ma, I will. Let me finish my food and message Alian I said grinning. Hmmm, Dodeye, “I can’t with you she said” and we both laughed

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    As in ehn! Dodeye the troublemaker. But anywho that sunflower chick needs to chill

    Haha!! She really needs to chill.

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