Episode 6 

 It was my second Friday in the office and I didn’t feel like going home. Kim had gone to Port Harcourt to see her boyfriend, I didn’t want to be home alone, so I followed Finn, his friends and Betty to a Bar. It was a really cool bar, was built like huts with nicely sculpted chairs and tables. We picked a table, sat around it and ordered peppered chicken and drinks. Why didn’t “Mira come today”? Leo, one of Finn friends asked him. Well, she said she can’t come because Dodeye is coming” was his answer. Really? I turned to him and asked. “I knew it, Bernard,” the other one said, “that Mira girl too dey jealous” he added. “Guy I’ve told you that girl like you pass friend or colleague oo, try scope am Ben”, the last one said. “I think the reason Mira didn’t come is because she knows Dodeye is way more physically attractive than she is” Betty said. “Why didn’t you just say Dodeye is finer than Mira, this Betty girl you answer questions like you’re in an interview” said Leo. I figured he’s the talkative one. “Everybody says physically attractive” Betty said looking at us. We all looked at each other and back to our phones like we didn’t understand what was going on. “Are you guys done arguing about Mira?” Finn asked, and “please Betty, let her not hear you saying anyone is finer than her, she takes so much pride in the way she looks”. Finn continued. She’s light skinned I told him, light skinned girls always win, I added. “Light skinned what?” Ben asked me.. “Haven’t you noticed Melanin is winning these days?” Bernard asked too. Well bleaching creams are still selling like crazy, I answered them and we all laughed. 

       We were having so much fun, talking about a lot of things, about some colleagues I didn’t know, about Uyo generally, the boys talked about football sometimes, politics sometimes, girls in the office, Betty was a nerd but she knew a lot about fashion and makeup. I wondered why she didn’t apply these things to herself. They were fun people to be around, we had drank so much I was tipsy. It was 1am so the boys suggested we to go to a club, chill there for a while before we go home and we agreed. When we got to the club, it was so full, girls were dancing on the table, some were grinding boys, some were making out. The people in the club seemed to know the boys cos they cleared a table for us. They played “fada fada” by Phyno, and I jumped up and started dancing like crazy. I’m sure the alcohol in my system played a major part because at a point, everybody was staring at me, surprisingly I still kept on dancing, I stood on a table, bent down and was twerking to the music, the next thing a girl came right beside me and started dancing too, I came down from the table, Finn and co were screaming “go Dodeye” some joined them, others were screaming “go Agatha” I figured that was the girls name. After dancing for what seemed like forever to different songs, we both laughed and hugged each other. When I got back to the table, the boys were screaming and saying lots of things I didn’t hear as they were all talking together but I figured it was about me looking and acting innocent in the office but acting differently in the club. It was 3am and I had almost passed my drinking limit so I started disturbing them that we go home. Finn decided to drop me, Bernard dropped Betty, Leo and Ben are roomies so they went together.

  I woke up by 8am and my head was spinning, I felt so sticky so I decided to get up, shower and come back to bed. After showering I was so hungry I decided to make a sandwich before going back to sleep and while in the kitchen, I heard my phone ring. It was Alian. “Hi”, he said when I picked up, “where have you been”? he asked. I’m home right now I replied. “I didn’t say where are you, I said where have you been?” I don’t get, I replied. “Well, I sent you messages and I have been trying to reach you since 8pm yesterday”. Really? Omg I was out with friends till about 3am, didn’t even check my phone till you called. “Oh!” he said, I was worried. Sorry about that I told him. “Are you okay? You sound tired” Well, I’m having a mini hangover, I want to sleep but at the same time I am hungry so I want to make a sandwich.. I answered him. “I wish I was there, you would have been covered in the sheets” and I’ll do everything for you” he said. But you ain’t so I have to do it I said. I’ll call you when I wake up, I told him. “Okay”, he replied and dropped the call.

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    Please can the next episode be out already

    Tomorrow I’ll be dropping two episodes. Ouch!! I said it already 🤐

    Super, can’t wait

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