Episode 3 

 Waking up on Tuesday morning, I felt a sharp pain in my heart when the thought of going to work crossed my mind. This is supposed to be fun I thought to myself, the fact I have a job at this amazing company with an awesome salary is something that should keep me smiling. Then I remembered the previous day at work, my annoying colleagues. I rushed into the bathroom, showered and got ready. When I got to the door, I remembered every beautiful thing that had happened in my life and put on a large grin then I walked in like a lady in a beauty pageant, twisting all my curves, turning my head and smiling at everybody my eyes could meet. I could see the shock in their faces, I’m sure they were expecting me to come in crying. I went to my cubicle, my right and left colleagues weren’t around yet. So I was trying to set everything up when a call came in. Hello I said with a very friendly tone. “Good morning Dodeye, this is Alian”. Oh! hi Alian, how are you doing? “I’m very well, you sound so excited, what’s happening?” He wondered. Well, nothing in particular, I just feel like being happy I told him. “That’s great, where are you?” He asked. I’m at work I told him. “Oh, let me allow you work then, call me when you’re free?” Call me by 2.20 I told him, that’s my lunch time I added. “Okay, I will. Have a great day” he replied. I’m having one already I answered and dropped the call. 

  Hey neighbor I said to my left hand colleague when he came in. “Hi Dodeye” he replied without looking at me. Oh! You know my name I said smiling. “Everybody knows your name” he said, with a harsh tone. So your name issss? I said stretching my hand. “Finn” he answered ignoring my hand. Being rude is the “it” around here I see, I said dropping my hand. “I just came in and I’m really busy” was his response. “Can’t be shaking hands when I haven’t set up for the day” he added. We are sitting beside each other, the least we can do is be nice to each other I said with a little bit of anger and concentrated on my pc. 

   It was really awkward for Finn and Mira to converse as I was sitting in between them. Mira is the girl by my right, I heard Finn say her name a few times. “Dodeye please can you pass this document over to Mira for me”? Finn asked. No I can’t I replied concentrating on my pc. “Coming from someone who said we should be nice to each other” he said as he stretched his hand behind me over to Mira and she stretched her hand, collected it then hissed… It’s annoying to say no? I asked Finn…. But when I asked for a pen yesterday it was cool to be rude after Mira said no I added. “It was your first day at work Dodeye, it’s just normal to be rude to the new person”. He replied. This is not a high school if you haven’t noticed, this is not even a college, this is an office I told him. “Well, it’s just how it works here” he replied. It doesn’t make sense to me I said..

 “Will you people please lower your voices” Mira said. Shhhh I told her, my phone is ringing I added and picked up the call. “Your phone is ringing soooo…” Mira was saying when I cut her short. Shhhhhh I said placing my index finger in between my lips. Don’t tell me it’s 2.20 already, Alian I said as I got up walking to the canteen. “You’re having a good day to have lost track of your lunch time” he replied.. Well, I’m actually having a good day I answered. “So can I pick you up after work? I’ll be traveling back to Abuja tomorrow and I won’t be back till after two weeks.” That’s fine I replied. 5pm I added. “Okay, that’s fine by me too” he said. “See you later” he added. 

 “I thought you’ll join the crowd and come by 2.50, the lady in the canteen told me.” Do I look like the kind that’ll join the crowd? I asked her. “Not really” she replied. Same thing as yesterday I requested and walked to my favorite seat. “Fine girl so you like trouble like this?” the lady said as she brought my food. Nope, I’m a lover of peace I replied and we both laughed. My colleagues started walking in like a flock of sheep and I still couldn’t understand how they think it’s cool to come for lunch late, eat in a hurry and go back to work. I saw sunflower walking towards me and I couldn’t help but smile. “So you have decided to be the stubborn bird?” She asked as she stood in front of me. I’m sorry did you just call me a bird? The last time I checked you’re the one with the beak I replied her. “Omg Duck or whatever it is you’re called, you think you’re funny or what?” She asked shaking like she was about to have a seizure… My name is Dodeye and no I’m not a comedian I answered, If you want to sit here try coming earlier, I don’t have strength to engage in a verbal battle with you I added and walked out. “Oh you think you can speak English? Verbal battle? Really?” She kept shouting as I was gracefully walking out..

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My name is Queenette Dodeye Obongha, Founder/ Curator of Dodeye's Corner. I am an Artist, Story Teller, Food/Travel enthusiast and finally "Our Mordern Day Monalisa" .

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      Next episode will be posted on Friday . Thanks for your comment

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