Episode 4 

 It was about 4.30pm and I decided to start packing up so I won’t have to hurry when Alian calls.. Just before I finished packing, his call came in “hello Dodeye, you know I don’t even know where you work” he said before I could say anything. I’ll text the address to you right now I answered and dropped the call. After texting the address to him, I decided to round up all the conversations I was having with our clients for the day. ” So you’re done with everything for the day”? Finn asked me. Yes I am, I replied. “Well, you’re just starting, very soon you’ll wait till 7pm before you close from work” he told me . Let’s see how that goes I replied him still concentrating on my system. Someone is coming to pick you up? He asked. Yes, I answered. “Maybe sometime I’ll take you home” he said. Maybe I replied, turned and gave him a surprised look. “Why are you surprised?” He asked me. “You’re the one that suggested we should be nice to each other” He added. Well, I’m just surprised it happened so fast, I replied trying to hold back my smile. “I learn very fast” he said and stretched out his hand for a handshake. Well I’m busy now and I can’t be shaking hands I said and gave him a tongue out. “Fair enough he replied” and we both laughed.. 

   Alian said he was outside so I told Finn bye and was walking out when a nerdy looking girl signaled at me to stop, I did. “Hi, My name is Betty” she said. “I work with the IT unit, can we go outside please she suggested”. I understood as I noteiced everyone was looking at us. 

  Hi, Betty someone is actually waiting for me I told her because she seemed like she was going to be talking for a while. “Dodeye I just wanted to tell you I love your guts, nobody ever stands up against sunflower” she said. Sun flower? Isn’t she a normal staff like all of us? Why should I be scared of her? I asked Betty. “You said you’re hurrying, we will talk about this some other time” she replied and turned to walk back into the office. I stared for a while, then turned and walked to the parking lot where Alian was. 

 I’m really sorry, someone was talking to me about something, I told Alian immediately I got into the car. “It’s fine”, he said. “I expected you to waste a little more time. I’m impressed you keep to time, there’s something sexy about punctuality” he said while moving out of the office compound. I just chuckled and said thank you. “It’s crazy that you work in that company, My ex works there too, her name is Chioma”. He said breaking the silence. Really? I asked looking at him, I’m new there anyways so I don’t know who she is. “That’s not a discussion for our first date, what will you like?” He asked looking at me. What did you have in mind? I asked him. I was at work all day, I expected you to have something planned out I added. “I thought we will go get you something to eat then go see a movie after that. Cool ?” He asked. That’s alright I replied. 

   While eating we did the normal introductions, what I do at work, where I’m from, family, favorite colour….. the basic things. He told me more about his construction company; he also owns a styling room for men in Abuja and that explained his impeccable dressing style. Dinner was like an interview session with a lot of laughter since we were both throwing questions at each other. He had this sarcastic kind of humor which was really amazing……. “I enjoyed every minute I spent with you, we would have done this again tomorrow if I didn’t need to travel, see you in two weeks he said and gave me a hug.” I smiled and waved him as he reversed his car, waved back and sped off.

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