Episode 15 

 I hadn’t been able to say a word to Finn or anybody since after the lunch, I wanted to talk to Kim, I wanted to be held and told it was a lie, I didn’t believe what sunflower had said but I couldn’t forget about it. Alian told me he loved me, he didn’t mention anything about a wife. How can he be married? Just when my love for him was getting stronger. That’s not possible. So many thoughts were running through my mind. Alian was calling and texting a lot like he knew what was going on.. 

  “Dee, I think you should pick his call” Finn told me while we were sitting together on his couch, what if he’s married Finn I managed to speak. “If he’s married, so what? You’re a strong girl Dee, you’ll get over it I’m sure.. Just talk to him.” Okay I will when he calls the next time I said to him hoping he doesn’t call. “Pick the call Dee”, Finn told me when his call came in again.. I held the phone trembling, then I pressed the answer button and put the phone in my ear. “Baby, you got me worried, where have you been all day?” Alian asked sounding really worried. I had a long day I replied. “Sorry love, have you rested” he asked. “Hope you are at Kim’s house now?” He asked again before I could say anything. No, I’m still at Finns I replied. “Why are you doing this to me love? How do you want me to feel knowing you are staying with a man?” He asked trying so hard not to scream. The same way you expect me to feel knowing you are home with your wife I answered. “My wife? Baby where is this coming from?” He asked sounding really frightened. You are married, Alian I told him, you are married I said again, I am in love with a married man I said crying. You are a very wicked person I added. “Calm down, calm down baby, When I come to Uyo we can talk about this” he said. I don’t want to see you or talk to you ever again, you didn’t think I had the right to know I was with a married man? Is that the kind of information you withhold from someone you claim to love? “I was going to tell you at the right time love, I didn’t want to spoil what we have”, he said. Well, you did, you spoilt it I said and ended the call, put off my phone and bust into tears.

    Finn held me close to him trying to console me and stop me from crying, he told me how Alian didn’t deserve me and how I’ll find someone that will respect me and be true to me. I was so stupid Finn I said looking at him. “No, he’s stupid Dee, what kind of man will lie about being married? Married men are in affairs and the girls know”, he said.. Exactly, he would have just told me, I had the right to know I said about to bust into tears again when he kissed me, I looked at him shocked but the softness of his lips on mine felt divine. I parted my lips and let his tongue into my mouth, my body was rejoicing from the feel of his mouth on mine and his tongue was doing some wonders inside, he laid on the couch and lifted me to lie on him, he pulled my top while I pulled his shirt In such a hurry like we were compelled to do so, he unhooked my bra and I could feel the rough like fortress of his chest against the softness of my breast and the muscle of his thigh pressed with demanding strength from beneath me against my thigh and hip……his fingers brushed against my nipples and this sent shivers down my spine, I moved my fingers beneath him tracing the bulge from his soft cloth, it was iron hard and seemed to be pulsating with heat, I felt him shiver when I grabbed it, I felt some kind of satisfaction seeing that just running my fingers through it had that kind of effect on him, he rubbed his hands on my thighs and was lifting my short up with the other hand, I felt his finger on my panties , he shifted it and was about to touch my V when I screamed “stop” and pulled my lips away from his, I felt waves of embarrassment rush through my body. “I’m sorry it’s my fault,” he said to me before I could say anything.. No I’m sorry I said as I was struggling to hook my bra, he touched me and I shook, when I saw he just wanted to assist me I let him, I couldn’t stare at him, I was too embarrassed. I just broke up with Alian and this is me in another mans arms, this is definitely a hoe behavior I thought…….

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    Lol, no hoe behaviour.. She was just caught in a moment of weakness

      It happens to the best of us yea?

        I’m telling you

    Finn has always liked her tho but she was too caught up with Alian to notice..

    Humans are most susceptible at their weakest. Fortunately, she caught herself.

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