Episode 2 

 I went home feeling like I had been hit by a very hard rock, work wasn’t stressful. In fact it was so great, I had convinced two clients to do business with us, but dealing with those overgrown babies was my problem. How can people that old be acting like they are in high school?  

“How was work”? Kim asked me. Kim is my friend, I met her during youth service, she lives and works in Uyo so she let me stay with her till I get a place of my own. Work was fine, I achieved something at least I answered her. “You’re sure? You don’t look like you had a great day” she said. I didn’t have a great day Kim, I had a horrible day. Imagine someone telling me to stand up in a canteen where the seats are more than enough because that’s her seat! Does it even make sense? Imagine someone refusing to give me her pen then one boy that’s not even fine talking rudely to me. Imagine all of that at this age, Kim? Kim started laughing, “are you sure the boy is not fine”? She asked.

 Is that the only thing you heard? I asked and looked at her almost upset. “But are you sure he wasn’t fine”? She asked again smiling so hard this time. Okay, he’s fine. Very fine actually but his character is ugly, how can a boy act like that? I was saying while undressing. “But I told you that company has spoilt kids, don’t worry very soon you’ll adjust, you’ll probably be like that too,” she said tickling me. They don’t know me ooo. Because I’m trying to be nice and sweet, maybe they want my bitter side I said. Bitter lemon, lime. Kim was calling me and laughing all over the place. You’ll soon tell me what is making you laugh like this I told her and walked into the bathroom to shower. 

  “I promised I’ll take you out, so wear something nice so you can have a feel of the city” Kim said as I walked out of the bathroom. Yay!!! I screamed and jumped to my box to pick out something pretty and sexy… I settled for my green sequin dress and red heels. Where are we going to? I asked Kim while making up. “Le’ Meriden, they have this African dishes buffet every Monday evening from 6pm and this is 6.30 already. Let’s go early so we will pick a good seat where the rich handsome niggas can sight you. You need a bae asap”, she said while buckling her sandals. I don’t need a bae ooo, this single life is quite interesting I replied her, packing up my makeup so we can start leaving.

    When we got there, the place was so beautiful, prettier than the pictures I had seen people post on Instagram. We went into the restaurant and a few people were there, it was past 7 already, the tables for two were already taken, we saw an empty table for four and went there. We dropped our bags, a waiter gave us our buffet pass and we got up to get our food, being a foodie, I have studied the art of eating in buffets. Always take little potions of everything. After taking appetizers I went to my seat and noticed Kim had “dished her mind” like my brothers will say when someone dishes a large portion of food. We were eating and talking about a young couple that wore the same figure cutting shirt. We were stretching to see if they wore a ring or they were just dating. When I got back from getting the main course, I met a young handsome man sitting beside Kim. I just looked at them both and sat down. “I’ve been waiting for you”, I heard him say. Waiting for me? Why? I asked looking at Kim confused. “Well, I want us to talk”. He said. Oh! Okay. I’m listening I replied digging into my food. “Should I excuse you guys?” Kim said winking at me. Will you sit down there, I answered her giving her a stern look. “No please, you can sit” he said too. 

    “My name is Alian, I’m based in Abuja but I own the Lin construction company here in Uyo so I come here as often as once every two weeks, I lodge in this hotel most of the time. My dad is from Delta State and my mum is from Spain. That’s where I got the name ‘Alian’ it means handsome. Can I at least know your name?” He asked. My name is Dodeye and I just moved to Uyo, I replied still eating. “Nice name you got, can I have your number please so I can leave you guys to enjoy your company?” Nope I replied and was about to dig into my food when Kim kicked me so hard I’m sure he noticed. 080******69 I called out like a small child being bullied. “Thank you very much Dodeye and Kim” he said, turned to Kim, winked at her and left.

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    I sense trouble.. Mr Alian smells like trouble

      Quick to judge? Let’s see how it goes

        He just seems like a familiar trouble.. let’s see sha

    Why did you censor the phone number nau? 😂😂

    Ghen ghen has started o…

    Smell some romance in the air..alian & dodeye

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